Penile enlargement at home – ways and means

The size of the penis is the subject of anxiety for a teenager, but after 20 years, when the body ceases to grow, men are worried, a sufficiently large penis to please your favorite. Surgical intervention is only allowed when indicated. So annoyed at myself for starting to find other ways. How to make dick bigger at home and that this is necessary — methods and technologies for self-lengthening a lot, it is important to choose the most suitable one.

How to really increase penis in house conditions?

penis enlargement.

In the Internet you can find information about what it is really self-increase up to 5 cm in diameter and in length.

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological characteristics – if a man is prone to rapid growth, and genitals will increase substantially when using different methods;
  • Persistence – the process of stretching of the tissues involved, so you'll have to spend time to achieve the result;
  • Regularity – regardless of the methodology chosen, it is necessary to resort regularly, and the procedures to do with no gaps.

It is sometimes possible to increase penis by 1-2 cm but this is a significant achievement, in addition, not all women are focused on size.


To increase penis useful special exercises. This option is ideal for Allergy sufferers who avoid applying to the penis of various compositions.


The easiest way to increase penis at home – stretch. Penis, you need to take the head and pull. It is recommended to carry out the procedure at different angles. The force of the impact, it is important to increase gradually to avoid tissue damage.

At a session of stretching you should allocate 10-15 minutes, only under this condition it is possible to achieve a result.

Stretching sitting

For this exercise, it is necessary to bring the penis in a semi excited state. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the penis is pulled down and back, then the man sits down on it.

Such exercises allows you to increase the base of the penis, lengthen it and increase the size in diameter. The mechanism of action consists in increasing pressure on the corpora cavernosa.


This gymnastic method also requires partial erection. It is necessary to bend the penis in different directions, listening to your own feelings – it is important to avoid extreme discomfort.

If manipulation takes the pain, then this exercise should be immediately discontinued. Next time you want to act more carefully to avoid tissue injury.

Sprays and gels

Cream, formulated to increase the penis, allow to carry out this procedure on their own without harm to the body. All the products are made from organic components, which minimizes the number of contraindications for men.

According to the method of drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Long – term demand of the course, after which the organ retains its acquired size forever;
  • Short-term – the effect lasts for several hours and helps to increase the penis at the time of intimacy;
  • Support, their use reinforces the effects of other drugs designed to change the length and thickness of the genitals.

Penis enlargement folk remedies

In addition to exercise and innovative natural development, to increase the member can folk remedies.

The first is the familiar baking soda, also helps herbal – remedies based on herbs and medicinal plants can be used both topically and drink infusions and decoctions.


how to increase the member

Baking soda is sold everywhere and cost a penny, therefore, the methods comprising their use is not only effective but also do not have a serious impact on the budget.

  • Compresses with baking soda. To prepare mix the soda powder with honey and apply on the entire length of the penis, avoiding the head;
  • Baths with soda solution. They can help to improve blood circulation and prevent the development of inflammation. The procedure is recommended before sexual intercourse, previously achieving an erection;
  • Soda scrub. Increases sexual organ and provides prevention of urological diseases. Manipulation should only be performed after a hot shower, in conclusion, it is important to apply a penis moisturizing cream;
  • Massage with the use of baking soda. First, the member needed to apply a base or olive oil, then the baking soda and massaging it with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wait for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Drugs for oral administration

Certain herbs and spices help to lengthen the sexual organ, if you regularly ingest infusions, tinctures and decoctions:

  • A decoction of wormwood. Within 10 minutes to boil 5 g of seeds of wormwood, filled with cold water. Wait until the vehicle has cooled and filtered. Drink 100 ml daily 2 times;
  • Garlic tincture. 250 ml high quality alcohol, to insist in 200 g of garlic, pre-crushed in the dense mass. Leave the cloth closed jar for 10 days. Drink morning and evening, 25 drops for 3 months;
  • Infusion with thyme. 100 g of dry herb pour 300 ml of boiling water and wait until it cools naturally. Pass through a cheesecloth and drink after waking and before bed over 120 days.

Means external use

Phyto-tools help not only when ingested but also when applied topically. The known method is the use of aloe juice. You need to squeeze the liquid out of the "adult" leaves, cut at the roots, and RUB the juice sexual organ.

The same effect imposes a tincture of horse chestnut, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or make it yourself. Aqueous infusion of ginseng root, Ginkgo biloba leaf and hawthorn fruit, it is recommended to RUB into the skin of the penis to increase in size.

Other methods

To change the volume and length of the penis you can also use pumps, extenders and attachments.

The first method enlarges the penis by placing it in a vacuum environment. It activates the blood flow, the blood flows to the penis, resulting in changes not only length but also diameter. It is important to adjust the level of pressure in order not to harm yourself with excessive zeal.

The extender is a special device that attaches at the waist or hips. The device called an alternative to surgery, it helps not only to change the parameters, but also to eliminate the curvature of the body. The device should be worn for several hours a day, at this time, the tissue on stretch and begin to grow to relieve the stress. Wearing the extender helps to increase the size permanently.

Attachments – option for men who want to lengthen the member at the time of sexual intercourse. Silicone device worn on the phallus, whereby it changes size. On sale are various models, which allow to determine the necessary parameters.

One way to change the length of the penis with the help of improvised means – the suspension of goods. The method is rather controversial, because in striving to achieve results faster men often injure tissue and the cavernous body. The mechanism of action is to mount on weighting, under which the elongated member.

Sometimes men dissatisfied with the size of your penis and want to increase the head of the penis. There are various exercises, one of which is as follows:

  • You need to sit on the edge of your chair and stretch down;
  • Squeeze the phallus at the base;
  • Alternately hitting them on the thighs.

An important condition – the absence of pain or discomfort. Change the size of the head occurs due to its hardening.

means for penis enlargement

Every man chooses a suitable method, should be fully aware of: penis enlargement – the procedure is lengthy. To obtain a stable effect, it is necessary to make efforts and be mindful of regularity.