How to increase the member of the folk remedies

How to increase a member of folk remedies – a question of concern to many representatives of the stronger sex. Even if the genital organ corresponds to the average standards, some men wanted to increase.

That intimacy brought pleasure to both partners, it's not the size of the penis and an erection. Excited state increases the length and width of the penis at times.

the penis enlargement folk remedies

Enhance the potency can without chemicals traditional methods. The effect on increasing male body traditional medicine has long been known. A few centuries ago the grandmother was used to enhance male potency in various drug – infusions of herbs and roots, herbal teas etc.

Folk remedies for increase of a member is widespread in our days. Popular folk recipes used in order to make your intimate relationship better.

What is the effect of the use of unconventional therapy? It gives the opportunity to carry out natural penis enlargement without surgery.

Of course, significantly increase the length or width of the male organ is impossible if you use medicines or traditional methods. However, to add to the volume and length of a few millimeters is possible. To solve this delicate question precisely people's way.

The whole point of the use of alternative medicine boils down to increase blood flow to the male organ to improve blood circulation. This leads to the fact that the member increases in volume, becomes strong and elastic. Consider how to increase manhood folk remedies.

Penis enlargement by bees

Painful but the most effective ancient remedy is considered apitherapy. With the help of bee venom can increase penis size.

Important! This method may employ only those men who have no Allergy to bee venom.

With bee stings it is possible to carry out the procedure for penis enlargement at home׃

  • take a thick plastic bag and placed it in the bee;
  • carefully so that the insect doesn't fly in package pushes the reproductive organ;
  • after a bee bite, you need to remove the stinger.

The penis will grow easy on the eyes, if you carry out this procedure two or three times a week. The number of bees can be increased, but it should not exceed 10 individuals.

To pain can be used, but the result you will see after a couple of months. Bee venom has many useful properties. Thanks to the bees restored erection׃

  • in the place where it pierced the sting of an insect, directs the flow of blood;
  • under the influence of the injected poison is vasodilation.

Method of increase of a member by bees provides long-lasting and persistent erections.

The main advantages of this method

This method has contraindications just in case you are hypersensitive to bee venom. For other men, it practically harmless.

Herbs for penis enlargement

The use of special herbal infusions will help quite rapidly to enhance blood flow to the penis. As a result, the size of the male sexual organ will increase significantly. Using herbs you can achieve good results in the strengthening of the erection. The most effective effect׃

  • ginseng;
  • celery;
  • hawthorn fruit;
  • cilantro;
  • parsley.

To sexual intercourse was long-lasting, take a tincture of wild oats.

You can also achieve significant penis enlargement thyme. The tincture is prepared as follows׃

  • dry grass thoroughly crushed;
  • put the thyme into a saucepan, pour 200 g of boiling water;
  • insist;
  • use twice a day after meals.

A few more recipes for increasing penis using herbs.

penis enlargement.
  1. Take the dried roots, leaves and flowers of hawthorn. Thoroughly pulverized. Then one tablespoon of the mixture pour two cups of boiling water. Insist and drink instead of tea. Use three to four weeks.
  2. Ginseng root will help not only to regain the virility, increase genital organ of men, but to awaken in him the desire. Root cut in small pieces. Then placed in a glass jar with alcohol. Two weeks insisted, and then take three times a day for 50 grams.
  3. Dried rose hips are placed in a thermos. Pour boiling water and after infused for 5-8 hours. Take a drink for months.

The main advantages of the popular recipes of herbal extracts to increase penis׃

  • you can buy in the drugstore at an affordable price;
  • harmless to health;
  • provide lasting effect;
  • using herbal tinctures and decoctions, it is possible to achieve a stable result.

Cons popular recipes

You cannot get the result instantly. Will have to be patient and wait a few months.

Important! Herbs can cause allergic reactions. Also some chronic diseases preclude the use of decoctions and infusions from the fruits and leaves of plants.

The penis enlargement vaseline

Increase penis using vaseline. Despite the simplicity of this method, it is used not very willingly.

First, the procedure itself causes discomfort. The tightening member in the base. Then using a syringe, vaseline injected under the skin of the penis.

Second, the procedure must be fulfilled by a health worker with more experience – if vaseline is distributed unevenly, it can cause injury.

Doctors do not recommend to use this method for penis enlargement. He is a dangerous׃

  • getting under the skin, any foreign body can cause infection or cause the formation of a tumor;
  • in the blood can penetrate pathogenic microorganisms;
  • petrolatum can cause allergic reactions.

All these factors can lead to serious complications not only potency, but also with health.

How to increase the member with iodine

Risky many men wonder׃ "can the iodine to increase the member". The Internet is easy to find on various "private forums" tips about increase in penis size with the help of iodine. However, it is possible to say – iodine for penis enlargement is not suitable. This misconception can lead to serious injury and cause burning of the genitals. Of course, iodine mesh will cause a rush of blood, and the penis will grow in size. However, the resulting burn will be forced to refuse from intimacy within a month.

How to increase member toothpaste

Method of penis enlargement toothpaste is suitable only for those who like to experiment with their health, not thinking about the consequences. Toothpaste is applied on the head. Various additives begin to pinch, ensuring the flow of blood.

Important! Paste can get under the foreskin or in the urinary channel, and it will cause unwanted effects.

Ginger for penis enlargement

Ginger helps to solve problems with potency, increases virility, increases blood circulation and testosterone levels. It is considered almost Viagra. Receiving infusion of ginger makes for a more lasting effect, but it manifests itself over time. Preparation׃

  • the peeled root is cut into small pieces;
  • place the slices in a thermos;
  • there also put half a lemon;
  • ingredients pour water and insist during the night.

You can vary the recipe by using honey, spices, lemon balm, spices or mint.

The use of Vietnamese balm asterisk for penis enlargement

All the famous Vietnamese "asterisk" is used for penis enlargement. This method is quite common in Eastern medicine. The balsam is present in many essential oils of medicinal plants. To enhance potency the asterisk is used in manual therapy.

After a relaxing bath, the balm is rubbed in small doses of between 2 and 3 lumbar vertebrae. Activate special points that is responsible for virility. The session lasts about 20 min. to make progress, you need to spend more than 10 procedures.

The penis enlargement honey

means for penis enlargement

Increase male organ with the help of honey is one of the most effective folk methods. Recipe wonderful tool is pretty simple. Take equal proportions of crushed walnut kernels and honey. Components are mixed well and placed in a glass or enamel bowl. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon at night. To speed up the onset of effect can be taken three times a day during the week.

The main disadvantages of this method

Despite the effectiveness of this method, it should be used with caution. Honey is contraindicated׃

  • the presence of severe cardiovascular disease;
  • if a person is sick with diabetes;
  • if you are allergic to honey;
  • if you have problems with light;
  • if there is serious disease of the digestive system;
  • in diseases of the skin.

Thus, honey can help and can harm.


To start penis enlargement with the help of folk remedies, you must carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons". It is necessary to consider the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as the safety of these methods to health.

You cannot apply everything that advised lucky in love neighbor. One person of any method helps, the other harms.

Treat with big respect to their health, and it will definitely reward you for it.