Penis size in teenagers

Penis size in teenagers is of average size. Numerous researches have allowed to derive a formula of medium size. Along with the options and identifies factors influencing the development of the penis. Detailed information is provided by experienced experts.

The average size

penis size in teenagers

The size of the penis in adolescents is determined by its length and diameter. Most young people sensitive to the topic presented. This is due to the thoughts on the size of the body. The discrepancy of the average penis size provokes a sense of inferiority and instills young guy complexes. The definition of a medium size engaged scientists. Numerous research studies have shown the average size of a male penis in adolescence.

For adequate evaluation of the parameters, the measurements are taken for length and girth. Penis "is studied" at rest, under tension, and excitement. Important: the size of the organ does not affect the reproductive function and satisfaction with sexual partner.

At rest, the length of the penis 5-10 cm in the excited – 12-15. Optionally select a category of large on – 15-18 cm and giant – 18-24 refer to the characteristic size of the penis in the period of excitation.

It is noteworthy that there is a category of small penis, the parameters of which are 4 cm at rest and 7 cm when excited. According to the studies, the unique cases where the length of the body did not exceed 2.5 cm during erection.

The presented information is averaged and approximate dimensions, which are not strictly normal. During arousal, the body is greatly increased due to the increased blood flow. In some cases the index is greater than 2 and more times.

Puberty in boys begins at the age of 9-14 years. In a given period of recorded secondary sexual characteristics:

  • the body is covered with hard hair (the cover is fixed on the face, penis and armpits);
  • the foreskin is actively developing;
  • the skin on the penis and the scrotum changes;
  • the testicles increase.

Before puberty, the parameters of the penis and its appearance change slightly. Visual changes observed in 9 years, but this age is not a steadfast rule. Puberty is able to start sooner or later.

For most teenagers, the appearance of the penis and its size – important life values. Some deviations in the smaller party are a real tragedy. The guy is uptight, and tries to limit contact with the opposite sex, not confident in their own abilities. In some cases there is a refusal to attend swimming pool, sauna. As they get older there are problems in intimate life. Sexual relations are only with remote light. In adulthood, the guy saving up for surgery or trying to take the help of a magnifying gels, creams and other devices.

According to doctors, to focus on the parameters of the penis is not necessary. Standards and parameters does not exist. Every body is different, the deviations in one direction or another, acceptable.

The following table shows the average parameters, depending on the age and growth of man:

Age Length at rest, see The length of the period of excitation, see
11 3-4,8 4,1–7,9
12 4-5,5 8-8,9
13 5,2–6,5 9-11,5
14 6,3–8 12-13
15 6,3–8 12,5–13,5
16 6,6–9 12,8–15
17 7-10,3 13-15,5
18 8,4–11,5 13,5–16

Sexual development of adolescents is divided into several stages:

  • stage 1 (9-12 years). Proportions, size, and shape of the member do not differ from those in early childhood;
  • stage 2. The scrotum is somewhat increased, the structure changes. The skin acquires a reddish tint;
  • stage 3. The penis grows gradually at first increasing in length, then in width. The testicles and scrotum, change the settings in a big way;
  • stage 4. Penis impressive older, intensively developed head on. The scrotum and testicles change size, skin darkens;
  • stage 5. The sexual organs of the parameters correspond to an adult male.

The penis size at age 14 significantly increases. Actively changing the external characteristics observed in the ripening period. Full formation of the reproductive system is recorded in the adult age. Maximum penis were observed in 18 years, then on does not change.

Diagnostic value of penis size

The parameters of the penis in relation to age and growth are used to determine the hormonal development of man in the period of puberty. Tracking of optimal parameters is carried out by doctors.

Guys, penis size which is significantly less often suffer from hypogonadism. This condition is accompanied by an increase in the mammary glands. Due to the active synthesis of female hormones in the body.

The Professor brought a perfect formula for matching parameters concerning age and growth of a teenager. On the basis of the received information to determine the condition and additional factors.

What affects the process of development of the penis

The development of the penis during adolescence is affected by a number of external factors. The dominant aspect is the level of hormones in actively growing maturity. Parameter mismatch of the penis due to endocrine disorders in the body. Insufficient hormone production leads to health problems in adulthood. To eliminate the violation, you need to adulthood, otherwise, testosterone will not be produced in sufficient quantity.

Additional precipitating factors include:

  • the metabolic disorder. The metabolic processes responsible for the absorption of active components and their distribution throughout the body. Metabolic disorder leads to the deposition of subcutaneous fat, which visually reduces the size of the penis;
  • food. The impact of the balanced meal are minor, but this factor still taken into account. Lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, slow down development processes in the body. The result is underdevelopment of many parts of the body, particularly the genitals;
  • childhood traumas. Trauma body, severe pathological processes has an impact on further development. Timely treatment of disorders accelerates the process of recovery;
  • abuse addictions. Earlier familiarity with cigarettes and liquor slows down the development of the growing organism.
how to increase the member

Some experts draw a parallel between Masturbation, sexual orientation and early sexual life. Presents the factors do not affect the settings on. The main reasons for the deviations lie in heredity, hormonal production and General condition of the child.

Violations in the process of formation of reproductive organs is often due to progressive pathologies, in particular:

  • not opening the penis head;
  • a short bridle;
  • the emergence of prostatitis;
  • the gynecomastia.

Not opening the head of the penis is caused by narrowing hole foreskin. In the first case, it is sufficient conservative therapy, the second will need surgical intervention. It is not excluded simultaneously for two variations of the disease. Lack of treatment leads to spontaneous release of the penis head, accompanied by the development of disease. The disease is dangerous formation of gangrene.

Short frenulum appears both independently and together with the progression of phimosis. The lack of treatment leads to difficulties in sexual life in the period of full maturation. In this case, under attack psycho-emotional state of man.

At an early age can lay the preconditions for the development of prostatitis. This process is influenced by viral and infectious diseases, poor blood circulation in the pelvis, sedentary, disturbances in the intestines.

Particular disease – the absence of testicles in the background of changes in the process of synthesis of sex hormones.

Cryptorchidism – undescended testes into the scrotum. There are three types of the disease: the false, the true. In the first case, there is a special reflex, normally it shouldn't be. The scrotum is symmetrical, the egg is in the external inguinal ring. In true cryptorchidism the testes are in the abdominal cavity. Ectopia accompanied by location of the testicles in the perineal region.

Abnormal development of the penis, where the penis is smaller than average length. Appears as an independent disease, or in combination with other pathological processes.

Gynecomastia breast swelling, due to the predominance in the body of female hormones. Characterized by pathological and physiological course. In the first case, gynecomastia is associated with impaired development of male sex hormones, the second with predominance in the organism maternal placental estrogens. Physiological gynecomastia is eliminated on their own after a few weeks after birth.

Delay of sexual development negatively affects the functioning of the reproductive system in adulthood. Diagnosis is the absence of signs of puberty after 14 years. However, constitutional and physical delay found in most of the cases. Reproductive system can develop rapidly after the age of 15 years. The child feels good. It is possible that the developmental delay is the consequence of pathological processes in the body. To determine the exact causes, it is advisable to undergo laboratory and instrumental studies. Arrested development is able to develop in the formation of benign tumors and the disruption of the synthesis of male hormones.

To provoke deviations may both earlier and later puberty. In this case, the sexual organs begin to increase until the age of 9 years or after 15. If you suspect the presence of abnormalities, it is advisable to seek help at a health facility.

Important: the size of a member does not affect the quality of sexual intercourse.