Surgery to increase penis

Surgery to increase a member in the last two decades has become particularly popular along with other options for cosmetic procedures. To have an impressive body shape is the dream of any men, but from a medical point of view, no standards of size of the penis does not exist. In addition, the feature of growth and development in any part of the body, including the male "dignity", "runs" heredity. Although the penis enlargement by surgery has long been practiced, people have learned to adjust what saved nature.

Have a great on ‒ the dream of any men, although the norms of the magnitude of the penis does not exist

Methods of correction

surgery to increase the member

Currently, there are many techniques, which propose to increase the penis. They include a complex of special exercises, "miracle-drugs", vacuum devices, extenders, etc., but in reality at best they are useless, at worst – will cause irreparable harm.

Medical methods of correction:

  • Non-surgical. The method is based on the use of the extender for a long time.
  • Surgical. Surgery thickening of a member takes place by adjusting a hidden Department (intersection is part of the ligaments of the penis). While the actual sizes of men's increased "dignity" remain in place, and the length visually is redistributed to the area of the cantilevered part.
  • Combo. Used a combination of two previous methods: first, surgery is performed to increase man's "dignity", then put on the extender.

The only true method by which you can actually add a few treasured inches, is a plastic penis. Of course, the cost of operation to increase the "dignity" of men is high and not available to everyone. Assigns surgery doctor after a detailed examination of the patient, eliminating intractable consequences. Do not think that the penis surgically increase to all who ask, for this there are a number of indications. As a rule, plastic surgery is appointed if you have a micro penis size, which in fact spoils the life of man, both in physiological and in psychological terms.

Reviews of each of these ways penis enlargement is ambiguous, encountered both positive and negative comments. The only thing similar specialists, is the evaluation of the partial efficiency of a large number of "miracle remedies" that you can read on the Internet. As a rule, to men of "dignity" has become more and could stand to make a lot of effort to go through the pain and not very pleasant period of rehabilitation. For obvious reasons men are afraid to undergo surgery and they are trying to avoid it.

The only method by which you can add few inches to the penis is plastic

Indications for surgical intervention

Doctors believe that a small reproductive organ is a problem for men more psychological than functional. 11 to 14 inches "one can live", and even very successfully, manipulation to thickening of the penis is not required. But the man with a micro penis (on a size of 2-3 cm) it is not possible to be sexually active, so he should be looking for ways to increase member. But if the increase in male "dignity" – it's a done deal, just have to find out what the price!

Indications for penis enlargement surgery:

  • Congenital anomalies (epispadias, hypospadias) and mechanical damage.
  • Syndrome micro-penis. The body of such a size that does not allow to perform a sexual act. In the photo it looks in the form of "folds" and is the result of endocrine disorders in the body of a boy during the period of growth and development. In the adult period on this size often causes functional problems, so surgical penis enlargement is inevitable.
  • The age of rebirth. This is due to the gradual structural changes in the tissues of the penis (loss of elasticity, obesity, etc.).

Thus, on the size of "smaller than average" you can not disturb and do not take into account some aesthetic flaws. How necessary is plastic, the doctor will decide based on many parameters, and if the penis is functioning normally and is able to reproduce, the direct indications for surgical intervention do not exist.

The technique of the

How you can increase penis with surgery? If you study the opinions of doctors, we can establish the average amount that could in reality increase the penis: 3-5 cm

In addition, every clinic gives to the man who decided on surgery for the lengthening of the penis, the ability of the procedure to watch a video that captures the progress of the operation. Cosmetic procedure is not aesthetically pleasing, and the recovery period is quite painful, so often this video helps men to really evaluate your decision.

Plastic is performed in two directions:

  • The penis increase in volume.
  • Lengthening of the penis.

How necessary is plastic, the doctor will decide based on many parameters

How necessary is plastic, the doctor will decide based on many parameters. It is especially necessary to emphasize that such intimate plastic surgery for thickening of a member are only performed by highly qualified specialists in well-equipped clinics.

The cost of operating male "dignity" is influenced by several factors, particularly region of residence (the capital cost is much higher than in the periphery), equipping clinics, and so on.


Before you can assign the "day x", the doctor wants to talk to the man, show photos of the results are already made of plastics, will familiarize the patient with the possible risks and consequences.


Increases the penis under General anesthesia, all procedures are carried out for 30-60 minutes. The bottom line: the tearing of the suspensory ligament of the penis that anatomically holds the penis inside the body of a man. It is due to internal "hidden bit" and manages to make the elongation of the penis.

After dick surgically enlarged, there is a period of rehabilitation. It lasts relatively long, it may take 2-3 weeks, and the seam becomes almost invisible, this rapid recovery is due to good blood supply of the inguinal region. About the second day the patient is discharged with recommendations for wearing the extender and a list of appearances for the dressing. The operation usually tolerated by man, despite the impressive photo, which shows the "terrible cuts", strong postoperative no discomfort, erectile dysfunction and fertility not observed. All vessels, muscles, and ligaments, which are responsible for erections are not affected.

How long after surgery with the use of extenders can increase penis? As a rule, to increase of a member by using the above mentioned techniques one can average 3-5 cm, the maximum result depends on the anatomical features and physiological parameters. After surgery it is important to follow all doctor's orders, and did not happen anything that could affect its functioning. A few weeks later you can be proud of the upgraded member.

Installation of the prosthesis

If men, in addition to modest sizes, there is a problem with potency, the output of one prosthesis or the implantation of artificial prosthesis. Do not be afraid, it is better to learn about the way to increase everything. If the operation to see the results in the photo, you can see: looks like a real penis, and no woman will suspect a trick. This is a fairly serious surgical procedure in which the penis is literally "dismantled for parts", because the recovery period will be long. The cost of the operation affects the quality of implant, the qualification of the surgeon. The average price for the implant is from 2 thousand to 12 thousand dollars, plus the cost of the operation ‒ 3000 - 4000 thousand dollars.

Experts believe that the increase of the penis is a pretty risky move resorted in the most extreme cases.

Experts believe that the increase of the penis is a pretty risky move resorted in the most extreme cases

Operations that allow you to give the penis the desired thickness, are called:

  • Fat grafting. In this embodiment, the volume of the penis attach due to pumping own fat cells of the patient, but the result is usually short-lived, and to "recover" the member can only 1 cm for injection of synthetic components, a high probability of complications. How much an operation costs, you need to know in a medical facility, where it is planned to carry out fat grafting, the average price ranges from $ 1,200 and above. The result, every client of the clinic will be able to compare using photos.
  • Microsurgical muscle transplantation. The increase of the penis is due to its "wrap" in your own muscle tissue taken from the abdominal wall. How many centimetres can be added using this method? Maximum performance – 3-4 cm, but such interference to increase the penis is the most expensive and complex. The patient had to be under anesthesia for 3 hours, and the rehabilitation period lasts up to 5 weeks.

How much will it cost surgery

The price of such interference is high enough, on average 2500-4000. E.

Table. Compare prices on procedures for penis enlargement




200-1200 thousand dollars


15-20 thousand dollars

Fat grafting

1200-2200 thousand dollars

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

2500-4000. E.

Thus, the increase in male "dignity" the book is not so rare.

However, the representatives of the stronger sex, before you decide on this kind of plastic, it is important to calculate Finance (the price is quite high even for well-endowed man), to assess physical and psychological strength.

penis enlargement.

In addition to pain, anesthesia and a long recovery period will have approximately a couple of months you forget completely about sex. Even the experts believe that the increase of the penis is a pretty risky step to perfection, which is better to use in the most extreme cases. Sometimes the cost of failure is very high.