How to make dick bigger at home

All face challenges - that's a fact. While there are concerns, which is not to spread to other people. Here is an example.

For men the size of his body - a question of honor, prestige and respect. If he is correct (or better yet exceeds), the inner sense of self rises to the heavens. If the same situation exists in the opposite direction, the representative of the stronger sex are unlikely to talk about it. Sometimes to get the word can't and health specialist, so that spiritual experiences are provided. Among them, the most common regret saying that nature got a penis, and there's nothing you can do. It turns out that the problem is completely solved!

Of course, for many readers, especially for the skeptics, it sounds like a fairy tale. In fact, the penis enlargement at home really. We will focus on the common and effective ways.

Traditional medicine vs size

how to increase the member

"Organic" means include two groups:

  • exclusively exercise, without dieting;
  • the use of means (herbs, tinctures, different types of tea).


In the first group there are several methods. They mainly include massage. It helps to make the penis longer and thicker, increases the libido - the sexual desire. One of the most popular forms of massage jelcing. It is filling with blood corpus cavernosum of the penis.

The effect is created by simple manipulation of the organ from its base to the head alternately with both hands. At the same time from the thumb and forefinger is a ring into which the clamped member. The process resembles milking of a cow (forgive us men for this unattractive comparison). Body, stretching, filling up with blood. The erection should be partial. At the time of each manipulation is given about three seconds. Jelcing with grease, cream or spray is called wet, dry. The first is considered more effective, besides you avoid the risk of "rubbing member". Regular exercise will show results after 2-3 months.

Thanks to massage:

  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • increases the pressure within the member;
  • the growth of the cavernous fibers;
  • the formation of new cells.

Another similar method that to increase the member directly in the home - stretch. It implies slow and careful effects on the penis not in the excited state. This exercise may include turns almost 360°, or by moving the type of pendulum. It is usually repeated up to ten times (cycle - 15 seconds).

The increase in on can be and with the use of additional instruments - for example, of goods. They hung on the rope and go for a while. For security purposes, the load should not be too heavy at first. Add weight gradually as "addiction" member. This exercise has still not lost its popularity, but is considered to be quite traumatic.

A more sophisticated way to obtain a relatively large organ, the use of a vacuum pump. Its principle is to create a region of low pressure around the penis. This kind of device is of cylindrical shape, equipped with a pump. There is placed on. Inside the air is evacuated, the resulting pressure increases blood flow and there is a "swelling".

Might come in handy and the option of an extender. This device is in the form of a nozzle, which stretches the tissues of the body. The result of its application is quite long, and practice this method daily.

In addition, there are various devices which are used directly during sex. They instantly increase the length and volume of the penis, but the effect is often short-term.

Remember! Before resorting to any of the selected exercises read to him, watching special videos on the Internet. If during the execution any of the specified options some soreness, immediately cease your actions!

Special tools

The penis enhancement with traditional methods is not only restricted to exercise. They can be combined with the use of additional funds.For example, some craftsmen in order to increase the penis and increase its elasticity use soda. An hour before the alleged intimacy, make a special tray and lowered it. A great alternative will be a compress of baking soda and honey. The resulting mixture should be applied along the entire length of the body, while not affecting the head. Otherwise, the solution will be much "pinching".

Many people take different teas, which together with the exercises to increase positive effect. The list of the most popular:

  • hawthorn;
  • ginseng;
  • Dubrovnik;
  • St. John's wort;


the penis enlargement at home

Alone in solving the problems of a small member are creams, gels, ointments and sprays. For the duration of the effect, they are:

  • short-term;
  • long-term;
  • auxiliary.

The first applied just before intercourse because there are no more than two hours. Long-term use over a long period and in a specific pattern. The third group combined with any options.


The following method of how to increase the penis is massage. The effect is due to improvement of blood microcirculation in tissues of manhood:

  • Massage, like exercise, is the method of how to increase penis at home and therefore is available to everyone;
  • You do not need additional devices;
  • If you follow the instructions on how to increase the member by the massage, we excluded the risk of side effects;
  • In addition to lengthening the penis the men increases sexual stamina, improves potency;
  • A large selection of methods allows to choose the most effective for every man;
  • For best results, you can combine the massage and cream for penis enlargement;

The main disadvantage of this method is time-consuming to complete.

Creams and ointments

A very popular way to increase the size of manhood in recent times it has become cream for penis enlargement. Wide range of these tools provides the possibility of choice for every taste and budget. Penis enlargement occurs due to influence of active components of the cream on his tissue. Mechanism of action they are divided:

  1. Enlargement cream the penis is short-acting. The effect lasts for several hours. It is better to apply shortly before sexual intercourse. Best option how to make dick bigger;
  2. Cream long-acting. The effect is observed some time after regular use. Manufacturers and long-lasting increase in length and volume of the penis;
  3. Auxiliary means for increasing the penis. This cream is used in combination with exercise, massage or other ways of penis enlargement. Independent application of such a cream is ineffective;

Before you apply any cream or ointments for penis enlargement be sure to read the instructions. can be a manifestation of allergies. In this case, it is better to abandon the use of this tool. The main disadvantage of this method of how to increase the penis size, is the high cost. Quality cream or ointment in the sex shops are expensive, and the use of cheap products is not only inefficient, but also dangerous to health.

Vacuum pump

Penile enlargement using penis pumps is quite common today. This device is also used to treat impotence and . Vacuum pump for penis enlargement is a round plastic cylinder with a pump for pumping air. Penis enlargement is as follows:

  • First on the sexual organ applied to the auxiliary cream;
  • Member is placed in the cylinder and pumped the air with a pump. Pressure control the integrated pressure gauge;
  • Under the pressure of the air expanded cavity cavernous bodies and there is an additional blood flow, this increases the length and volume of the penis;

The disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is its brevity. The procedure should be carried out immediately prior to sexual intercourse.

The use of the extender

Another remedy for penis enlargement is the use of extenders. The mechanism of their action consists in the resistance of the tissues to a certain weight. Weight can range from 400 to 1100 grams . The increase in volume and length occurs as a compensatory reaction of the body to impact weight. Extenders for penis enlargement are long term methods, their effect persists for a long time. With the help of these devices it is also possible to eliminate curvature of the penis. However, to achieve a positive result, you need to use the extender regularly and for a long time. Configuration devices are:

  • Extenders with the belt;
  • Extenders loopback type;
  • Universal extenders;

Improper use of the extender for penis enlargement can cause injury to the foreskin.


The most effective way to really increase the member – surgery . Not every man can overcome your fear of doctors, but deciding on augmentation of a member you can get a good result. All operative interventions are divided into three groups:

  • Surgery to increase penis length;
  • Operation to increase the volume;

Surgery to increase penis length is done by cutting the ligaments of the penis. The surgeon uses a Y-shaped or vertical incision. In this way the penis of men you can add about 4 cm . After the operation member during erection will occupy more horizontal position. After surgical intervention may require the wearing of the extender.

methods of penis enlargement

The increase in the thickness of the member through surgery is a widely used method. Adipose tissue of the patient (usually from the femoral region) subcutaneously injected into the penis. The choice of the technique in most cases depends on the financial capacity of men, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For greater clarity, you can see a video of the operation aimed at penis enlargement on the Internet.

Before you apply any of the methods of penis enlargement make sure that it really is effective and not hazardous to your health.

Men of Slavic type, the norm is the length of the penis of 14 cm in the excited state. The lower limit is 9.5 cm If the penis has a smaller size is a pathology which is called "micro-penis".