Really if you can increase the member?

Many people consider penis enlargement a myth. This is because official medicine does not always recognize and tools. An additional reason for doubt may be, and the rarity of such practices, especially in countries of the former USSR.

Let's understand this completely, true or not, and what methods exist.

penis enlargement.

So is it possible to increase penis size?

To us in edition site very often, messages come with questions, one way or another related to the increase in penis size. The main question of course is: "is it possible at all to enlarge the penis?".

Ask also about which methods are the most effective, which can be side effects and so on. We spend a lot of consultations about the choice of the method increases, as it is the first and important step.

Answering the main question, you can say "Yes".

To increase penis size is quite possible, both in length and in thickness. As for productivity and speed increase, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the selection of the methods to increase.

It happens, that different men with the same tools help in different ways. It is also worth remembering that any changes to your body should be approached with the utmost responsibility and seriousness. Plus, whatever method of increase is not used, you have to have patience, because to achieve a visible result, it will take time and perseverance.

Basic methods

Creams, gels, ointments

Designed for application directly on the penis. Most are composed of hormonal connections, and means for increasing elasticity of the skin. Regarding the progress of gels and creams for penis enlargement is controversial, but most reviews about them are positive.

There are 3 groups of such drugs: short-term action, long action and accessories. The latter is necessary to enhance the action of other methods, such as the use of extenders or jelqing.


One of the most common methods of penis enlargement, which is known for many centuries. The ancient Arabs taught their sons the jelqing from the age of six. Now this method is used around the world. Its essence lies in the creation of microfractures of tissues and their subsequent sanitatem and increase an additional layer of cells.

exercises for a member

This is all done with a simple massage. jelqing is good because it can be used at home without a large investment of time and some special knowledge. Besides, it's still free.


Exercises of a member influence the production of body testosterone, which in turn affects the genitals. Mostly, of course, it will help to improve the potency, but it is all.

In addition, the penis with good potency seems much more. Known exercise to improve the potency of the method is the Kegel, which is based on training the pubic-coccygeal muscles.


There is an extraordinary number of massage techniques to enlarge the penis and they are mostly based on stretching and compression of the penis, and forced retention of blood in the cavernous bodies to increase the width.

Most massages do not have such prevalence as jelqing, because the source of these massages have not been any authoritative sources, but numerous reviews attest to their effectiveness.


This is especially devices that are worn on the penis and hold it for a long time and lock it into position. The penis enlargement extender is due to the adaptation of an organism and to increase the protective layer of cells in place of external influence.

On the market now there are many types of extenders, and they can vary properties such as shape, type of exposure and the duration of wear. It is important to observe the rules of operation of each device, and then the visible result can be achieved after a few months of use.


This cylinder, which creates a vacuum inside itself, and is worn on the penis. At this time, there is a great flow of blood, which should increase the capacity of the cavernous bodies. Thus, the growth occurs in length and in thickness.

a penis pump

To abuse the use of the pump, not worth it, otherwise can cause bruising and other complications. The pressure in the pumps is controlled by a special meter. Pump instantly give short-term results, but long-term gains you need to use the pump several months.

Tips on penis

Frankly, it can only be described as a remedy for penis enlargement. Actually, it's just the overlay member. The nozzle used during sexual intercourse in order to deliver pleasure to the partner.

Unfortunately, a thick layer of silicone completely blocks the pleasant feelings for men, so such tips are not very popular. But they work as contraceptives, that is not passed through semen.

Traditional methods

Nowadays rarely use such methods, but mention them still stands. Folk remedies mostly based on the use of herbs. The use of decoctions of different herbs before, it was quite common due to the lack of adequate medicine.

Now the medicine does not prove the effectiveness of herbs in increasing penis. However, the use of tools such as infusion of herbs thyme, garlic tincture, a decoction of lungwort and other traditional medicine clearly does not hurt the male body.

Nothing helps to increase the member? Pay attention to penis enlargement traditional methods. With their help, you will learn how to make penis larger:

  • without ointments;
  • without surgery;
  • nothing.

And in order to consolidate the results — pick herbs for lengthening of a member.

Special meals

First of all, the size of the penis is positively influenced by the consumption of foods rich in b vitamins: vegetables and fruits, nuts, ginger, asparagus, greens, and foods with plenty of protein: cottage cheese, and the least fatty meats.

Unfortunately, in reality, the use of these products can affect the size of the penis of the penis only if the diet is started before the end of the period the formation of the body, that is at least 13-14 years and 25-27. In later years, eating the "right" products will be influenced primarily on sexual function and will help to improve erections and increase libido.

surgery to increase the member


Even the most ardent critics recognize that special operations can help to increase the penis. Today it is the most logical and well known way of penis enlargement in length or thickness, although the results of such surgical interventions is hardly impressive – the average size that the doctors will be able to add the penis is 2.5 inches.

Besides surgery to increase still belong to the experimental, so at ease, there are serious risks of complications. Artificial penis can be not the most aesthetic kind, if the surgeon was not very experienced or not very neat. In addition, such operations are only paid and are not cheap.

Some of these methods, if used improperly, can harm your penis. You need to carefully study all the information on their use, so as not to harm your health.

Always keep in mind that the penis is a very delicate and sensitive organ. Any interference in its natural state should be well thought through and strictly according to the instructions. Be sure to understand that miracles do not happen and the penis enlargement is achieved only through work and patience or operation.