Nozzle member increases

Nozzles for penis enlargement is an artificial device in the form of the male sexual organ. Men who are almost always compensating for his penis size, treat a visit to specialty shops erotic products. Thanks to a special tip, the sexual life of man much better the partner will be sensitive to feel the penis in girth and experience rapid orgasms, the duration of intercourse will increase several times.

The types and application tips

penis enlargement.

There are many types of nozzles that focused on length and thickness. In addition, nozzles for penis enlargement have different shapes, colors, additional curves and spikes, vibration, lending a special sensitivity of the sexual organs of both partners, as well as the type of materials from which they are made. For diversity in sexual life of a loving couple can get the whole set for penis enlargement, to enrich their intimate area.

Tip for penis enlargement is very easy to use – put on before sexual intercourse on the erect penis. For secure fixing set special ring, sometimes included in the kit. Fixture beforehand thoroughly washed in warm water with detergents or special equipment for silicone and latex. Allowed to apply different lubricants and creams, use condoms.

The pros and cons

If a man suffers from small diameter or short penis size, it will substantially help different types of nozzles that will deliver him from this problem. Easy to use, allow you to achieve incredible experiences in sex, if handled properly and stored for a long time, available to every man, not having erectile dysfunction. The disadvantages are the high price of exclusive devices with additional elements for anal or other stimulation. Also nozzles for penis enlargement are only temporary in nature, thereby limiting a man to have a natural advantage maximum size for the random links.

Extenders for penis enlargement

Most men are ashamed of their penis size, which negatively affects their emotional state. One of the effective methods to achieve the anticipated results in sexual terms is extender. The extender is a special device to enlarge the penis through which a man can achieve improvements in sexual life. Long wearing for a period of six months, the device is able to increase the member by 3-4 inches in length and add tangible dimensions in diameter. Popularity has a vacuum extender that can be used by men of different ages without any discomfort when wearing it. The principle of operation of this device is based on the suction member for a vacuum. Moreover, special studies of the doctors-sexologists have revealed that the use of vacuum extenders is a complementary method for impotence and erectile dysfunction treatment in men.

The use of the extender and its effect

Using the extender is fixed manhood in the stretched position lasting at least 6 hours a day with breaks every half hour for 20-30 minutes. When this spongy structure of the penis, occasionally filled with blood adapts to this stretching, which will eventually lead to penis enlargement with no changes. Extenders are classified mainly on the loop, waist belt and versatile. Every man chooses his camera to zoom in individually, according to his desire. Mount expander is a man with his own hands without the help of outsiders in the home. First, you need to put on a "quiet" member of the bottom plastic platform, and then screwed metal rods (rods) in accordance with the length of the erect organ. Silicone harness odevaetsya in the foam nozzle ring is bent and inserted into the top plastic platform (in some species there is a tension ring), which after put on the extender. At the end of the locking mechanism should not influence the head of the penis too tightly, as this will complicate the flow of blood. Once the member put on the extender to increase, you can safely order and not worry that it will stand out in the eyes of others.

How to choose fixtures

Men, who were trying to enlarge his penis, a lot of times the wrong choice and lost a lot of time. However, having experienced various nozzles and devices for penis enlargement, sexual life is much improved. Despite the large range of instruments, each of them requires careful study of the instructions for use, and if there were any serious diseases associated with internal organs inguinal region is mandatory to consult a doctor.

It must be remembered that artificial bait only give increasing effect on time, the constant wearing impossible. Pleasure during use, the nozzle is largely dependent partner, the man only praised for its size and activity. Weak erections can ruin the process, so before you apply the tips themselves, it is necessary to correct the situation with potency. The penis enlargement extender is more significant. Continued use of the device guarantees the fulfillment of desires – sexual organ is really able to increase in size. In the period of wearing the extender you can move freely on the street, spending time at work. It is necessary to remove the device before sexual contact and before using the toilet, the rest of the time it does not cause discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, men can make desperate dreams to improve their dignity and to show the possibilities in the intimate sphere.

Operation prosthetic penis

Penile prosthesis is a surgical operation. Currently, the majority of men suffer from impotence. Many of them help well-known methods of treatment, particularly physical therapy, counseling, various pharmacological remedies such as viagra. But there are situations where such treatment does not help, then come to the aid of surgeons.

methods of penis enlargement

Doctors together with engineers have developed an effective method that allows you to get rid of such problem as impotence is penile prosthesis. The first hard top was not too comfortable, because the penis all the time was in a state of erection. Later managed to improve this design. Current dentures soft manageable and very different from their rigid predecessors.

The prosthesis consists of two cylinders implanted in the corpora cavernosa. Then it detonated with a pump hidden in the scrotum. After surgery requires abstinence for 2 months.

Currently, the medicine can help almost all patients, including those who have such a hopeless pathology, as fibrosis. After surgery prosthesis lost the ability again. Along with this, the man becomes unrestricted sexual potential, because the prosthesis allows you to make repeated sexual intercourse of any duration.

Penile prosthesis is the most effective option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction organic type.

Restore sexual function becomes possible in more than 95% of patients.

To make the operation successful, it is necessary to properly determine the indications for prosthetics. This provides a positive result of the operation. It is important not to forget that the implantation of the prosthesis is the final stage of treatment. If it is wrong to determine the indications, the result of the operation may be unsuccessful and the use of other alternative method of treatment would be impossible.

Types of prostheses for a member

Newer prostheses have a high degree of reliability. The most simple are hard dentures. They are less convenient to use. Their design consists of paired elastic silicone rods, which give the member the desired hardness. These devices do not have the intrinsic parameters of a flexible prosthesis, which differ in a plastic memory and variable hardness. The member is always in a state of tension, simulating an erection. This fact severely hinders both social and sexual adaptation men, creating the preconditions for the formation of complications. Nonetheless, prostheses of this type have one big advantage — low cost. Today, these prostheses in medicine are not used.

The next type of prosthesis plastic. It has two rigid cylinder and has a plastic memory. This allows the man to give the penis the desired position. Member becomes as natural as possible and retains its function. Plastic memory of this type of prosthesis is ensured by a metal rod installed in the center of the prosthesis.

Inflatable prosthesis. This type has intermittent stiffness and is today considered the most perfect. Variable hardness provides a real resumption of sexual function, this organ has a good aesthetic appearance after surgery. Another plus inflatable prosthesis is a small probability of formation of bedsores, because the pressure on the tissue is missing. Of all the inflatable prosthesis preference is usually to give the three-component models.

Indications for prosthetics

There is a list of indications for which the doctor prescribes to patients the implantation of the prosthesis into the penis. These indications include: erectile dysfunction, underdevelopment of the penis, the ineffectiveness of the vacuum means that a possible therapy. The implantation of the prosthesis prescribed to patients with endocrine impotence (diabetes), as well as after a bad result prior to the surgery, after operations on the prostate, rectum or bladder. Penile prosthesis is prescribed to men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. This kind of disease is considered to be atypical, so the diagnosis can itself be the basis for the operation of the prosthesis to the patient.

The operation is performed by the penile prosthesis in patients with this disease only in those cases in which mental impairment cannot be corrected with repeated courses of such classical types of treatment like psychotherapy, the use of special drugs, vacuum devices, special injection of vasoactive drugs.

Prior to the operation

>The most frightening complication is the result of the operation on the penis is an infection. Due to the fact that the human body is implanted foreign object, the operation should be carried out in conditions of absolute sterility. This is especially true of patients who have diabetes because they are prone to infections more than other people. For them, preoperative preparation is very important.

Before surgery the patient should control the blood sugar level. Also excluded are the symptoms of infections. They need to cure before surgery. All patients are treated with antibacterial drugs. Before surgery it is recommended to use antiseptic soap during washing of the penis and scrotum every day before surgery.

Operation prosthetic involves a short stay in the hospital to eliminate the risk of infection. After surgery, the patient wakes up with the entered the urinary catheter, which is removed immediately after people will be able to get up and move. The bandage and the bandage applied for the entire stay at the hospital. Along with this, it is recommended to use ice packs for 4 days after surgery.

After surgery

surgery to increase the member

After prosthetic penis the patient should expect slight swelling and bruising in the area of the penis and scrotum. Doctor prescribes a seven-day course of antibiotics and painkillers. After the operation is prohibited sex life for 2 months. This is done to ensure that tissue is fully recovered. A week later, the patient comes to the clinic, the doctor checked the condition of the seams. To reduce swelling, usually after surgery, wearing slinky lingerie.

Typically, the prosthesis is successful, the man begins a new stage in the intimate life. The degree of satisfaction with penile prosthesis in the surgical prosthetic member is approximately 95%. This surgery is a very simple procedure. But despite this, patients should remember that from the experience of the surgeon and hospital choice depends on many things, because these parameters have a primary role. Sterility in the operating room, the presence of the operation of all necessary equipment and equipment, high qualification of the doctor and surgical team factors, avoiding any difficulties that are not excluded during the procedure. These factors directly affect the outcome and the quality of the surgery.