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Hypersensitivity of the glans penis for some men becomes a real problem. This feature allows you to control the onset of ejaculation. For people with this problem actual question about how to reduce the sensitivity of the head is a simple home remedies.

Signs of excessive sensitivity

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The high sensitivity of the head can create specific problems when having sex. Due to the fact that a man feels irritation of penis head brighter, he can't control the onset of ejaculation, so the first sign of high sensitivity of the penis is premature ejaculation. If pathological abnormal ejaculation ejaculation occurs rapidly and does not bring the expected sensations, while high sensitivity is noted a bright and even painful orgasm.

Other signs of hypersensitivity:

  • short intercourse;
  • quick ejaculation during Masturbation;
  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse by alcohol.

To test for the sensitivity of the glans penis (PCH) is very simple. For this you need to have sex under normal conditions, then repeat the sexual act with condom, in a state of mild intoxication and immediately after administration of sedatives. The problem itself is related to the high sensitivity of nerve endings of the penis. When you receive drugs which depress the nervous system, including alcohol, the rate of passage of impulses along nerve fibers is slowed, and hence the sensitivity deteriorates. Consistently practice this is impossible, as a decrease in the rate of reaction of the nervous system leads to deterioration of potency. If you constantly have sex in an alcohol intoxication, over time this will lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Hypersensitivity of the glans penis can be congenital trait, and acquired disorders. If we are talking about the particular location of the nerve endings in the penis, rapid ejaculation the man will be observed in adolescence, and in adulthood.

The reasons for the high sensitivity

Congenital high sensitivity of the head due to particularities of the functioning of the nervous system. For these men the penis there are a greater number of nerve endings. Any stimulation is felt most strongly, and that becomes the cause of rapid ejaculation.

High sensitivity or excessive sensitivity of the glans may be caused by different diseases. To identify such a violation is quite simple – it appears suddenly, after the disease, most often in adulthood, but teenagers may encounter some pathologies.

Causes of infringement:

  • phimosis;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • prostatitis;
  • a lot of stress, neurosis;
  • the imbalance of hormones.

Phimosis is a pathological narrowing of the foreskin. As a result of this pathology of the head of the penis cannot be fully exposed. This disease often occurs with boys over the age of 5 years, however, there are cases congenital narrowing of the foreskin. Phimosis is treated by surgery, making small incisions in the foreskin. This allows you to fully expose the head, but leads to increased sensitivity of nerve endings on it.

Balanoposthitis is an inflammatory process involving the glans and foreskin. The disease is infectious in nature. In the acute phase is accompanied by pain and strong discomfort. For treatment using antibacterial agents.

Another common disease that can lead to the development of problems is prostatitis. The sensitivity penis increases selective and occurs only during ejaculation and urination. This is accompanied by pain and smarting in the urethra, irritation and redness of the head, and negates the possibility of sexual contact.

Disorders of the nervous system result in increase or decrease the sensitivity of the receptors located in various organs. Violation of the sensitivity of the penis to enhance sensations may occur with stress. Increased sensitivity of the glans also becomes a symptom of neurosis, affective disorders, anxiety. Usually, the problem is solved after normalization of the nervous system by taking medication.

Imbalance hormones is a problem of adolescence. In boys aged 13-17 years often there is increased sensitivity of the head due to hormonal changes. This is accompanied by the rapid ejaculation, may cause painful sensations when stimulated the glans of the penis. Usually the problem goes away quickly and the sensitivity comes back to normal after normalization of hormonal background. Adult men such breach requires careful examination. Hormonal imbalance can be the consequence of disorders in the endocrine system, diseases of the testicles, the progression of hormone-dependent tumors, for example, in adenoma and carcinoma of the prostate. This problem cannot be ignored, it is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination to exclude dangerous conditions.

How can I reduce the sensitivity?

How can I reduce the sensitivity of the head – it depends on the reasons for the violation. When illness takes time to have decreased sensitivity on their own, without treatment. Usually it takes from several months to two years.

Violation of the sensitivity of the transmitter with balanoposthitis requires medical attention. You need to be examined by a urologist, and just follow the doctor's recommendations. Timely detected and cured balanoposthitis is without negative consequences. Increased sensitivity of the penis when the prostate is only temporary. With timely treatment it goes without a trace, but in the absence of adequate therapy threatens the man impotence.


Psychological problems, diseases of the Central nervous system, stress and anxiety is treated with drugs. Receiving sedative drugs, antidepressants and tranquilizers reduce the activity of the nervous system, thereby reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings and reaction speed. After a course of drug therapy side effects are, but the activity of receptors of the penis can remain low.

When hormonal imbalance treatment depends on the cause of its development. If we are talking about adolescence, specific therapy is not required. The older men may be assigned to hormone replacement therapy, after a course which the sensitivity of the penis normalizes.

If we are talking about innate high sensitivity due to the large number of nerve endings, there are many home ways to reduce the sensitivity of the head.


The most effective way, which allows you to quickly desensitize the head of the penis, and prolong sexual intercourse is a circumcision. However, circumcision is not a panacea and not always effectively.

Operation is fast, does not cause complications, and rehabilitation is very short. However, the first time the sensitivity of the head on the contrary will increase. Appears discomfort due to friction of the penis on underwear. Over time, due to the constant irritation of the head the body will get used to such stimulation and sensitivity will start to decrease.


How to desensitize the penis head – it depends on the causes of development problems. If circumcision is for some reason contraindicated, and prolong sexual intercourse and to reduce the sensitivity necessary, you can use some medications. These include:

  • local anesthetics;
  • sedatives;
  • antispasmodics;
  • the tranquilizers.

Local anesthetics, for example, ointments and sprays with lidocaine, to reduce sensitivity of nerve endings. To apply them in two ways – either a daily basis for several months, or right before a sexual act. Those seeking a fairly safe method on how to reduce or decrease the sensitivity of the head in the home, it may be advisable to use special lubricants for men with anesthetic. Method is safe, but abuse of the tool to the opposite effect – the complete insensitivity of the penis to stimulation.

There are different ways to reduce the sensitivity of the head, but men are encouraged to exert maximum effort to find the optimal method. Those who are often nervous and prone to stress, can help sedatives. At home you can use herbal medicines – tincture peony, tincture of motherwort. To accept such preparations it is recommended that an hour before sexual intercourse.

Antispasmodics decrease muscle tone and reduce sensitivity of nerve endings. Some sedative infusions, for example, Valerian or motherwort, also possess antispasmodic action. To abuse such drugs, as they lower blood pressure and can cause deterioration of General health.

Tranquilizers recommended for men with increased nervous excitability. These drugs are used in anxiety disorders and panic attacks. They should appoint only a doctor, as they are dispensed from pharmacies only when prescribed.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine knows how to reduce sensitive of the head with simple means, for example, iodine.

To reduce the sensitivity of the head with iodine easy, but it is risky. Pure iodine on the crown to apply, as it will lead to the development of sunburn. It is used only diluted with water. To do this, mix 1 part iodine with 10 parts water and apply the solution onto the head of the penis with a cotton disk. Repeat this procedure every other day for 10 days. Urologists do not recommend to use this tool, as its effectiveness remains in question, but there is a high risk to accidentally hurt yourself.

Safe enough the remedy is to reduce the sensitivity of the head toothpaste, which can be used to prolong sexual intercourse and to reduce the overall sensitivity of the penis. In toothpaste contains menthol, which irritates the nerve endings. Apply it in small quantities, mixed with warm water. This will be felt tingling and chills, irritation, and in some cases even pain. The paste can be applied daily for 10 days, or from time to time, directly before intercourse.

Another method on how to reduce the sensitivity to stimulation and reduced sensitivity of the glans penis is the regular use of mint broth. To prepare it you need two large tablespoons of dried peppermint pour two cups of boiling water, infuse on a water bath for 20 minutes and then cool and take three times a day 30 ml. Reducing hypersensitivity of mint really helps to reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis, but has a side effect, as the deterioration of potency.

Condoms with anesthetic

One of the safest methods of reduction of hypersensitivity is the use of thick condoms with anesthetic. They prolong the sexual act, as they reduce sensitivity of the penis. Additionally, you can use a special lubricant with anesthetic.

In sex shops presents special enlargement tips on penis. They are made of thick silicone, which reduces sensitivity by stimulation of the head. Such funds can also be used to solve the problem.

Knowing how to reduce the sensitivity of the head of PCH, it is important to harmonize the use of these tools with your doctor. In some cases, to get rid of the problem without surgery is impossible.

devices for penis enlargement

Tissue the surgeon places under the skin of the penis throughout its length. It is a kind of its wrapping. Places of a fence of leather sewn with a so that they are virtually invisible. Seam overlaps intradermally. Thus, the thickening is achieved by adding to the body of the skin from another part of the body. If the patient wants to increase the penis thickness by more than one centimeter, the surgeon uses a different version of the intervention. This is a microsurgical thickening method of transferring muscle tissue. Operation, compared with the previous, much more difficult. It lasts a long time, and the recovery period after it difficult. But the more complex the task, the more difficult achieving it.

Therefore, taking the decision to conduct such operations, you need to think carefully to take into account their complexity, high cost, the duration of the recovery period. It is necessary to take into account the risk of possible complications after the surgery. Because nature does not like such intrusions, and even in such a delicate area. Sometimes as a result of such correction of the penis may appear tuberosity. Most complications are wound infection, bleeding, prolonged swelling of the penis. Possible temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of a balanus, the occurrence of pain during erection.