How to increase your member with the help of baking soda

Increase manhood soda is the most relevant way to present day. As shown by the feedback method does not require any financial investments, thus growth of a member will be mandatory.

Soda is not only a powder, which is in the kitchen each person, but also a tool that can really increase the member. However, baking soda is a complementary tool that should be used in combination with other methods of penis enlargement.

the penis enlargement baking soda

How does baking soda affect the penis? The essence of this method of penis enhancement lies in the properties of the powder, which quickly penetrates the tissues of the body and also thins the blood, resulting in better circulation in the body.

It is this feature of baking soda is the subsidiary point, which will complement the increase, and will do it as fast as possible. So, how to use baking soda to increase the size of the penis, and to contribute to its growth? And what method of application the most effective?

Affects of soda on the growth of the penis or not?

Dissatisfaction with the size of his penis – is a relevant problem in society. Despite the fact that there are various ways contributing to this process, many give preference to new products, hoping that "they just work".

However, this method is in demand among the male population, although the reviews about it have little. What men say about this?

Those who dared to check the increase in baking soda for yourself, leave enough conflicting opinions. Some say that the process of penis growth has accelerated and in combination with other methods, the increase is significant.

The other method does not help. And understand if he is ineffective, or the problem lies in the other thing, unfortunately, is not possible. Therefore, we can say the following:

  • You can use the method of increase, you observe all the recommendations.
  • Do not expect huge gains, then to not be upset.

Baking soda, as men say, is a complete assistant that can not work by itself. Necessarily need to it add the other methods that also focus on the growth of the penis. Doctors did not comment on whether the growth member baking soda.

Use baking soda to accelerate the growth of the penis, can be different. One way is its use inside. At this point it is necessary to name the contraindications to this method:

  1. Ulcerative diseases of the stomach.
  2. Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Gastritis.

If a man wishes to increase the member using soda, this procedure must be approached with the mind, observing all the guidelines, rules and tips.

Methods and ways of increasing

To accelerate the growth of the penis, soda can ingest half a teaspoon once a day. The powder is mixed in 250 ml of warm liquid, and then all is consumed.

Clearly, with regard to intake of soda inside, it is hard to believe. But on the Internet there are reviews with photos where men wrote that it really works. On average, the "course of therapy" for about 2 weeks. It is advisable to take soda more period of time, otherwise there will be problems with the digestive tract.

The second method for growth of a member is based ointment of soda, which is prepared at home. There are a lot of prescription ointments, which differ in their composition.

The most popular recipe is the following:

  • The usual mix boiling water and soda so that to obtain slurry of thick consistency.
  • Water should pour slowly, constantly in the way.
  • The tool can be used as an independent method and in combination with stretching exercises of a member.

Homemade ointment is applied to the member, then it must be rubbed within 10 minutes. It is worth remembering that the sexual organ is a sensitive area, so you need not to overdo it, and it can be traumatic.

There is another prescription ointments. Mixed in equal proportions with honey and soda, and then the tool is rubbed into the penis. Of the representatives of the stronger sex say that this method is good not only for growth of a member, but also helps strengthen erection, increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

With baking soda you can do baths for the member. In this method, the soda works similarly. In one liter of water add 100 grams of powder. Mix it all in a convenient and deep container, then it falls sexual organ.

Features baths for members:

  1. The duration of one session 15 minutes.
  2. The water should be body temperature.
  3. To do every day for 3 months.
  4. After the procedure, the member rinse with clean water.

Special effect is noticeable, if this procedure is done before any exercises for penis enlargement. Only in this case, you need to make the solution more hot, well warmed penis.

If such ways men are questionable, that is another method of penis enlargement that does not make the question one.


the precaution

Despite the rave reviews on these methods of increase of a member, ease of use, a certain number of rules and recommendations that must be followed to prevent negative effect.

Ingestion need to be particularly careful. If after the application of soda observed unpleasant symptoms such as pain in the stomach, heartburn and other, then such a method should be abandoned.

Contraindication is the presence of diabetes, even it is impossible to apply soda on the penis, because its action is directed on the blood of the bullock. It is impossible to resort to this method if a history of cancer.

Sensitive skin – the penis enlargement can end tragically. Dick's gonna be sore, it will get red and on the top layer of the epidermis is formed of small injuries that will heal a long period of time.

As for the latter point, it is possible to check their sensitivity. To make an ointment-based soda, and apply it to any area of your skin. After 30 minutes rinse. If the skin is red and irritation, it is better from use of the powder, to give.

In any case, a penis enlargement by means of soda – is a method that is certainly worth a try, because the man has nothing to lose and can buy the long-awaited inches.