Features of surgery for penis enlargement

The size of the penis of a man depends on many factors, the main of which is heredity. Setting standards varies from 12 to 18 cm, But not all men are satisfied with what was provided to them by nature. In this case you use any of the available methods to change the volume of the genitals.

Surgery penis enlargement – the most common and effective way to change the situation. Before its implementation, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and possible complications.


the cost of penis enlargement

For surgery to increase the member desires men is not enough. Need to pass inspection at the urologist or andrologist, in the framework of which a verdict about the size and shape of the penis.

The anomaly related to insufficient length of the body, called micro-penis. It is the result of a lack of pituitary hormones. When estimating parameters of the penis is taken into account its size in erect state.

Other indications include:

  • congenital abnormalities of the structure of the penis;
  • dysfunction occurred on the background of particular fibrotic;
  • injury body;
  • the length of the penis in erection is less than 12 cm;
  • the impossibility of sex;
  • Peyronie's disease or a pathological curvature of the penis.

Elongation body

Increasing the length of the body made during surgery. Before surgery is necessary to carry out examination by a male doctor. It is necessary to exclude contraindications and weighing risks.

Installation of the prosthesis

The outcome of surgery to increase the penis by prosthesis depends on what type of implant was used. Penis enlargement this way is difficult.

Rigid prostheses used in rare cases. This files most often inserted inflatable or plastic implants. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. The prosthesis is inserted through an incision in the region of the spongy bodies.

This type of surgery is performed only on medical indications, when the underdevelopment of the penis is accompanied by sexual dysfunction. How expensive is the operation aimed at penis enlargement, depends on the material used, the complexity of the disease and other factors. Installation of the prosthesis is not available to everyone.


Surgery begins with the administration of the anesthetic. When the operation is performed under General anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The next step intersects and is suspended by the ligament of the penis, which holds the body, while being in the depths of the pelvis.

The desired effect is not achieved immediately, but after some time. It is contributed sessions, involving the use of the extender during the rehabilitation period.


Procedure to increase penis enjoys no less demand. Sometimes it is combined with a plastic operation on the lengthening of the body. The surgical method is selected based on the desired result. Some treatments give short-term effect, others change the size of the body dramatically.


The operation begins with immersing the patient under General anesthesia. Originally the fence biological material from the area where it most. Next, the process of purification of the material obtained. The next step it is introduced into the organ using a special needle.

The main advantage of the procedure consider using the native biomaterial. The use of artificial implants can provoke an allergic reaction to foreign materials.

The introduction of gel or silicone implants

penis enlargement.

The procedure involves the injection under the skin filler of polymer materials, you'll be a temporary effect. The operation is repeated with the periodicity – every six months. This method of surgical intervention is more simple to implement compared to other techniques.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid has gained its popularity not only in cosmetics but also in plastic surgery. The procedure is fast and hassle-free. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the sexual organ by injection. On average, the effect lasts throughout the year.

Muscle transplantation

Muscle transplantation is included in the list of microsurgical operations. The size of the penis changes due to the transplantation of a flap taken from the abdominal wall. The sexual organ is increased by 4 cm in size. The operation is performed under General anesthesia.

The preparation stage

Before surgery you want to go through the preparatory procedures. They help to avoid side reactions and to choose the most appropriate method of intervention.

The preparation phase includes the completion of the following diagnostic procedures:

  • ultrasonography with the device;
  • General clinical analysis of blood;
  • research on sexual infections;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • ECG;
  • examination by specialists of a narrow profile.

Further research is conducted, precluding the possibility of allergic reactions to anaesthetics and materials that make under the skin. They will help to avoid unforeseen complications during surgery.

2 days before the scheduled date, a man should restrict fluid intake. It is also recommended to avoid Smoking and intake of alcoholic beverages.

The postoperative period

After surgery, the patient is in the hospital for days. The task of the doctor is to explain how to use the extender, contributing to the increase in member settings. The device is worn for 2 hours a day. In the future, the wearing time is increased.

Usually full recovery of the body takes up to 3 weeks. It is also necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the genital organs. Important to stop wearing tight underwear. The pressure of the penis contributes to the divergence of seams.

Since the installation of the prosthesis is difficult to conduct, the postoperative period is longer. For 2 days after surgery the patient complies with bed rest. Then permitted a short walk, independent of movement in the hospital.

After 10 days of physical activity increases. The total duration of the rehabilitation period is 1 month.

Possible complications

Any kind of surgery involves certain risks. The operation can entail the development of complications.

These include the following:

  • scarring;
  • tissue necrosis;
  • bleeding in the area of sutures;
  • thrombosis;
  • violation of erectile function;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • nervous disorders due to experiences;
  • getting an infection in the wound;
  • decrease sensitivity of the penis.

The correct operation ensures the absence of scars on the penis. Erectile function in this case is not inhibited. Difficulties arise in the case if the operation was carried out poorly.

How much is the surgery

How much is surgery for penis enhancement can be found in selected medical facility. Pricing policy depends on the prestige of the clinic and the qualifications of the surgeons. Equally important is the kind of surgery.

surgery for penis enlargement

Should focus on the following data:

  1. The cost of surgery for penis enlargement, by the installation of the prosthesis varies from 3000 to 4000 thousand dollars.
  2. The price of the operation is 200 – 1100 dollars.
  3. When using implants, the final cost depends on the material. The operation can be carried out at the cost of 700 to 4,000 dollars.
  4. Holding the muscle transplant will cost 2500-4000 thousand dollars.

The operation is performed not only in private clinics but also in government hospitals.