How much is the surgery club member and how

One of the most popular topics nowadays is the question on the possibilities of penis enlargement. In the vastness of the boarding school there are many topics about different ways, but the most effective is surgery for penis enlargement. Unlike any ointments, pills, massages and other operation is guaranteed to increase the visible length of your penis.

However, there is also the danger of complications and disorders of genitourinary system.

About how much is safe what risks is carrying, indications and contraindications, as well as whether you want to do perform the surgery described in this article.

Is there a need for such an operation

surgery to increase the member

Any surgeon tries primarily to find out whether the patient needs surgery. Because the images of pornography and mass culture make a huge number of men groundless complexes.

  • Often such problems can be solved much less dramatically.
  • In addition, every woman has her own ideas about what is normal size and sexual and what is not.

The fair sex would consider as a full partner only men with large penis, often themselves suffering from psychological problems.

Member, larger than the average, sometimes it is not a value, but a lack of real sexual intimacy – be available a posture, movement is necessary to limit, not to injure the partner.

But there are times when size really be an obstacle for the normal life of men, even if real medical reasons not. In such cases, at the request of the patient can also be assigned to a plastic surgery penis enlargement.

Real testimony

Most patients seeking a surgeon with the request that produces the penis enlargement by surgery, are purely psychological difficulties. Seeing this, the surgeon advises the man to watch videos of how real is the operation.

Many patients after this decline. However, there are situations when to do surgery for penis enlargement it is necessary from a medical point of view. Among the similar statements:

  • Genetic deformity of the urethra;
  • Abnormal structure member;
  • Too crooked penis;
  • Too dense cavernous bodies, complicating the erection;
  • Hiding the penis under the fat of the array;
  • Micro-penis or penis hidden inside the body;
  • The membrane between the testicles and the penis.


The problem is exclusively cosmetic surgery. If the doctor and patient thought about it and decided that surgical operation is required, will have to undergo blood tests and urine tests. Doctors examine the blood for infections and viruses, check whether a man's heart to withstand the operation.

A plastic surgeon may consider that the operation is invalid for the following reasons:

  • Minor age;
  • When the member stands, he reaches an average length;
  • Psychologically inadequate patient;
  • Present cancer;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Inflammation of the urinary and sexual apparatus;
  • STDs and HIV;
  • Dermatological defects on the penis;
  • Hematological disease.

After treatment, what would be the method it was made, take some time off from sex. Invalid will be up to six months load, power sports and martial arts contact. You should refrain from visiting the Russian baths and saunas, reduce Smoking and alcohol consumption. The main thing in this period is to be careful not to cause the male member injury.

As the surgeon increases the member

There are several methods by which you can increase manhood. Just before any of them will need to hold a conversation with the urologist and the anesthesiologist. The evening before surgery you will need to clean the bowel using enemas. After that, it is not recommended to eat food and water. How you can increase the member? Usually from two to four inches.

With each technique it is possible to enlarge the penis either in length or in width.


how to increase the member

This is the most popular and simple operation, during which the member increases. In the area of the spine the injection of anesthetic, the patient remains conscious. The intervention is fast, won't take an hour. Using this technique, you can increase the advantage of only in length.

As a result of successful operation the penis will increase on average by three inches. It will happen because it will be cropped a bunch. This ligament is in the norm fixes the inner part of the penis under the skin and fat. When the fixation disappears, manhood is served outside.

The surgery is painless, home after she can be back in a couple of days. In the first few days a man has to use pain medication. For two weeks the male should avoid intimate contacts.

Unfortunately, in the groin area after such surgery remains a small scar. But usually it is not too conspicuous. Price – about 1-1,5 thousand dollars.

Fat grafting

This operation, like fat grafting will help to increase the member in width. To do this, in the subcutaneous space of manhood injected a thick substance of organic or synthetic origin.

To avoid rejection of the body and easily absorbed substance, usually used of fat mass of the patient.

First it is pumped out, diluted with the specific medicines. And then bring in the subcutaneous area of the penis. Fat cells will become part of the penis, if everything will happen without difficulties. The downside is that sooner or later the fat cells will begin to disappear.

  • You will have to repeat surgical intervention may already be in six months.
  • Artificial substances to increase dissolve much slower, but the risk that there are complications in the form of inflammation, much more.
  • As a result, the member becomes wider by one or two centimeters.
  • A man can easily leave the hospital two days later.

During the month after lipofilling need to exclude sex. Cost about 1.5-2.5 thousand dollars.

Internal skin transplantation

It is the most modern technique. It may be hard to find is able to execute a plastic surgeon, and the price tag might seem high.

For such surgical intervention will necessarily require General anesthesia and the whole process takes at least 180 minutes. The skin at the base of the penis trimmed and pulled down like a sock.

In humans, pre-cut small pieces of the skin of the armpits or abdomen. Wrap them around naked corpus cavernosum of manhood, and then put the foreskin back and sutured.

To the diameter of the penis immediately after surgery to add several inches, depending on the patient's wishes and capabilities of the surgeon.

The rehabilitation period is long, takes approximately six weeks. Traumatic surgery, some days is required to maintain bed rest, to leave the hospital valid will be at least a week.

Pain persisted for 15 days minimum. The price will make about 3,5 thousand dollars.

Prosthetic phallus

Such surgery can only be allowed to change gender, or of the actual medical needs (for example, when a man is completely unable to have sexual intercourse, for example, due to injury). Just to plastically increase the member does not get a hold of a prosthetic phallus.


As the material used cartilage or synthetic elastic materials.

  • The operation is very difficult for the expert and traumatic for the patient.
  • It's hard to find a clinic where it is performed.
  • It is unacceptable to perform the operation if the patient is suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Best practice prosthesis with implantable mechanisms that can be inflated.

With the help of this device you can control the erection and satisfy a loved one. But inflatable implants – the most expensive. At an average price of 18 thousand dollars.