As baking soda to increase the member

And why not come up with the modern man in order to in bed with a girl to show yourself as a real macho. They study the Kama Sutra, doing special exercises that allow them to improve their physical fitness, and, of course, keen to increase the size of his dignity. One of the most extraordinary methods to increase is to increase member soda. About him we tell in this article.

how to make dick bigger soda

To change the size of your body, there is nothing wrong, this is the dream of every guy. Another question – can I increase the member soda and is it safe this method? To understand this, consider how to make dick bigger soda gradually.

Manual – how to increase member use baking soda

  1. So, the first thing to do is to pour 200 grams of water in a glass, then pour it in literally half a teaspoon of ordinary baking soda, which can be purchased at any store at a ridiculous price.
  2. The second step is to stir the powder in water until it dissolves completely.
  3. In the third phase we either drop the penis into the resulting solution for a short time, or take a shower, and then wash the main manhood resulting solution. Here you can choose the way you like best.

That's all! After that, if you believe the sources on the Internet, you will be just a sexual giant. And in order to increase the member, using baking soda, you need to do just two simple actions, not to mention low cost, because you can buy it anyone can.

The principle effects of sodium bicarbonate

What the supporters of this method substantiate his innocence? According to some men, sodium bicarbonate contributes to the thinning of the blood. And they believe that this allows maximum blood to fill the body of the penis.

It should be noted that soda advised to use for penis enlargement only in conjunction with special exercises. Supposedly, only physical impact increases "bloated" blood cells.

But is it and is it worth it to torture yourself like this "therapy"?

And how actually is it possible to increase the member using soda?

And yet how to increase the member of the baking soda? The answer can be only one – way! It is inefficient and unsafe! In soda does not contain elements that stimulate cell division or increase cell. Any effect of such a procedure will not.

Perhaps for a short period of time penis men increased slightly in size (no real evidence of this information, we have not found). But the result is so small that is not worth the health problems that can occur after a bath with baking soda.

Better not try to use baking soda for such purposes, because such healing is a huge long penis, which girls will come to the ecstasy, you may get the real burn the delicate tissues of manhood, after which you will have to go through a long and expensive treatment.

Negative impact on the body

First of all, it is worth noting that, like any other substance, baking soda has its pros and cons, and therefore positively affect the body, and to cause him irreparable harm.

Sodium bicarbonate has antimicrobial properties and is able to effectively rid the human body of parasites and various microbes. Cough, runny nose, hypertension, swelling of the legs, yellowing of the teeth is just a small list of health problems that can be solved by moderate stress – moderate consumption of this powder.

Swallow it packs definitely not worth it, because you'll just damage your body. Not in vain as the sodium bicarbonate is included in all cleaning agents, as it is a caustic substance, and therefore in contact with skin causes irritation. And in some cases the skin begins to crack and swell.

Another disadvantage is the high likelihood of Allergy to sodium bicarbonate.

Itching and redness occur in 80% of men who have tried to increase the member soda.

To use soda solutions inside also not necessary, because it can cause burns and the development of ulcers!

The penis enlargement baking soda impossible. Soda can really be a great tool in many situation, but do not try to enlarge the penis. It's a waste of time and effort. In addition, you may experience health problems.

penis enlargement.

Fortunately, today you can buy many other effective tools that will help you to obtain permanent erections and to significantly increase the member and to always be ready for a long intercourse.

I think you found the answer to the question "How to make dick bigger soda?". And we hope that this article will save you from using soda.

The main theme of our website is to increase member and we will talk about all methods of solving this problem that are really effective. Among the penis pumps and creams — effective and readily available means.

How to make dick bigger soda: recipe application

Probably nothing makes a man so complex as sexual sphere. Particularly sensitive men to criticism concerning the size of their manhood. Therefore at the slightest suspicion, not even reasonable, that their penis does not meet the "standards", the man is trying to use tools that help achieve penis enlargement. As such available and affordable means by which to get penis enlargement in Internet are baking soda. About how to enlarge penis at home practically free with the help of baking soda, will tell the article.


To help understand the impact of baking soda on the penis, it is advisable to understand what constitutes a white powder. Tea soda is a chemical compound called sodium hydroxycarbonate. Normal baking soda is a white powder, on close examination, consisting of fine crystals.

Tea soda has long been tested by Housewives as the means through which you can achieve good results in cleaning, to improve the properties of prepared dishes. The tea soda can be used for medical purposes: it is recommended for preparation of solution for rehydration, that is, feed the person when dehydration. Recently, however, there is evidence that drinking a solution can thin the blood, that is, to prevent the formation of blood clots. This effect is described in the Internet sources, helps to increase the penis.

It should be noted that even the most daring experimenters who have passed through this procedure, do not promise a stunning effect. All men are modest in the evaluation of the method, but, nevertheless, celebrate its positive aspects. What is the method of increasing the penis, recommend experts? Let's briefly describe most known:

  • To use the tea soda can inside. Tea solution was prepared daily. For internal reception, it is sufficient to dissolve ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink freshly prepared solution after meals 1 p/day. Skeptics argue that such a method can help get rid of heartburn, however to increase the member is not capable. Considering the frequency of use of food powder and the lack of feedback from men about increasing penis after applying baking soda, to listen to the skeptics would be wise.
  • Preparation ointment. We all know that the drug works better if you apply it close to the pathological focus. The same applies to baking soda. Local application of tea soda, for reviews, helps much better bigger penis than ingestion.

For penis enlargement, it is better to use soda the outer method.

To prepare the ointment we can use several recipes. The first is water-based. The proportions of liquid and powder are not specified. The water in the crystals pour in little by little until the powder is get a thick substance resembling a cream or ointment. It to increase the penis should be rubbed into the skin of the penis for 10 minutes.

Note: the skin of the penis is quite sensitive, so too zealous is not necessary.

soda for penis enlargement

The second recipe ointment includes additional use of honey. Proportions: 25 mg of honey is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of baking soda. According to experts, the recipe not only helps to enlarge the penis but also increasing libido (libido) and prolong sexual intercourse.

  • Baths. According to information from the Internet, baths with baking soda solution teaspoon particularly useful in combination with exercises for penis enlargement. In cooking there is nothing difficult. Grow up the member using the bath of baking soda will help the following method: per 1 liter of water you need to take in about 100 g of tea powder. The liquid should not be too hot — it is better that the water was a comfortable temperature for most men. Growth of a member, the reviews will be visible after 1 month of regular use trays 2 p/day for 15 minutes.
  • The compresses. As in the 2nd method, which helps to increase a member only the ointment is put on the penis as a compress. Keep it for about 20 minutes.

Naturally, watch how instantly grow penis, you can't. Baking soda does not apply to fast-acting substances. The increase in sensitivity to the method, may occur gradually.

In the manufacture of an ointment with baking soda, use honey.

Security measures

Despite the fact that baking soda is safe enough to use has not led to negative effects, it is best to observe certain security measures:

  1. When using the inside of soda to increase a member, it should be remembered that the tea violates the soda acidity, so its regular use can negatively affect the quality of digestion.
  2. Powder like any other food product that can affect the level of sugars. Men with diabetes should be cautious not to abuse the intake.
  3. There is an opinion that the internal use is contraindicated in malignant tumors. On the Internet indicated that the solution reduces the density of blood, contributing to the spread of malignant cells throughout the body.

To show care should be for external application. First of all, for men with sensitive skin or with a tendency to allergic reactions. The Golden rule for any person who decides to use any means for external application: before use, check the sensitivity of the skin. For this sensitive spot (behind the ear, elbow) need to apply a small amount of drugs for local application and to test the reaction of the skin after 15 minutes. If the skin remained insensitive, then use the recipe allowed.

Representatives of the stronger sex decided to use the bath, it is advisable to remember that any thermal effect can increase the pressure. Therefore, the procedure should be done very carefully, listening to your own feelings. If you experience headaches, palpitations, redness of face, shortness of breath bath you need to stop and in the absence of a positive reaction to consult a doctor.

Caution is needed, and the representatives of the stronger sex who are prone to allergies, especially if it is about the use of an ointment with honey. Bee products — a strong allergen, so even if you suspect that their intolerance must select a different method to help enlarge penis.

Procedure increase penile soda is quite simple and not expensive. However, to judge its effectiveness difficult. On the Internet no results of clinical trials tea soda and not described real properties that help to enlarge penis. Therefore, most likely, the effectiveness would have to evaluate yourself.