Massage for penis enlargement - the way to men's health

Today, many men with a small member can develop some inferiority complex. Especially if they begin to compare with the sexual organs of other men.

The so-called "complex changing rooms" is quite common. And there are two options – either to accept or to take matters into their own hands (literally and figuratively).

So, finally close the issue with a small size help regular massage for penis enlargement. There are a number of effective exercises that promptly will not only increase the penis size but also improve the blood circulation in the body to increase the potency and solve many other related problems.

Note that the body is very vulnerable. It consists of a spongy body when an erection is filled with blood – there is excitement, change form. It is worth noting that massage for penis enlargement will not bring instant results. You must work for at least six to eight months to achieve real penis enlargement. Moreover, you need to strictly adhere to the recommendations given in this article.

Massage member. Training

penis enlargement.

Before performing any manipulation of the sexual organ must be well prepared for a future load, because penis enlargement at home - this is quite a serious matter. The first thing to do is to find a clean and soft cloth, wet it in warm clean water, gently squeeze and apply to the member, no matter in what condition it is in. Massage for penis enlargement can be started only after two minutes of such heating. Before the manipulation of the body should be wiped dry.

If such training massage of the penis will be completely painless for men and more than effective. The primary task in this case – improving blood circulation and softening of the tissue before the start of the procedures for compression and tensile.

Massage of the penis. Exercise # 1

This technique is very simple. To perform the exercise, both while sitting and standing. Need right hand tightly clasp the body and start to stretch. Exercises are performed for 10-15 seconds, the number of repetitions is not less than ten. Similar steps need to be performed to the left and the right (the number of repetitions and time remain the same).

This massage for penis enlargement will necessarily lead to an erection. After that, you can take two fingers to the base of the organ and without moving his fingers, SIP it forward by 3-5 cm is the number of repetitions of the same ten times.

Massage member. Exercise # 2

This exercise has a number of advantages. First, all manipulation takes less than five minutes. Secondly, it can be done several times a day. Thirdly, it is one of the most effective. And all would be well, but not all men work out how to do this massage for penis enlargement correctly.

So, first you need to sit comfortably, well-lubricated organ, take it between two fingers and make movements up and down. At the same time capturing need to do so that do not over-tighten blood vessels. In the process of exercise is unacceptable much to stretch the skin – it is better to pay more attention to firmness of grip. On return to the base capture should slightly increase.

This exercise will keep the body more blood. Once the erection is achieved, it is necessary to cover the penis at the base and not allow blood to leave. Keep the grip you need for as long as possible. At this time your other hand should grasp the head of your cock and stretch the body (until a light pain). At each stage needs to be a delay of about 10 seconds.

At the end of the exercise, the coverage can be reduced (in this case the blood will escape from the body). If there is ejaculation, then do not worry.

Massage of the penis. Exercise # 3

The third exercise can be done sitting or standing. You need to take the head of your cock and as possible to pull her away before the first of discomfort or pain. In this condition it is necessary to retain the member within three to five minutes. After this coverage, you can relax and make a gentle massage of the penis for 20-30 seconds. This break allows you to restore blood circulation. After a minute of rest you can start stretching in different directions.

If the above methods did not bring the expected result, then you can try other methods or give them preference at the outset. For example, has shown to be effective training penisbuilding, which is deservedly considered to be one of its most reliable, safe and effective methods of penis enlargement.