How to increase the volume, thickness, and diameter?

Increase of a member is one of the most difficult but in demand aspects in the change of the size of manhood. This is not surprising, after all, a long but thin, penis does not give the feeling of fullness woman.

The increase in the thickness of a member also helps a man to get a more vivid sense and avoid the effect of the "pencil in Cup". Thickening of the penis is considered to be a much more popular procedure than the increase in length, although is a more complex way.

Indications for the procedure

the increase in member

Sooner or later every man wonders about how to increase the thickness of the penis. But really, such a procedure requires a very small percentage of males. In other cases, the thickening of the penis – it is solely the desire of the men.

Is there a standard size that is considered to be the norm. A normal penis is about 16 inches in length and 8 in girth. Allowed error of both the larger and smaller side. Micro penis is the measure of 8 cm in length and less in the erect state. The size of manhood requires intervention and correction.

Thickening of the penis is usually more complicated than changing the length surgically. But at the moment there are several different techniques for enlarging the penis. Their application will help to hold the increase in volume of the penis, both in the home and under the supervision of experts.

Increasing the thickness of the penis is carried out by several methods. It shows those men who have small size of manhood and want to know how to increase penis thickness. It is known that long-term satisfaction with the use of small diameters it is possible to make the amount of a member less.

This means that there are ways of increasing the thickness of the member.

How to change the thickness

There are some of the most popular methods to increase penis width. Some of them require medical supervision, while others are conducted independently in the home.

When surgical intervention there are several basic procedures, the results of which could significantly increase the girth of the penis:

  • lipofilling;
  • transplantation of muscle tissue;
  • the operation of the Pen;
  • implantation of beads.

There are also several ways of penis enlargement in diameter without resorting to surgery:

  • massage;
  • stretching the penis using the extender;
  • the application of a vacuum pump;
  • the use of tablets;
  • the use of various ointments and gels.

Using these techniques, you can choose the best way to increase a member in size and to increase its sensitivity.

Surgical methods

Performing penis enlargement in the width of the surgical techniques is one of the most risky but effective ways. You can use them to increase the thickness of the member and to consolidate the obtained effect.

The main disadvantages of the methods of penis enlargement in the diameter of the surgical way:

  • long recovery period;
  • high risk of side effects;
  • a large number of tests before implementation;
  • a relatively large complexity of implementation.

Tell me more about how to increase a member in the width surgically. They differ according to the material used, technique of execution and the duration of the recovery period. Such procedures are often covered in video plastic surgery clinics.


A method of increasing the thickness of the penis, which is based on the transplantation of own fat tissue. Tissue sampling is carried out with problem areas and injecting distributed under the skin of the penis. This method is convenient because you use the reserve of their own body, and therefore the probability of rejection when such intervention is minimal.

Surgery thickening of a member by means of a procedure has its drawbacks. Subcutaneous fat tends to disappear spontaneously with time. The result is the appearance of bumps and bumps under the skin of the penis. In addition, member after thickening some time in a state of swelling and that is to abstain from sexual relations.

This intervention provides a minimum of scars, and so from the point of view of aesthetics is most appropriate. Doctors prefer to show the result of the thickening member in the photo – in the photo it is noticeable that the size can be increased to 1.5 centimeters in width.

Transplantation of muscle tissue

methods of penis enlargement

This technique helps to increase the width of the penis up to 3 inches. It differs from a procedure that has a long recovery period and within 6-8 months after the execution leaves a scar in place of the fence of this material.

This operation is the thickening of the penis involves the intake strip of muscle tissue and wrapping it under the skin around the body of the penis. The effect of such interference persists for life. At the same time should pay attention that the preparation for this operation and the period of full recovery takes up to one year.

The fence fabric is composed of smooth muscles or fibres are used axillary fascia. The dick bigger in diameter is achieved using the "winding" of the fibers around the corpora cavernosa. This surgery has a long recovery period up to 9 months.

The main disadvantage causes a scar in place of the fence, the muscles of the patient – it remains up to six months, after which it becomes invisible. Video with such an operation looks quite creepy, but because it is not necessary to look very impressionable people.

The Technique Of "Feather"

Increase and thickening of a member using the technique of "Pen" is the most complex operation to perform. It involves dividing all of the tissues of the penis and the implantation among them of the plots of cartilage. This method of thickening and lengthening of the penis helps to adjust its shape, add volume.

The main disadvantage of using this technique is its complexity of implementation, which in the case of complications can lead to such changes:

  • loss of sensitivity;
  • the lack of an erection;
  • inflammation;
  • rejection of the tissue;
  • gangrene;
  • improper healing of tissue;
  • the formation of scars.

Also, one of the disadvantages include the long recovery period that can last up to 12 months. With proper operation and compliance with all recommendations of the doctor is penile enlargement in the diameter gives a stable result, which persists for life.

Subsequently, if you look at the photo of the scars completely invisible. Video thickening of a member using this technique it is better not to look to citizens with unstable mentality.

Implantation of beads

One method of increasing the diameter of the penis, which is gaining more and more popularity. The method consists in implanting under the skin of the male sexual organ of the special balls from hypoallergenic material. This procedure performs not only a surgeon but a specialist in body modification.

The use of special bulbs helps to make the width of the member more in some areas. This gives you the opportunity to provide additional stimulation for your partner through the seal.

It should be noted that with this method you can have sex only in certain positions. Excessive sex can cause rubbing and injury of the tissues of the penis.

Bezoperatsionnye methods

The increase in penis enlargement methods without surgery helps to change the dimensions of the manhood without harm to health. Application of these methods gives the opportunity to use the funds at home, without medical supervision, and binding to a specific location.

Massage and exercise

Massaging helps in increasing the girth of the penis by stimulating blood flow to the penis. The result of this massage is to promote erection and stretching the cavernous bodies. When you increase the size of the cavernous bodies volume of blood that fills the penis during erection, increases, which causes a resize.

The inconvenience of massage and exercise is that you can easily injure the body. To perform the massage every day for a certain time. Such exercises to increase the thickness of the member help to achieve sustainable results with minimal harm to health.


Wearing the extender helps to exercise the penis increase in width and to achieve lengthening. The effect is achieved as a result of constant stretching of the tissues of the penis, which leads to their proliferation and, as a result, the change in volume.

Wearing the extender helps to increase the circumference of the penis for a long time and without any interference in the normal functioning of the body. Among the disadvantages of this method allocate a long application prior to emergence of any result.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is another method of stimulating growth of the penis and its extension that uses the principle of alternating pressure. When you place a penis into the flask, it creates a negative pressure. This leads to the stimulation of blood flow in the penis. Due to stimulate the circulation improving blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis, which helps prevent the formation of stagnation.

surgery to increase the member

Pump for penis enlargement is prescribed in such situations:

  • enough vivid sensations during sex;
  • weak erection;
  • stagnation of blood in the genital area and pelvis.

With regular use of a vacuum pump can achieve good results. Particularly pronounced effect is achieved by combining the pump with the action of ointments and gels.

Ointments and creams

Ointments for thickening of a member help to strengthen the blood supply to the area of application. They have a local irritating effect and their effect is noticeable immediately after use. The use of ointments and gels for penis enlargement helps to achieve a more vivid sensations from sex and make erections stronger.

Ointments and creams can contain a hormonal component, and therefore before their use it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is also worth to note that buyers of such vehicles can become victims of counterfeiting. Therefore, when buying it is important to check the integrity of the packaging and the spelling of names.

Hormonal pills

Hormones contain large amounts of testosterone, which stimulates growth of the penis. But its use should be under constant observation to avoid any side effects.

The choice of method to increase the male sexual organ – employment difficult. Every man can choose the products according to your wishes and possibilities. The use of such funds gives you the chance to be proud of the size of his dick.