Effective methods to increase male organ

On forums and social networks men are wondering is it possible to make dick bigger at home. There are several effective methods of stretching the penis: people's ways, pumps, drugs, exercise. In some cases the problem is surgery.

A deviation from the norm

how to increase the member

The penis enlargement is a hot topic for men who feel that their genitals are far from ideal. To please your partner and strengthen self-confidence, they want to change the size and thickness of penis to maximum performance.

To find the effective method, is to figure out the structure of the penis. Its length depends on the corpus cavernosum, which is a structural part of the body. Next to them is a spongy body covering the urethra.

The basis of the corpus cavernosum cavernous tissue, consisting of small cells. During arousal, the volume of the cavities increases. The blood flowing into the genital organ, fills the cell and occurs erection, increases the length of the penis.

At home, building on to provide:

  1. popular methods using simple ingredients;
  2. exercises for stretching of the penis;
  3. pump;
  4. special creams that stimulate growth.

If home remedies do not bring the expected effect, it is possible to do the surgery. Surgical method not only increases the length of the member it and increases its diameter.

How can I increase the member?

Doctors believe that worrying about the small size often contrived by men and suggest to resort to surgery in extreme cases.

To get rid of complexes and to make penis stronger and thicker, it is better to adopt the folk ways. They do not have guaranteed performance, but do not have harmful effects on the body. To increase length of a member, you can use several methods:

  • special exercises;
  • stretching of the tissues by means of cargo;
  • vacuum pumps;
  • medicines;
  • compresses with baking soda;
  • ingestion of herbal infusions.

The key to success is regularity of procedures. To make them at home, establish a schedule for exercise and other methods. Adhering to this rule, it is easy to achieve impressive results in a couple of months.

Traditional methods

Proven method to increase the member in the home — baking soda. Its chemical composition improves skin elasticity and helps her stretch. There are several ways of applying the powder to stretch the reproductive organ of men.

  1. Pour into a bowl a pint of warm water. Sprinkle in there a tablespoon of baking soda and stir. Put into the liquid the penis and keep the quarter of an hour. The procedure is preferably carried out daily for an hour before sexual intercourse.
  2. Wet the penis with water. Mix the same proportion of honey and baking soda. Apply a thin layer to the penis and gently massage into the skin with your palm up for 5 minutes. Method increases blood flow to particular bodies and saturates the cells with oxygen.
  3. Soda crystals dissolve heated water to a smooth paste. Put on natural fabric and wrap the male organ. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse. Applying a compress, avoid getting powder on the head of the penis.

To increase penis size and enhance erections, useful herbs. Mix in equal proportions ginseng, ginger, hawthorn. Take a teaspoon collection pour 250 ml of boiling water. This liquid cleaner make, and take 1-2 hours before intimacy. For a taste of the drink you can add natural honey.

Tangible assistance has garlic broth. Two cloves grind, pour a glass of water and simmer for 10 minutes. In the cooled means add a tablespoon of chopped parsley and drink in small SIPS. Optimal time of reception before going to sleep.


Gentle and effective methods for penis enlargement are special devices that are sold in the shops of intimate goods.

Good results ensures a vacuum pump. When used regularly it guarantees the penis growth 2-3 cm and increases erection.

The positive dynamics is manifested by increasing blood flow to particular bodies and improve the elasticity of blood vessels.

  1. Available are manual and electric devices are cylindrical in shape.
  2. Put penis, pre-lubricated with lubricant.
  3. By means of a pump from the tank is pumped out the air.
  4. Inside the device creates a high pressure, stimulating blood circulation.
  5. The cavernous body is maximally filled with blood, the penis increases considerably in size.

Before using penis pumps read the instructions carefully and follow the recommendations. Average duration of procedure of 20 minutes.

No less effective for stretching out the penis hanging goods. Technology the method is simple. Massage body palm 5 minutes to disperse the blood. The middle of the shaft attach a strong string band.

penis enlargement.

Hang it load and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Start with using the weights of 20 g, with each day increasing the weight by 10 grams and gradually increasing the duration of the procedure.

Stretch fabrics increase the male organ length, but does not contribute to the thickening of the diameter of the penis. Using the method, listen to their feelings. If during a session a member of numb, finish it before time and next time reduce the load.


The method includes jelcing effective exercises for penis enlargement. The technique allows to make the body more at rest and during erection. Its essence is the stimulation of the vascular walls and improve blood flow. If you do the exercises daily for 2-3 months, it is possible to change the size of 3-4 cm in length and to significantly increase the thickness of the penis.

Developed several ways to perform jelqing. One of them is the following:

  • sex Horny sex on grease lubricant;
  • thumb and forefinger grasp of a member in the upper part;
  • gently squeezing to advance the fingers folded into a ring, guiding to the head;
  • change arms and repeat the manipulation;
  • repeat the exercise, keeping the rhythm and pressure.

In the first two weeks it is recommended to do 250 approaches daily. Then increase the number to 400 movements per session. Every week increase the pace and intensity squeezing of the penis. During regular exercise a man should not feel pain.


In some cases there is a demand for augmentation of the penis. Common surgical procedure that increases the size from 4 to 6 cm.

  1. Is performed by dissecting the ligaments, and attach the penis to the pubic bone.
  2. Due to this, in the sky, the outward part of the penis hidden in the body.
  3. After surgery the required course of massage, fixing a new position of a member, and wearing the extender — devices that increase the length of your penis within 4-6 months.

Duration of operation 1 hour. After the intervention of man 2 day stays in a hospital.

To increase penis in diameter, other methods are used. To increase the thickness of the penis is introduced under the skin muscle tissue of the patient. The procedure allows to increase 1-2 cm in diameter.

Sometimes under the skin of the penis is placed synthetic implants or gels. Method carries risks for men's health, therefore rarely used.

Any operation carried out for medical reasons, has a high price and can cause side effects. Before it to be examined and weigh the pros and cons.