Increase penis size - exercises

Be sure to read all our instructions before you start performing any exercises or techniques, to understand their specificity and consistency, as well as possible unwanted effects that may occur due to incorrect program execution. Don't try anything until you are completely familiar with the information. It is a prerequisite!

how to increase the member

How to increase the member

The penis enlargement is just the tip of the iceberg of our program. We can change your life if you want it. Our program will give you confidence, increase self-esteem.

A little patience, and you will see that our system works! Do not expect that the results will be noticeable after a couple of days, but after 1-3 months of regular exercise you will achieve such success, which you could not imagine. We want your life and the lives of millions of other men and couples would be a wonderful and rewarding as possible. It is our goal to improve your life. We will help you to derive maximum pleasure from life. Thank you that you chose our program.


Wet a soft cloth in warm water, wring it. Wrap it around the trunk of your penis (regardless of the state of rest or erection) and leave on for three minutes. Then remove the fabric. Repeat the exercise at least two times. Then thoroughly dry the penis. Start regular exercise with this procedure. A warm compress will provide blood flow and thus improve blood circulation in the area of your penis and also will make your skin more elastic. In addition, it will provide better grip for the exercises that you have to fulfill.

The technique of stretching

After a warm compress you should proceed to one of the stretching techniques. Compression and stretching of your penis on a regular program can give incredible results as well as exercises the muscles making them bigger and stronger. These exercises stretch your penis, at the same time allowing you to increase the size of erection. This method of lengthening your penis in relaxed and excited States. Select ONE of the stretching techniques and include it in your program.

One Option

This technique we recommend, it chose a majority of our clients. It may be performed in both standing and sitting.

1. Member is in a relaxed state. Take it with one hand, firmly gripping the head, but not interfering with blood flow.

2. Pull your dick out. Stretch it as much as possible until then, until you feel pain or discomfort. Keep it in this condition for 5 minutes. After each minute, try to slightly increase the stretch. Remember, exercise should not cause pain.

3. Rest for 1 minute. Massage your penis in a circular motion about 30 times. This will restore normal blood circulation.

4. Repeat the second exercise 4 times, stretching the penis in different directions: up, down, left and right. After every 5 minutes of stretching repeat 3.

5. After you realize 5 stretch (5 minutes each), re-stretch the member directly yourself. Hold it for 1 minute, then 10 times slightly compress it without causing yourself pain.

Manual stretching of the member yields the same results as traditional loading system of the penis. The most secure method of capture involves the lack of pressure only on the dorsal nerve, which runs along the top of your dick. You can invent your own ways to capture, because you of all people would understand your feelings. Most importantly, don't squeeze too hard, otherwise you can disturb the circulation.

This exercise will increase the length of your penis in two weeks, but only after 3-4 months you can really appreciate its scale.

Option Two

1. Grab the member in a relaxed state over the head with one hand and squeeze it. Remember that you should not feel discomfort or interfere with circulation.

2. Stretch it in the direction of right away with enough force to feel a painless stretching. Hold it in the stretched condition for 30 seconds — 1 minute, then relax.

3. Continue to stretch the penis for 15-20 minutes in a single session. Between sessions relax no less than 10-20 minutes.

Option Three

This technique belongs to the ancient sages. It involves stretching the penis in flaccid and erect state. Ancient methods are very original, so using them may seem unusual. We published their technique in the way it was described by sages. Deeply inhale the air with your nose, hold it in the throat, then swallow, driving it into the stomach. When the air reaches the lower abdomen, direct it to the penis. The three middle fingers of left hand to press on the point Hu-Yun, located midway between the anus and scrotum. This will strengthen the power of your member. Restore normal breathing, continuing to keep fingers on the point.

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Right hand start to stretch your penis back and forth, pulling his light rhythmic movements 36 times. Thumb stroking the head, while the cock gets hard. Right-hand cover member of the base. While holding the grip, move your hand 3-4 cm forward. So you enclose the penis energy of the air pushing it towards the head. Pull your penis to the right and start to rotate them 36 times clockwise and 36 against. Then tilt it to the left and repeat the exercise. The energy of many bodily organs flows into the penis, strengthening and firming it. Finish exercise, lightly tapping 36 times an excited first member on the inner side of the right thigh, then left thigh.

Option Four

This stretching technique is described in the best selling book on male sexuality. It includes stretching in the relaxed and erect state. It seems that it is slightly modified technique of the ancient sages.

1. Right hand grab his cock and begin to rhythmically stretch him and from oneself. Repeat 10 times (each stretch about 15 seconds).

2. Repeat the stretching to the right 10 times, left 10 times, down 10 times.

3. Stroking the head of your cock with your thumb until there is an erection. Grab the penis at the base with thumb and forefinger. Hugging, slide the fingers forward 3-4 cm 10 times.

4. Pull member to the right and rotate it in a small circle, continuing to stretch, 10 times. Repeat the exercise 10 times to the left.

5. Easily beat an excited member of the internal side of the thigh 10 times, stretching it in different directions.

Capture technique and stretching as a way to increase penis

This technique is great for those who have no time to devote every day at least one hour of regular training. These exercises will take you less than 5 minutes, but can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months. These exercises are convenient because you can do them several times a day. Do not hesitate to repeat them two or three times daily. The objective of this technique is the creation of voltage in a particular tissue by stretching the skin of the penis in an excited state. This not only makes the skin more elastic penis, but increases the volume of the chambers of the penis, called the corpora the corpora cavernosa. The increase in blood volume will lead to an increase in the total mass of your penis.

Lubricate your penis. Sitting on the edge of the sofa or bed, start to stroke him, clasping his thumb and forefinger (like sign O'k). When moving hands from the base of the penis toward the head hold a firm grip, trying to stretch the skin. Each time, returning to the base of the penis and slightly increase grip to hold as much blood in the penis. Then repeat the movement from the base to the head.

Gradually increase the speed of the movements, not weakening the grip. You should feel the excitement. Achieve full erection. Reaching one hundred percent erection again grab the thumb and forefinger of the penis at the base and try to keep the blood in the cavernous tissues of the penis.

Holding the grip at the base member, with the other hand grab it at the base of the head. Try to stretch the member as possible without discomfort. Stretch it to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Right then, the delay is 10 seconds. Now to the left, a delay of 10 sec. And finally, tilt it downwards and again hold for 10 seconds. Repeat all four phases of the exercises four times with a delay of 10 sec. All the exercise you will need no more than 5 minutes.

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After the exercise, relax the grip at the base of the penis. You should feel the blood start to leak. At this moment might happen ejaculation. Remember that the abundant lubrication and strong grip are the main precautions. In any case, your capture should not hamper the circulation. This technique should not cause you any pain or discomfort. If during exercise you feel pain, you should suspend classes and re-read the instructions carefully