Exercises to increase penis

Nowadays, thanks to the wide advertising and the interest of producers, has become a particularly popular topic of the size of the male penis, and in this regard also increased the demand for different methods for penis enlargement. They are very different and diverse from the creams-ointments, tablets, dietary Supplements and surgery to simple physical exercises on them and will be discussed.

Be very careful with stretching and hanging to the penis various loads, this can lead to dire consequences. Consult your doctor!

how to increase the member

But how all this effectively? It may indeed help to increase penis or is it another way to pull money from unsuspecting customers? Opinions vary diametrically opposed, this will be the conversation article, and will given the most popular exercises to increase dick.

Exercises to increase penis: destruction of the myth

Exercises for penis enlargement are aimed at lengthening and expansion of the penile tissues. These exercises can be performed both manually and using various auxiliary devices.

However, be careful — despite the common misconception that the penis to break nothing to ruin it, completely deprived of functionality, it is possible!

What are the exercises for the penis

To enlarge the penis, there are two directions:

  1. strengthening exercises for the muscles that support the penis (pelvic floor muscles);
  2. stretching and expanding the tissues of the penis, the goal is the creation of new tissue cells.

Penis enlargement exercises: the destruction of myth

So, let's break the myth right now: the trunk of the penis does not contain tissues, is able to acquire greater volume through the physical exercises and workouts. View a typical video about penis enlargement, it shows the most popular method of penis enlargement:

As you know, this "massage" will not lead to an increase in the size of the penis.

On the other hand, and these decisions can be benefit — regular practice of such exercises can reduce the sensitivity of penis and it will prolong your sexual act and avoid premature ejaculation. But again, an increase in the size of the penis should not count.

Penis enlargement devices

Device to enlarge the penis can be divided into two types: tension and vacuum.

The first are various options of fixtures, the purpose of which is to lengthen the penis by creating a constant tensile load on it.

  • Theoretically, a person is able to change the size of your body thus, the most striking example of a padaung woman, having such a long neck that will suffocate if support will remove their rings.
  • However, to achieve such a result is required to start exposure from early childhood, and the result is not beauty, and pathology.
  • The human body does not tend well to respond to changes inherent in him by nature, mechanisms and processes.

Thus, theoretically, you can extend your member, stretching it for a very long time, but will this unlikely, but damage the tissue of the penis there is a chance.

The second type of devices for penis enlargement, vacuum, works on the principle of pump, to pump out air from the tank, creating it a negative pressure. The penis is placed in the workspace of the extender starts to get excited, filling with blood.

Such devices are less popular as a result of erection immediately visible, especially as these devices help to achieve fast erection with erectile disorders.

A feature of the extenders is that they can't be used for a long time — you can easily overdo it and achieve hemorrhage.

Cavernous bodies of the penis are not designed for constant load, so the "non-standard" their use nothing good is not promising.

The right exercises for penis enlargement

Many of the men who love sports, asked the question: is it possible to pump up your penis and make it bigger and vividly? To answer this question, you need to start to talk about the anatomy of men. First of all: the penis is not composed of muscle and cartilage of processes.

What, then, gives the penis a solid state? Agitated penis becomes over a rush of blood, due to this, the penis is in erection and significantly increased in size.

So pump up the penis and thereby increase its possible but perhaps make it bigger with the help of special exercises that are easy to do at home. In this article we will tell you how to do it.

The preheating of the

Since many exercises for penis enlargement are a bit traumatic, it is necessary to conduct a thorough warm-up of the corpora cavernosa before training.

  • To do this, you should dip a towel in hot water to make it wet and hot.
  • Next, carefully squeeze the towel and wrap the penis completely for 2-3 minutes.
  • The skin and the vessels become more elastic, which will help to reduce the likelihood of injury to zero.

The first exercise

methods of penis enlargement

The first thing you will need is grease. With it you can do the exercises without hurting your penis. Conveniently sit on the edge of the bed or chair and lubricate the penis with lubricant.

Next, using the thumb and index finger grip the penis at its base and begin to slowly retract the skin towards the head, thus stretching it and the cavernous body of penis.

  • After some time, your penis will become excited and will increase in size.
  • As it should be, it is a necessary exercise conditions.
  • Despite the increase the penis in size, continue the exercise without losing grip at the base.
  • You need to increase the speed of the reciprocating movement from the base of the penis to its head.

In doing this exercise, you try to keep as much blood in the cavernous pores of the penis.

After 10 minutes you can achieve an erection, while should be possible to squeeze the penis at the base to delay coming to the penis blood that it could stretch the corpus cavernosum.

Hold the penis in this state for 1 minute and then release.

If during exercise you feel slight discomfort or pain, immediately stop to perform qualification and re-read the instructions for its implementation.

If you regularly repeat this exercise every day, you will be able to increase your penis up to 3 inches in 1 month.

The second exercise

The main purpose of this exercise is stretching of the penis in length first not excited, and then when you get an erection.

After necessary preparation warm up the penis you need to cover the head, thereby impeding the blood flow, and begin to implement reciprocating motion, namely: to press and stretch the penis in turn. In this exercise, you will achieve the stretching of the corpora cavernosa, of the penis.

Each time you try to stretch the penis until the appearance of slight pain each time to pull more. But be careful: this exercise can cause minor injuries, which is undesirable for training success.

When you have reached the maximum stretch of your penis, try for 10 seconds to detain him in this state, first stretching out in front of you and then lift up and likewise hold 10-15 seconds in the maximum extracted position without losing grip with the hand.

The third exercise

It is the exercise not of the erect penis in a relaxed state. For this you need to take the penis with your fingers and try applying a moderate amount of force, begin to stretch it in length. To do each repetition is recommended for 10-15 seconds.

  • After performing 10 repetitions change the position of the penis and stretching when you lift it up, thereby pressing it against the pubic bone.
  • In the future, start to stretch your penis by twisting it 360 degrees, which will help to stretch the cartilaginous apophysis at the base of the penis.
  • After the training, you need to have a relaxing massage with the aim of restoration of the vascular system.
  • Can also take a hot bath, which will affect not only your workouts, but also on the testicles.
  • Warming up can help you relax and cope with feelings that you got when you exercise.

Massage is exercise for the penis

Massage is exercise for the penis (PCH), designed to improve its performance. This method is borrowed from the Arabs, who from generation to generation from father to son passed the practice of this exercise.

Benefits of massage?

Of the positive aspects of this exercise include the following:

  1. Penis growth (length and girth);
  2. Improving the quantity of blood drive (improve the hardness of erections, more info see the link);
  3. Overcoming stagnant processes in the inverter.

The purpose of the activity

The main objective of massage is to discharge a large amount of blood into the penis. Due to pressure can develop microtrauma in the structure of PCH. Usually, these injuries heal quickly and this leads to the fact that the old formation of new tissues, but in greater numbers.

This feature is used to increase the penis, the essence of which is in a super compensation by the body of injured tissues.

For example, the massage action is directed to increase of a member can be compared to a muscle: when you exercise muscle fibers are injured, and while resting in their place by other muscle fibers, but higher than the previous one.

The technique of wet massage (pre-lubricated with grease PCH):

  1. Achieve the degree of erection at 50-75% (the optimal value, because more — hazardous, less — is ineffective);
  2. Bending the thumb and index finger in the ring (OK grip), grasp the member as close as possible to the base;
  3. Squeeze the grip and slowly for 3 seconds, move the grip towards the head of the drive holding the penis parallel to the floor;
  4. Once your capture will be at the base of the head, grab the base member with the other hand and grasp near the head release;
  5. Repeat step 1-4 with the other hand.

After the massage drive in a calm state should look more too big, a sure sign that the massage is successful.

This is not a complicated exercise, but it will take some time to fully master. After the massage is useful to do the exercises on a groin muscle.


exercises for penis enlargement

The prerequisite is a preliminary warming up of PCH – this is to minimize injury and prepare the member to exercise. To complete the massage treatment is also necessary warming.

Ways of warming up:

  • Shower;
  • Compress. Make a hot compress on PCH with a piece of fabric. Maintain the desired temperature of the fabric as it cools;
  • A container of warm water. Down PCH in a container of warm water – it should be warm enough to warm and should not cause discomfort (too hot).

Warming up should last at least 5 minutes. After warm up, the drive should be soft, relaxed and large, a sure sign that the warming was successful.

Highlights of the massage

What in the first place to look for when performing massage:

  • The symmetric movement of both hands. Since the exercise requires alternate hands, careful to grip, motion and grip strength were similar for the two hands. If this is not adhered to, may develop asymmetry of the penis and its curvature to one side because one side will grow faster;
  • The same pressure around the trunk of the penis. Many people tend to increase the pressure to the end of the head, which can lead to the effect of "baseball bats", when the base member is less than the beginning of the drive head;
  • The duration of the movement. For a good study should comply with the duration of motion not less than 3 seconds;
  • The degree of erection. Ensure that the level of erection was in the area of 50-70%. If the level of erection increased, take a short break, so he slept to the desired range. The same goes for too low of an erection – massage in this state is ineffective.

Indicators of overtraining

After performing massage on the penis may appear red or black spots, bruises from ruptured capillaries. You should take a break from class until full recovery from injury.

Erection deterioration or absence of morning erection indicates that you need to take a little break and reduce the intensity of your workouts.

The degree of erection

The degree of erection affects which settings worked best: at a lower level of erection there is a study on the length with the girth. Initially, you must avoid the level of erection more than 70% because the drive has not yet adapted to the loads and the probability of the injury.

But after a period of training, if your priority is to increase the girth of the drive, in this case, you must massage with 80-90% erection.

The extent of erection in order to avoid injuries, you should start with a light pressure, gradually with subsequent training, slightly increasing the intensity.