How to increase the member with soda

What about exotic methods of increasing the male sexual organ is not legendary people! One of them is the penis enlargement soda. How soda affects the penis, wants to know many men. Indeed, is the substance of the penny, unlike widely advertised, but expensive equipment and operations.

the penis enlargement baking soda

Supporters of this method in articles about how to increase member baking soda, write about several options of using this product:

  1. drink water-soda solution;
  2. baths for the penis with a tea soda;
  3. scrub;
  4. masks to the penis from soda, honey and milk.

Now we will look at how soda helps to increase the penis.

How to use soda to increase the penis, taking it inside

In addition to walking across the network information on how to increase the member using soda, this substance is attributed to a number of useful properties. For example, experts in traditional medicine claim that drinking soda (sodium bicarbonate) dissolved in water helps to get rid of heartburn.

Indeed, people suffering from high stomach acidity, confirm the effect is. There is the opinion that the drink composition helps to cope with a mycosis (fungal colonies). They say soda from the inside, through the blood, fights harmful microorganisms, disrupting their livelihoods. But how to increase the member of the soda at home?

Folk recipe: drink of the solution

We found a recipe of how to increase a man's penis soda, systematically eating her inside. The principle of the matter is its positive effect on the internal organs. If a man suffers from diseases related to pollution of the body, his penis is not completely filled with blood and it reaches its maximum size in erection.

So, as with soda, you can increase the member? If big belly hides the length of the manhood, sodium bicarbonate and promises to solve the problem by eliminating toxins and excess weight.

How to use soda to eliminate toxins and reduce weight:

  • every morning and every evening, take ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, but not on an empty stomach, so as not to provoke an ulcer or gastritis;
  • eventually bring the number of taken substances to tablespoon; some sources claim that cleansing the body is also useful to dissolve a teaspoon of product in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach.

The method we recommend to combine with taking SUPPLEMENTS designed to enhance male health. Supplements stimulate the blood flow in the groin area, a beneficial effect on the prostate and increase potency. Due to the increased filling of the penis erectile blood it increases in size, and thus the effect is achieved.

How to use dietary SUPPLEMENTS, listed on the package. It is not necessary to increase the dose or exceeding the duration of the course.

Who can not use this method

To avoid the detrimental consequences that follow a series of recommendations:

  • you can't take soda to persons with diseases of the stomach and intestines: gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis contraindications for this method;
  • forbidden to drink soda people with diabetes because of the risk of harmful effects on blood cells;
  • cancer is incompatible with the use of sodium bicarbonate inside the blood in the diluted and in danger
  • distribution of changed cells in all the organs of the body;
  • on dry, prone to sensitivity skin may become irritated and cause inflammation.

I want to emphasize that the method is not confirmed empirically, and recorded in the official sources as any other popular recipe. Editorial is not responsible for the results that can be obtained. However, we think that if our readers are interested in how to make dick bigger soda, no information would be superfluous.

Doctors about penis enlargement baking soda

how to increase the member

The official medicine was no information how to increase penis soda or to achieve growth in another part of the body as a result of drinking the solution. The sodium bicarbonate in any medical Handbook not specified as a means of contributing to the enhancement of human organs.

What to stomach issues, and it is not so clear. Despite a temporary relieving effect if bouts of heartburn, drink soda kills the beneficial bacteria living in the stomach, and violates the acid-alkaline balance in the digestive tract. We do not undertake to say whether it is possible to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in this way.

Alkalinisation of the body occurring due to the effects of sodium bicarbonate, and it carries risk of hormonal imbalance due to changes in the composition of blood and lymph fluids. Poet all of the recommendations, like using soda to promote health — just food for thought.

Can I use soda to increase the member, applying it topically

Wipe or wet with a solution of soda can burns received by careless handling of acid solutions. Also water with soda is useful to gargle a sore throat with a cold.

A huge number of people are interested in, you really increase the member soda with honey ointment. We found two folk recipe:

Rubbing into the skin

Slurry of baking soda and water thick consistency without lumps rubbed in for 10 minutes every day, three times a day. The tool is used either alone or in combination with exercises, suspension of cargo or training with the extender. It is believed that the process increases blood flow and accelerates the growth caused by the training. Try to be careful not to damage the mucosa of the head.

Mask with honey

Honey ointment made from 25 grams. soda and a large spoon of the waste product of bees. Reviews indicate that this preparation increases libido and prolongs sexual intercourse. Probably, minerals and biologically active substances that make erection more powerful, so as to increase blood circulation and metabolism in tissues.

It is worth remembering that honey is a strong allergen, so if you are prone to allergic reactions, making a honey mask for the penis impossible.

Lotion (pack)

Before empirically ascertain whether the soda to increase the member if you use it as a compress, you should prepare a solution. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and stir in ½ Cup of heated water. Put in a solution of a bandage or gauze, allow to soak, and then gently press. The fabric should be of sufficient length to wrap the penis in several layers.

The authors of this recipe say that the procedure should be done for at least one month, otherwise the result will not come. In a glass of water optionally add a drop of essential oil to achieve the effect of aromatherapy (relaxation). During the procedure you have to lie in a horizontal position, and after it 10 minutes to spend in peace and quiet.


Bath with this cheap product, which can be found in each house will make manhood more elastic. In a glass of water you need to take a teaspoon of baking soda and dipped in the resulting composition the member for 15-20 minutes. Reviews show that, using the tool before making love, men achieve a firm erection, although strong growth is not observed.


To make a simple body scrub based on sodium bicarbonate, moisten the body, and after a careful circular motion RUB the powder on its surface. Blood will strenuously to reach the tissue, so the scrub stimulates erection and, as the authors of the recipe, slightly increase the member in size. In some embodiments, the recipe describes how to apply the soda with milk.

The method has contraindications:

  • irritation, damage, lesions on the penis;
  • allergic dermatitis, urticaria;
  • pathological processes in the penis caused by STDs, diabetes, etc.
  • disturbance of acid-alkaline balance of the body;
  • individual intolerance.

Editorial opinion

We are wary of the methods of penis enlargement and are not sure, is it true that soda increases the penis. Perhaps these actions will bring some benefits, but, according to common thinking, a significant increase is unlikely.

In fact; if from the effects of honey increased living tissue, women are unlikely to become thousands to go under the knife for breast augmentation, but this is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. It turns out that the question of whether to increase the member of the baking soda, the answer will be negative.

Some people bleach the teeth with sodium bicarbonate, however, this is not good for the enamel. Traditional recipes state that the soda dries inflammatory elements on oily teenage skin. Here, perhaps, and everything that can change the alkaline solution in the human body. The statement that soda helps to increase the member, if the wet to her body, is not confirmed by experience.

How does honey and soda, known to the cosmeticians and the fans care. An ointment made of honey and baking soda will give the skin softness and pleasantness to the touch. Honey is a complex product that lacks vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances, because it is included in the composition of cosmetic masks. Honey wraps practiced by the lovers of beauty procedures, but none of them does it to increase in volume of some part of the body.

Effective methods to increase the manhood at home

penis enlargement.

We have reviewed authoritative sources and found that they did not find the answer to the question of how to increase penis soda. The authors of the articles about the impact of soda to increase a member, mention only on the support of its capabilities. Some suggest softening the tissue of the penis with the help of this stuff pre-workout extender.

In articles it is mentioned that crystals of sodium bicarbonate can harm the mucosa, corrode or cause allergies. So, deciding to check on their own experience, is it possible to increase penis baking soda, you risk to receive wounds and be forced to give up sex for a while.