Working ways to increase penis at home

How to make dick bigger at home? This topical issue of concern to men around the world. Someone relies on medicinal creams and ointments, and someone prefers the surgery, believing that surgery is the best way out of the situation.

But before we get to the action and to increase penis size, is to deal with the common indicators: length and width.

What penis size is considered normal

how to increase the member

For 17 years we can say that the penis is fully formed, its further increase will be negligible. After 18 years, the authority will only increase in volume, its length will remain unchanged.

The male organ grows and develops under the action of the hormone testosterone. But it happens during puberty.

The average or normal size – the concept is quite abstract, it depends on several factors:

  1. A man's age.
  2. Nationality.
  3. Growth and development of muscle mass.

A man aged 20-25 years has formed the organism, its skeleton is not growing and not developing, same can be said about the penis. The level of hormones in the body stable and no influence on decrease or increase penis testosterone has not.

In adolescence, hormone levels are unstable, the skeleton is still in the formative stage, and the body is still growing and developing. And with it "manhood".

Over the years the situation changes and in old age men are not as fixated on size. During this period, according to research, the penis is undergoing some changes. But not upwards, and downwards. However, such change is difficult to call it expressive.

Nationality has a definite influence on the growth and development of members. But do not assume this factor to be decisive.

There is a perception that tall and muscular men's penis size larger. The research was conducted, therefore, to confirm or deny that information science is not yet able.

The normal size of the penis in men 18 years and older table

The average size Large size Below average
15 see 18 see 11 see less

These indicators relate to the length of the organ, but it is also necessary to take into account the width:

The average Below average
12 see less than 12 cm.

To correctly measure penis size easy: this is done in erection, with the help of measuring tape.

Is it possible to increase the member

For many normal penis size – a concept that is highly abstract and, despite the high indicators, the man may experience problems in relationships with women.

In such a situation, and "born" desire to increase the size of dignity. But does it really make and what are the results?

To change the state of the penis will help the following methods:

  • Creams and ointments – their effectiveness many people questioned, but some men argue that using such medications, they were able to achieve good results (increase of 3-5 cm).
  • Another method is surgery. Be performed in a clinic and requires certain material costs.
  • Jelcing is a technique of certain exercises. The technique hails from the East will require effort and patience.
  • Exercises to increase body. The simplest way is exercise on the exercise bike.

To increase penis size you can, but first we need to find an effective way. Because not the fact that the cream, ointment or exercise will bring the person favor. You will need to act by trial and error.

Methods of penis enlargement

There are several methods, they are fundamentally different from each other. But require careful attention on the part of those who wish to increase the size of "dignity".

You can start with massage — this method of treatment aimed at improving blood flow to the tissues. The massage is carried out in several stages, to avoid stagnation of blood.

Massage will have not the body, and the lower part of the abdomen and the region of the scrotum. Do massage in a circular motion, putting hands on abdomen, gently lowering them to the scrotum and genitals. Massage can help improve circulation, but it will have to do it regularly.

penis enlargement.

Massage technique a detailed description of the procedure:

  1. It is necessary to bring the penis in erection, performing up and down movements.
  2. When an erection comes, to grasp the penis with 2 hands at once.
  3. Then you need to pull the foreskin aside to carry out this movement 30 times.
  4. After, go directly to massage, squeeze hands tightly the barrel, but so that there was no discomfort or pain.
  5. Move your arms upwards without touching the foreskin.

The duration of the massage should be 5 to 15 minutes, it is advisable to do it 3 times a week.

Jelcing and its principles

Massage has some similarities with jelcing, but there are differences. How to perform jelcing and what is the effectiveness of the method?

Jelcing is a technique related to application to the tissue microtrauma. They are easy to heal, but in place of damage to fibrous tissue is formed, it grows with greater activity, which leads to increased body volume and length.

Jelcing simple exercise:

  • You should start with warm-up: you can take a warm shower or simply to make a compress. Applying to the penis a soft cloth soaked in warm water.
  • After to bring the body to a state of erection in 50-70%, to clasp it with two fingers, making the grip OK.
  • Moving his fingers loosening the grip on the barrel member from the scrotum to the foreskin. Grabbing the fingers on the other hand, after the execution of the movement.
  • Repeat exercise 30 times, degree grip: medium.
  • Procedure is completed with treatments with heat (bath, compress, etc.).
Jelcing requires perseverance and regular meeting. Otherwise, the effect of the procedures is questionable.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Certain exercise can help to improve blood circulation in the groin area. The length of the body and potency will be improved if:

  1. Stand up, and back straight, relax your lower back and lift turns every knee, resting them in the chest if allows stretching. The exercise was repeated 15 to 35 times.
  2. Lie on your back, placing the pelvis cushion. Keep your hands at your sides. To raise the pelvis, forming an angle of 70 degrees. Repeat the exercise up to 50 times.
  3. Stretching, exercise regularly. The principle is simple: you just need to pull the foreskin when body is at rest. Duration the procedure takes 5 to 15 seconds. But this person should not experience pain or discomfort.

Exercises can be combined with moderate exercise, designed to exercise the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks.

Vacuum pump

Pump is a device that helps to enhance blood flow to the organ, and at the same time to increase its volume. The use of a vacuum pump has several disadvantages, the main of which is considered to be a stretching of the skin. For this reason, the pump should be used with caution, not to cause harm to the body. In addition, the effect of the use of the device is temporary and passes quickly.

Suspension of goods

Exercises for penis enlargement are of a different nature, they can be based on suspension loads. The procedure is performed through the use of clamps and cargo.

The method is applied on the body of the trauma, they cause the fibrous – cartilage tissue to grow.

How the method works:

  • the penis is wrapped with an elastic bandage;
  • put on a head clip;
  • after the clamp is suspended weights.
This method may cause discomfort, but its effectiveness is little doubt. Often the suspension of goods is perceived as an alternative to surgical intervention.


It is an alternative to suspension. The extender is worn for 3-4 hours per day, gradually increasing the load and bringing the treatment duration to 6-8 hours. While wearing the extender will be 30-90 minutes, increasing the duration gradually. The interval between "sets" can be anything.

load for penis enlargement

Before using cost conduct a massage or warm up the penis warm bath. This will increase the effectiveness of the extender. The device is worn for 6-8 months, then quit when the desired outcome will be achieved. The effects of treatments appears within 4 months.

Drug therapy

Creams, ointments and gels for increasing the volume of the penis is a number of drugs having different action:

  1. Saturate the body beneficial trace elements and vitamins.
  2. Increase blood flow to the tissues.
  3. Stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.


Drugs with different effectiveness. These drugs affect not only the growth of the penis, they help:

  1. To increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. To improve its quality.
  3. To control the process of ejaculation.

The drug is taken on a long-term basis, often using them to raise the potency. During the massage, hanging loads, etc. drug therapy can exist as a complement to other treatments.

Tips on penis

It is a device used to increase the length and width of the body. Nozzles are available in specialty shops, their value varies in different limits.

The nozzle can make the penis larger, increase the length to 3.5 cm, width 2.5 cm it all depends on the fixture. With intense movements, the nozzle still in place, do not require the use of creams or ointments.


Surgery to increase manhood is performed under General anesthesia. The principle of intervention is that the doctor open the eyes that "hidden". On the body doctors do not affect.

They clean the skin of the scrotum, cut them, due to which there is an increase penis. On average, it is possible to achieve good results, the length of the body is increased by 2-5 cm Surgery refers to plastic surgery performed in hospitals.

Wanting to make penis bigger men often solved in a rash and willing to experiment. But do not lose vigilance, after all, taking a pill or using a cream, you can face various consequences. Hanging weights, extenders or surgery is a personal choice. But still not worth it to risk health for the sake of dubious results.