Browse vacuum pumps for penis enlargement

Many men wish to increase the size of their penis. They use a variety of drugs, devices, exercises and massage. One of the most popular devices for these purposes is a vacuum pump for penis enlargement. The manufacturer claims that it can help to make the penis longer and thicker and also cure impotence at an early stage. Let's see together how effective this technique is, what is the price of the device and whether it can be done by hand.

The principle of operation of the device

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Doctors explain that inside the penis consists of spongy tissue, wrapped in a mesh of blood vessels. With regular filling with blood to the maximum power of the cells of that tissue begin to divide, and the skin – to stretch. In the end, there is an increase a member in length and width. The researchers used this effect when creating a device, called a "vacuum pump". It is sold in specialized pharmacies and also in Internet on the official website of the manufacturer. The price of the product is 100-150 dollars. depending on the method of pumping air and additional features. What is vacuum device for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement and how it pumps blood to the penis? But the photo shows that the device consists of a transparent envelope coated on the walls of the scale, the attachment of the gasket and the part that cleans the air (pear). The purchaser should see that the bulb was wider and longer than the original size of the penis in flaccid state, and the seal – absolutely tight and resistant to external impact. Pump out the air in the apparatus is possible in two ways.

  1. Manually. These flasks work with the aid of the piston and pear. A man creates a vacuum with his hands by repeated compression of the rubber bulb.
  2. The electric pump. Auto vacuum pump works by using batteries. Most quality models are equipped with adjustable suction power.

It's also possible, and vacuum penis enlargement device, which is used instead of air water. In this case, the efficiency of the method is increased and the risk of unintentional injury, on the contrary, decreases.

How to increase the member using such a device? Experts explain that the penis vacuum pump can be increased using the process of flushing. It is to create a low pressure region around the penis, causing a rush of blood to the organ.

In the result the penis elongates and hardens the maximum. Being in the zone of rarefied air, the blood cannot leave the genitals as long as man does not restore the pressure in the flask.

Artificial maintenance of a state of erection in men for a long time and is the main principle of stretching the penis tissues. Instruction manual provides guidelines that must be followed for safe penis enlargement vacuum pump.

The pros and cons of this technique

According to doctors, the use of a vacuum pump is useful not only for men with a small penis, but people with disorders of the genitourinary system. Moreover, the more serious the patient's illness, so it is undesirable to use the device made with your own hands. In the reviews people point out what improvements they noticed after regular use of this machine.

  • The increase in penis size.
  • Powerful persistent erection.
  • Extension of time of sexual intercourse.
  • The elimination of the curvature member.
  • The increased sensitivity of the genitalia.
  • Getting rid of stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • The improvement of the General state of men's health.

For men who have decided to purchase the vacuum pump for penis enlargement, the experts give advice to consult a doctor. The urologist will give recommendations for the use of the device, will tell you what drugs are for internal ingestion or external application, will help speed up the result. In addition, the penis enlargement pump has some contraindications. These include:

  • Diabetes.
  • Malfunction of the kidney or liver.
  • Diseases of the foreskin.
  • The tendency to form blood clots.
  • Acute inflammation in the genitourinary system.

For men with such pathologies is recommended to first restore health, and then again undergo diagnostic tests.

Simplicity and ease of use

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How to use a vacuum pump for a member? The manual says that before first use you must handle the device with warm soapy water. Remember that the vacuum cylinder is not to parboil, because the slightest deformation of the device loses integrity. If one pump with multiple users, before each use, wipe its inner surface with antiseptic liquid.

To pump up the penis, a man should apply the cream to soften the skin, and the hole of the device – vaseline or other lubricant. Note, however, that the surplus of oil-based ointments can damage the material of the product. Further, the instruction indicates to enter the penis into the flask and firmly press the instrument to the body. Now with the left hand, hold the vacuum cylinder, and right – click on bag button or pumping air.

Men say that a few seconds of their members blush and accept the excited state. Approximately 30 seconds after the start of the session you need to run the air, so that the penis was normal. Such manipulations should be performed 10-15 times with a break of a few minutes. Reviews say that the best time to pump up the organ later in the evening 1 hour before sleep.

The duration of exposure of the vacuum pump must increase up to one minute per session. After that, a thick erect penis you can with your hands to clamp the base ring to increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Thus, after 4-5 weeks of daily treatments the penis can be inflated to such a state that its fabric will forever be stretched a few inches in length and in width.

Representatives of the stronger sex interest in how to pump up your penis with an instrument made with your own hands. Doctors explain that a homemade vacuum pump not passed clinical trials, so use caution. Immediately stop any manipulation when the following problems:

  • Darkening of skin tissues. The reason for the pathology often is the bleeding due to too thin air in a vacuum.
  • Swelling. Appears due to abnormally large lymph flow, caused by the long stay of the member in the pump at low pressure.
  • Stagnant processes near the foreskin. Arises when vacuum pump for the head of the penis was the wrong size.
  • Erectile dysfunction. This phenomenon occurs when a man pumps his dick is too aggressive, given the schedule duration of sessions.

Summing up, it should be said that penis enlargement by using vacuum pumps is possible, but to do this, follow the instructions.

So, for men who want to pump up your penis in the home, scientists have developed a device which for its operation uses the principle of hyperemia or blood flow to an area of low pressure. To the question, does the device the penis, many people in the comments answered in the affirmative and even upload your photos to confirm the result. Remember that doctors do not recommend to make a vacuum pump for a member yourself. It is possible to apply the devices whose safety is not confirmed by certificate of quality, risky and unwise.