How to increase penis

Many believe that the huge male dominance is the key to achieving success in the sexual sphere, what is the guarantee of enjoyment of the female partner. They are convinced that a huge penis is the key to a furore among women that the latter choose a companion in size. And forget that much nicer for the fairer sex the conviction of a man in himself, his strength and at the same time tenderness to beloved. If the size of the penis affect male self-esteem is allowed to fix it.


penis enlargement.

For lengthening and increasing penis use to the extender. There are a lot of at the current time, but the thesis of the work they have one. All extenders give long-term result, and even help to align the penis. Use the extender for 2-3 hours a day for several months. It exerts a tensile action on the cells of the penis. In the result, the lasting impact from outside the body forms new cells at the point of application of the extender. From the fact that the cell has the bulk structure, its growth is in length and in width. With regular usage and perseverance of the owner of the extender for the penis is allowed to increase penis size a few inches. But the achieved result when use remains positive forever.

Remember that Pharma industry currently produces all kinds of pills, biologically energetic additives (BAA), which when used you can achieve your goal without resorting to physical pressure on the penis. The effect of all of these substances leads to increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which in result stimulates its growth, increases the duration of erection, provides better control over ejaculation. Especially supplements available contain mostly vitamins E and B3, hawthorn, extract of ginseng root, dodder seed, grass gorjanki extract, and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, fruit of Cayenne pepper and other stimulating substances. The recommended time is BAD 4 months and more. Side effects caused only by the personal intolerance of the drug. Similar results own and different creams and gels for penis enlargement.

The ineffectiveness of the medications listed above or if you wish to obtain the maximum result in regarding short period of time resort to surgical solution to the problem. Surgery to increase male sexual organ is performed in hospital, usually under local anesthesia. The use of implants is not required. And the postoperative scar is not more than 3 cm.

In the course of the intervention are not affected relevant organs, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. As a result of the operation is allowed to increase penis length to 4 inches. Thickening of the penis by surgery is achieved by transplantation of adipose tissue under the skin of the penis. While commonly introduced 200 ml of adipose tissue. In the end, achieve a uniform thickening of the penis.

How to increase male power

In the life of every man there may be periods of collapse, during which the work did not catch on in individual life too. All tasks are solved, and to restore virility to be tolerated in the shortest possible time. But still desirable to start treatment later doctor visit, tea is not invariably the problem lies in the trivial things.


Most importantly – protect yourself from stress. Take a sedative, a suitable common motherwort in drops or tablets and Valerian root. Restore typical full sleep at least 7 hours a day. Occasionally the potency is reduced due to the strong fatigue, which introduces all the vital processes in sleep mode, as if protecting him from even large loads.

Pay attention to your diet. Even with the support of the ordinary products is allowed to bring back virility . Eat as often allowed: pumpkin seeds, shrimp, fish, caviar, meat, eggs, pineapples and dairy products. If you eat a few hours before sex, 100 g of boiled shrimp, the potency will increase and you will need to stimulate additional funds.

Take vitamins with high contents of zinc, it improves not only virility , but also the General condition of the body. I can accept all sorts of erectile dysfunction drugs, but be careful, though they give the desired result, but at the same time a bad effect on the heart. Less harmful are considered tinctures from the antlers of deer, can consume their courses, even if nothing excites you – it will prolong the years of sexually energetic life.

Strive to lead a regular sex life. With regular sex, the body produces huge male sex hormones which stimulate the erection. Not be amiss and prostate massage, that is performed through the anus.

If all else fails, contact the clinic. Reduced potency may indicate a hormonal failure. Later blood on hormones, you will be assigned the appropriate treatment, often hormonal products containing testosterone. Treatment effective and positive result occurs very rapidly. Occasionally the decline of male power appears on the background of prostatitis or adenoma, if you have time to take care of your health, your sexual activity will be saved.

How to increase penis at home

how to increase the member

In the intimate stores with a large selection of different nozzles and devices for penis enlargement. In order to eliminate the risk of incorrect use of the product, includes instructions. There are several ways to penis enlargement at home.

1. The vacuum pump is considered a standard method of increasing at which the member is placed in the cylinder, the one that must be connected to the pump. Educated vacuum causes blood flow to the male genitalia. Later this organ clamped with the aid of the ring, in order to avoid a reverse outflow. Not recommended to use the ring longer than 20 minutes, from the fact that there is a great risk of formation of tissue necrosis.

Without consulting with an expert like the procedure is not carried out, from the fact that it has a number of different effects: the lack of an erection, the formation of abscesses and hematomas, formation of irregularities in the functionality of blood vessels.

2. Exercise – especially common is "jelcing". This procedure consists in traction of the head of the penis is in unexcited state. The duration of its implementation is 40-60 minutes.

3. Wearing weights is a special device attached to the sex organ and are worn for 6-8 hours.

4. Reception of medicines and application creams. At the heart of these tools often each are the herbal equivalents of Viagra. Many people using this method, complain about the inaction of similar funds.

Most men consider their penis as small, often every wrong, from the fact that the average penis size in the excitation of 10-15 cm is considered to be Beyond doubt, there are males whose size exceeds 20 cm, but this does not mean that everyone should be the same. Consequently everyone is often a desire to increase the penis many men are absolutely unjustified.

How to increase penis size surgically

Unlike many ways to increase penis size at home surgery relates to more effective methods. But during the operation there is a risk of becoming impotence. There are two main methods of surgical intervention:

1. Lengthening the penis is the male member attached to the body supporting ligaments. They are fully interconnected with the sexual organ, during the stretching part of the penis hidden inside the body. In the course of operation, the ligaments cut, and the tension disappears, due to what the hidden part of the member is from the outside. From the fact that all tissues in the body are fused, in order to avoid re-tension the man was prescribed a heavy wearing devices for six months.

2. Thickening of a member of the primary ways of conducting similar operations have been transplanting fat from other parts of the human body. But, unfortunately, the results of a similar procedure was negative. The graft tissue is accumulated in one place and the member was covered by the hill. At the current time when performing the surgery, the man set the transplant, the one that is made of special fabric.

In some medical institutions, in order that the member became firm under the skin of the penis injected silicone gel. The gel has quality accumulated in the same place (usually the glans penis) and the appearance of the penis worsens.

Before you decide on surgery in order to increase the size of your penis, you need to evaluate all the risks of surgery. From the fact that there is a huge risk of the formation of different side results, which is headed impotence.

And once again I want to remind you about unfounded in most cases dreams to increase penis size.

At what age ceases to grow penis?

methods of penis enlargement

The average growth male penis lasts approximately until reaching seventeen years of age. In seventeen years, the penis grows to its greatest size, and indicators of its length then over time very slowly and gradually decrease. On reaching the age of eighteen the penis expands (i.e. its diameter increases), and the length is reduced approximately by half an inch.Other sources inform that the growth of the penis ends at the end of puberty, that is, to twenty or twenty-two years.Foreword stage of puberty every person individually, for someone it starts first (approximately nine years), someone later – fifteen years, the average value of the start of sexual of the formation ranges from twelve to thirteen years. The size of a member prior to puberty, change is absolutely not much.During the beginning of maturation there are such signs, as growth of hair on facial areas in the groin and armpits; just increasing the size of the penis in all directions: both in length and in width; the foreskin reaches its perfect formation; the skin of the penis and the scrotum becomes rough, and the testicles also slowly but correctly increases in size. Fourteen years the boys begins to take shape the male figure, this period ends only twenty-two years old. At sixteen, boys begin to haunt the wet dreams, a night ejaculation. Sexual development is a period, the previous stage's ability to replicate.

Is it possible to affect the growth of the penis?

Sometimes guys don't remain unhappy that were awarded by nature. They are looking for different methods to penis enlargement. There are special extenders – so to speak rods, which are hung on the penis and promote its elongation. Men quite often leave positive feedback about this simulator. Through independent stretching is also allowed to increase the penis. The growth of this male organ also affected by this hormone, such as testosterone. Smoking negatively affects the size of the penis, also the abuse of Smoking in men impaired potency, in fact, independently of how many cigarettes a day he smokes.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises in order to increase the size of the penis, the man can conduct independently at home. Consequently it is one of the most comfortable and effective methods. They consist in stretching the penis in erect state. To do this with your fingers in a tight ring squeezed the base of the penis and produces rapid, intense movement forward. That exercise was effective and harmless, you need to follow a few rules:

  • member and hands must be clean;
  • use warm grease and creams;
  • preliminary preparation in the form of massage;
  • regular execution.

In the process of "extrusions" you need to change the direction of pulling the member up, down and sideways.

Medicines and ointments

If for some the previous methods to increase the member is not suitable, it is permitted to resort to the very simple – medication. But there are some "for" and "contrary". Creams and gels that promise penile enlargement, have only a temporary effect and operate on the thesis of a rush of blood to the tissues. This method may be appropriate before the start of sexual intercourse, but 2 hours later the effect of the ointment will be held and the penis will go back to my ordinary rate.

Some men accept hormonal preparations which during a long regular use, help to become Hyper-sexual by the owner of a large penis. But the use of hormones may be dangerous to health.

All of these methods to varying degrees effectively and help a man to feel special, sexy and self-sufficient. Consequently, if there is a problem with the size of the penis is allowed to try to solve them with a little effort and diligence.