How to increase penis size

How to increase penis? This question bothers many men, the dimensions of the manhood which is far from perfect. Remember that to really increase the member a few inches for life will help you only surgical intervention, but at home you can make more by spending a few minutes special exercises and other techniques.

How increase penis: vacuum technique

how to increase the member

How to grow a dick? There is a special vacuum technique by which you can cause the blood flow to the genitals and to increase it for a while.

In order to do this, you will have to buy a special vacuum pump (it can be manual or electric). With this method, the reproductive organ visited the cell where there is negative pressure. Growth in this case is up to three inches in one year, but the duration of this effect are not available.

How to increase the member: medication techniques

Many men wonder how to lengthen the member with pills and ointments? This method of increase can be called a drug, it should be borne in mind that the house using a miracle pill you will not be able to dramatically grow his manhood for life, but there is a slight increase due to the inflow of blood and increase the concentration of hormones in the body you can count on.

Now available is a variety of ointments that should be applied to the member to increase it. This method is effective when combined with massage technique. Please note that before applying any ointment recommended to carefully read the composition in order to eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions.

It should be noted that the ointment and suspension can be both short-and long-acting. In the first case, you can count on a short-term effect (penis slightly increase in size for two hours). Usually, this is sufficient for sexual intercourse, so the man can avoid discomfort and embarrassment, especially if he has a new partner.

The second group of medicines is designed for prolonged effect, in this case, you need to use them every day, and little effect can be noticed after a couple of weeks.

There are also drugs in the form of tablets, which include hormones. However, to take such medication only after doctor's prescription as they can provoke many side effects. You can also try and safe supplements, which include herbal ingredients. In most cases they do not have contraindications and side effects.

Special exercises

Enlarge penis in size by using special exercises that are regular and proper massage. Even with the lack of time, giving the exercises a few minutes a day you can achieve a result.

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The first step is to use lubricant due to which workout would be more effective. Then bring the sexual organ in erection. Your task is to gently stretch the barrel member to increase the grip at the base of the penis. At the same time try to keep blood circulation in this place. Please note: do grips need a way to not feel discomfort. The key to success when performing such exercises is sufficient lubricant and energetic capture. After a workout you should gently massage your penis for several minutes. Such procedures warm nature will improve the circulation process.

The penis enlargement at home

penis enlargement.

There are many popular methods of penis enlargement that apply at home. Are these methods? It is hard to say, but can be used in conjunction with other, more effective approaches. That's the safest and useful penis enlargement methods at home:

  1. The stretching member. Before performing this manipulation, it is recommended to put on penis lubricant with a warming effect. Then gently but thoroughly start to move the skin of the penis facing away from you. As a result of regular exercise during the month can sometimes help increase the penis size in centimeters.
  2. The use of dietary supplements is another popular method of penis enlargement. The composition of these additives include natural herbs, so they are completely safe to use. You can buy tablets with the extract of herbs, Cayenne pepper and other auxiliary components, which enhance blood circulation in the penis and increase its volume.
  3. Herbal is a simple and popular method. Some recommend regularly rubbed into the sexual organ or infusion of hawthorn hibiscus, to make compresses of infusions of these herbs. The effectiveness of this technique is questionable, however, contraindications for herbal medicine is not available, with the exception of possible allergic reactions.

There are dangerous home methods, which is not recommended. We are talking about the different loads that are hung to the sex organ. In the inept application of these weights you can injure the genitals, leading to erectile dysfunction and inflammatory processes.

Increase penis size through surgical intervention

If the above methods do not help, a specialist can offer to increase sexual organ by surgery. In this case, the surgeon increases the sexual organ by adjusting the crotch Department. Is sometimes used combination method of operation the first step is the intersection of some of the ligaments of the penis, then the groin is worn a special extender which should be worn regularly to consolidate the effect.

Do not think that the operation will hold to anyone who so desires. There are certain indications for surgery, among which are the congenital deformation of the penis. Besides plastic surgery for increasing penis is an expensive procedure that is not available to everyone.

Plastic is a rather painful method of correction, which is performed under anesthesia. The operation has a long and not too pleasant rehabilitation for several months will have to abstain from sex. That is why before you decide on such a radical method, it is recommended to try out the more affordable ways.

Thus, to increase the member in the home is quite real, it is not necessary to resort to surgery, just need to combine several safe and healthy ways and not to forget regular exercise.