Folk remedies for penis enlargement

Many men know that to increase their dignity not only surgical technique, but how exactly to do it do not realize. In our article we will tell you about folk remedies for penis enlargement and potency that will help you achieve the desired result. Some of them are quite exotic, for other materials you can find at any home. Also there are recommendations, compliance with which will speed up the process, such as getting rid of harmful habits and proper nutrition.

folk remedies for penis enlargement

The size of the penis in men depend on many factors: nationality, age, rate of metabolic processes. Affect some of them is impossible, but there are those that are influenced, as the level of testosterone or lifestyle. They significantly affect the quality of intimate relationships and the potency, so at the same time with a larger penis you have all chances to prevent urogenital diseases and strengthen erections. Most of the methods are not recognized by medicine, so there is no accurate data about their work. We will indicate those used most often have positive reviews.

Variety of techniques

It is impossible to say with certainty that a certain technique will be able to increase the advantage of the stronger sex. For each organism one or the other method will work differently, why, you may need to try several remedies. Traditional methods of penis enlargement used in the home, in most cases they are safe and have no contraindications. A natural way, without the use of surgical intervention, it is possible to increase its size using:

  • Herbs and plants used to prepare cream or broth
  • Simple exercises and massage
  • Improvised means (soda, "asterisk", etc.)

Where to start depends on you, think you're ready to decide first. There is even a psychological method, based on the fact that positive thinking helps the production of hormones that slowly increase the genitals. If you can afford it, you can purchase special devices, capable to increase a member, but their use can be dangerous.

If you decide to enlargement your penis, be prepared for a long and tedious procedures. However, the result will be the increase of self-confidence, lack of discomfort in dealing with the opposite sex or being in a public shower, bath.

With the increase in penis size you can do not notice that began to behave more confident, easier to deal with Affairs, because instead of the doldrums are in high spirits. In order not to reduce their efforts to zero, it is necessary to quit Smoking and drinking alcohol, lead an active lifestyle, take as little as possible drugs that stimulate the potency, not to use dietary Supplements that promise rapid growth of the penis. The last in the best case will not bring any result, and at worst can significantly impair health.

Medicinal plants

Almost none of the grass is not able to increase the penis for an extended period of time, i.e. will not give permanent result. However, the positive sides of the use of medicinal plants is that increase of a member this popular method is able to improve blood circulation in the pelvis, to increase the production of sex hormones, positively affect the potency. The use of herbal medicine has been proven more than once, so to doubt it is not worth it. In addition, the ingredients for tools can be found at any pharmacy and the cost will surprise you.

Among the disadvantages of using herbs can be called a long wait for the results to several months. Even the use of to increase potency requires less time. Also works best herbal medicine for those engaged in physical activity, balanced feeds. Otherwise, they will only solve the body problem: dilute thick blood, give the internal organs the nutrients for better work, etc. To increase their dignity, the stronger sex can use:

  1. Thyme
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginseng
  4. Ginkgo biloba
  5. Peruvian Maca
  6. Hawthorn
  7. Wormwood

Let's examine these plants closely. Thyme (or thyme) from ancient times used to treat colds, digestive disorders, skin pathologies. He has a rich chemical composition, from which us important amino acids, microelements and vitamins. Thanks to them, the thyme has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anthelmintic, tonic properties. As for men's health, he is capable of:

  • To deal with stress (often the cause of impotence)
  • To normalize blood pressure (too high does not allow the member to achieve the necessary "condition", too low causes weakness and decreases libido)
  • Increases the synthesis of testosterone (it is responsible for erection, increase penis, increase stamina in bed)
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Favorably affect the reproductive system

Wild thyme cooking broth, which must be taken within 4 months. To do this, prepare 100 g of dry grass, pour her a glass of boiling water and allow to steep for one hour. After that, strain and drink 2 times morning and evening. If you missed some technique, will have to start treatment again.

how to increase the member

Garlic is a natural aphrodisiac that increases libido and potency. It significantly increases blood circulation, so that the member grows in size. It usually prepared tincture, which must be taken 3 months. Take 1 kg of peeled raw and fill the three-liter jar and pour boiling water to the top. Within a month will keep it in a dark place, shaking occasionally. To drink 25 drops of either just that, or dilute in a glass of milk.

Ginseng, or rather its root, is famous for its properties to soothe and dilate the blood vessels, which helps to conduct a full sexual intercourse. At the expense of increase of a member it is impossible to say for sure, but erectile function is definitely improved. To prepare the tincture of ginseng, do the following:

  1. Mix 20 g of crushed root to 200 ml of vodka
  2. Let them steep for 2 weeks, tightly closed
  3. Take 20 drops twice a day half an hour before meals

Ginkgo biloba improves the condition of the vascular walls, prevents blood clots, relieves fatigue, increases the sensitivity of the penis. But the main advantage is that the plant contributes to the stretching of the tissue, whereby the penis can increase. From plants typically do not prepare decoctions or infusions, and the purchase in the form of tea or capsules at the pharmacy.

Handy tools

Enlargement of the penis folk remedies involves the use not only of herbs. The house you can find few items that can also be used in order to increase the size of dignity. One of the most popular are soda and vaseline.

Soda. This white powder is also used in cooking and cleaning, and cleaning. Penis enlargement with soda is also quite real, while not harmful to health and has a high cost. Applications there are several. For example, a man may do the following:

  • Thoroughly wash and steam your body in hot water
  • Towel to on the genitals remained moisture
  • Apply to a member of the first vegetable oil and then sprinkle with baking soda
  • After a couple of minutes gently remove with a sponge

If this procedure causes some discomfort, after it you can lubricate the penis emollient cream. In its course you can not just leave the baking soda on the skin surface, but accurate massage – hands or sponge. There is another method: in a glass of warm water mix one teaspoon of raw, and then departing in a container, which can put a sexual organ. Keep it in such a bath for about 15 minutes, after which you can proceed to the intimate contact. Even if dignity is not going to increase in size, many men note that the increased elasticity of the body.

Similar action has "Star", but for many it may be too powerful and burn mucous. If you don't want to put yourself in danger, you can dissolve the baking soda in water, applied to the member and wait until the solution dries. After that you can start applying the balm.

Another use for baking soda is to mix it with honey. The end result is a homemade scrub, which is uniformly distributed over all the surface of the skin and massaged massaged. Make the effects possible, to use inside the milk with soda.

Vaseline. With the help of this substance injected under the skin, it is distributed in a confined space and the member receives more than presentable. For the procedure you need to hold on at the base, to absorb the syringe with vaseline, gently injected under the skin and distribute it on all length. The method requires great care and is better to be conducted by a person with medical education.

If the mass is distributed incorrectly, it can lead to serious injuries. Doctors do not approve of such a penis enlargement because:

  1. The risk of getting under the skin of foreign bodies that can cause the formation of tumors
  2. Without the proper level of disinfection in the blood can get a virus or infection
  3. Vaseline can cause a severe allergic reaction if used in too large quantities

Use this not too often, because sooner or later it will lead to inflammatory processes that require costly treatment.

A special massage

Penis growth in traditional methods provides such method as the massage. Through correct conduct, you have the chance to see the growth of a few centimeters. The procedure is divided into 2 parts: training and the massage. In the first part you want to warm up the tissue, to improve blood flow. To do this, a penis covered with a cloth of natural materials, soaked in hot water for a few minutes.

The second part includes several exercises. Before them, for convenience, for the member to apply a few drops of oil (olive, almond, rosemary). The technique of the similar to Masturbation. You want to wrap it around the body in a ring of thumb and index finger for three minutes to do "milking" - massaging up and down.

exercises for penis enlargement

The next task is to try to gently stretch the member ahead, but at this time he should not be in a state of strong erection. To increase the thickness of the head on the ring fingers of either hand and start to make another circular motion. Hands lead from the base after each call in a couple of twists shifting 2 cm At the end of the massage, wash off the oil and wear loose clothes, within an hour try not to go out in the cold. Procedure pay for 5-7 minutes daily.

Can be a useful exercise for the pubic-coccygeal muscles. She is responsible for how persistent erection and how long a man can support her. What train it can in any convenient time, even sitting at work to strain the muscle, shortening for a few seconds and then relaxing. You need to do 8 approaches, and then a short break and repeat 3 more times. Simply will strain the bottom of the pelvis for 2-3 seconds, with the time required to go to 10.

Other methods of increasing

Among the methods to increase a member in the national recommendations and there are many others not listed. For example, there is a separate kind of impact – acupuncture. You want to find on the body of biologically active points which are responsible for reproductive system and gently influence them. However, it is not known whether this technique works.

Contrast baths improve blood circulation and also make the member more, though briefly. They need a minute to take in hot water, then cold, at least 5 transitions. In a similar way to work compresses. In cheesecloth, folded in several layers, stack and ice applied to the base of the skull, in the region of the heart and around the scrotum. In each area, holding not more than 2 minutes, just continue the procedure for 15.

To increase the size advantages, eating watermelons. They contain the amino acid, which, decaying in the body, is converted to arginine, a substance that expands blood vessels and gives the penis a few millimeters in length.

To help solve the problem of small advantages can breathing exercises. The man is required to do 50 deep belly breaths, and then take a dick in the right hand and 81 times to do the circular motion at the pubis, in a clockwise direction. After that, the penis is massaged on the entire surface, but don't bring to erection. Breathing all this time, still deep.