Increase penis soda

Dissatisfaction with the size of their own member of one of the most common problems faced by men. Despite the fact that this problem is literally sucked from the finger, many men are still looking for the answer to the question, how can we increase their dignity. Penis enlargement baking soda is one of the safest and effective methods available even at home.

Activity of the product

the penis enlargement baking soda

What is baking soda? It is a white powder with a specific, but not very pronounced odor, it is widely used in the food industry. In addition, is known for its bleaching properties, it can help you to resolve even the most difficult stains, including rust, limescale, and more.

She has a well-pronounced effect of divorce blood. This means that using ordinary baking soda, you can significantly improve blood circulation, as the blood becomes more fluid.

Given the fact that the quality of blood flow is the primary factor affecting the potency, there is nothing strange in the fact that the penis enlargement with the help of baking soda is real. The essence of the composition lies in the fact that the free blood in the much more state enters the blood vessels and cavernous bodies of the penis, it becomes much harder. An important advantage of soda is that it does not provoke the formation of blood clots, which is important for a number of special exercises to increase size.

Needless to say, that no increase in the penis before seen on the adult television of this size will not happen. The principle of the soda in this case causes only an increase in hardness of penis due to its better filling of blood. However, the partial increase its dimensions still occurs as increases potency.

Lately many experts recommend to treat problems with potency soda. This substance has toning, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, and stimulates blood flow. The first positive effects of baking soda on the reproductive system of men determined doctor, known for its developments in the treatment of several diseases completely unexpected ways.

How to increase the member with soda

The main method that is actively used is rubbing the soda in the male genitalia. Pre-need to prepare a sensitive organ to this procedure. To do this, it is warming, for example, when taking a bath or shower.

Quality steaming is characterized by increasing softness of the penis and a slight increase in its size in the complete absence of erection.

Also increases the scrotum, but to subject it to treatment with baking soda is not necessary.

There are several ways of rubbing the composition into the penis:

  1. Massage with vegetable oil. The male organ (erect or in a calm state) for the entire length is smeared with a thin layer of heated vegetable oil. Over the formed film is applied soda, which must be gently rubbed into the penis. Not performed until, until all components of the massage is dry, approximately 4-6 minutes. This will be enough.
  2. Massage with honey. This method will allow not only to increase the size of manhood, but also greatly enhance its sensitivity. Unlike the first method, here you need to pre-mix the ingredients for the massage, that is, the very soda and natural honey in equal proportions. The resulting mass is applied on the entire surface of the penis and rubbed in with light massaging movements.
  3. Bath is a very effective and simple way. You must take a glass of boiled, but only slightly warm water, and dissolve in it one teaspoon tablespoon of soda. Then, the resulting solution down the penis. Nothing more needs to be done. To take bath is recommended for hours, no more than once a day.
  4. Scrubs – if you RUB the penis part, preliminary having moistened with its warm water, the result is very good. According to some reviews for two or three months of use of this substance as a scrub length of the penis was able to increase even a few inches. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that it stimulates blood flow to the male genitalia.

Increase penis baking soda can be combined with the use of vacuum salt. The combined effect on the blood flow in the pelvic area will lead to obtaining the best possible results.

How effective soda

how to increase the member

It not only affects blood circulation, but also skin. Accordingly, in some cases, the use of tools to enlarge the penis, may be invalid. As a rule, this is possible if:

  • there is an individual intolerance. The body can react to penetrating the substance of the relevant allergies. Contrary to popular belief, an allergic reaction in all its manifestations can be extremely dangerous and even cause serious complications such as anaphylactic shock, for example. Therefore, pre-need to make sure you are not allergic to baking soda;
  • the man has a pathological problem with the gastrointestinal tract. This could include such very common diseases like gastritis, ulcers, reduced, or increased acidity of the stomach, Crohn's disease, etc. If there is at least one of the problems to enlarge the penis baking soda will be impossible;
  • diabetes has a complex negative impact on the entire body. Thinning of the blood by sodium bicarbonate, can significantly worsen the condition of diabetics;
  • cancer. Malignant tumors is a serious contraindication to the use of soda as a means to increase potency. The thing is just in its ability to thin the blood.

It is important to understand that the impact of sodium bicarbonate causes local blood flow. As a result, the member increases by about 2-5 millimeters. However, this effect, unfortunately, is quite fleeting. After a few hours the penis again accept the old forms, as the irritant effects of sodium bicarbonate over. Accordingly, to carry out treatments right before intercourse or at least an hour before him.

Even if you RUB your penis soda daily for a much longer period of time, the effect of adoption will still be short.

Moreover, looking for answer to the question of how to increase penis soda, men are not concerned about the possible consequences. At the same time, uncontrolled use of soda in this form, especially at home, faces a very real trouble. For example, irritation of the skin. Soda may simply corrode the skin, if rubbed every day several times for months or even years. To repair the damaged epithelium is extremely difficult, and that's not counting the fact that man has a lot of pain and discomfort.

The alkaline properties of baking soda cause the fact that it is able to destroy bacteria and fungi, including attributable to conditional-pathogenic microflora, i.e., one which is present on the person always. The destruction of beneficial flora may lead to a significant decrease in immunity. Against this background, the possible development of pathogens that cause such unpleasant diseases as candidiasis, balanoposthitis or balanitis.

Accordingly, to use baking soda for penis enhancement or not is a purely personal matter.