Increase glans penis

It is scientifically proven that every third man is categorically not satisfied with the size or shape of their genitals, and every second would like to rectify this situation. If some are willing to accept their physical characteristics, then the others are willing to take advantage of any opportunity to improve the situation. One of the most popular procedures for changing the size of sexual organs is to increase the head of the penis. Surgical or non-surgical intervention helps to correct the appearance defects and effective to get rid of psychological complexes.

Ways to increase head

increase the head of the penis

Increase member and his head will be required in those cases, if the diameter of the front part of the penis is equal to his girth, the man is planning the installation of the extender or have an operation for changing the diameter of the penis. A man can choose the most suitable method of changing the shape of the upper part of the penis among the set list:

  • Jelcing – intensive exercises that helps to stimulate the blood supply to the genitals and increase the size of the front of the body;
  • Massage – soft effect that needs to be performed periodically and systematically to achieve the desired result;
  • The use of hyaluronic acid – injectable intervention, the effect of which is guaranteed by the experience of many men;
  • Surgery is the most effective and fast way to resize the front part of the penis that conceals important benefits and even risks;
  • Special devices mechanical effects are due to mechanical impact, but require constant repetition of exercises;
  • Effective gels, sprays or ointments painless and simple method to achieve the desired result, the effect of which is maintained constantly without any risk for men's health.

Exercises to increase head

Popular operations significantly improve the situation, but entail certain risks, so be as safe as possible exercise. There are effective exercises to increase the head that you want to perform during erection, which can be achieved through Masturbation.

First, you must firmly squeeze the upper area of the body and to maintain that position as long as he doesn't become the most solid. Next, you need to take a break for a few seconds, then we can immediately repeat the compression. Repeat the exercise periodically ten times in one approach.


Surgery to change sizes is to install a small matrix between the upper part and dissenting bodies. Prolonged exposure matrix allows you to adjust the size of the desired part of the body in all States. Surgery is the most effective method of correcting the situation, but has certain risks in the form of damage to the blood vessels of the penis. Such effects can lead to tissue necrosis, until the removal of the extreme areas of the penis.

Massage to increase head

At home you can do massage to increase the upper head together with the gel. Massage should be done daily for 15 minutes and also observe the following sequence:

  • Apply the gel over the entire length of the penis;
  • To bring the member to a state of incomplete erection through Masturbation;
  • Wrap it around the penis at the base of the compression fingers;
  • Strong movements to send a member down to the base.

The increase in hyaluronic acid

The increase in size of the head of the penis with hyaluronic acid injections are performed under local anesthesia. In penis is introduced not more than 10 ml of gel which changes the size of the top area of the penis to the scale of erect penis. The drug is based on hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed, therefore, to maintain the desired dimensions, the procedure must be repeated periodically every 1.5-2 years.

The major indication for the introduction of gel in medical practice is preparing for the upcoming installation of the extender to further modify the size of a member. But at the request of patients, the injection operation is performed solely to change the size of the penis.

Increase special gel

penis enlargement.

Increase the head of the penis gel is an alternative method that does not require intervention in the body and does not change the functionality of the reproductive system. Users simply follow the manufacturer's guidelines to adjust the size of the top part of the penis.