How to increase penis with the help of baking soda: ways to use

A man's penis continues to grow until approximately 20 years. However, this fact does not prevent the older men try to lengthen their dignity through a variety of means, because of the size of a member is often (but not always) depends on the quality of sexual life of the partners. What means for increasing the phallus is considered the most effective and realistic to increase a member of the baking soda?

how to make dick bigger soda

How to make dick bigger at home?

In the quest to change the size of the dignity of man use a variety of methods — from medication (the use of gels, lubricants, pills, injections, etc.). to the people (preparation of various herbal teas, eating certain foods, etc.). It is difficult to say that it can absolutely help a particular man in a particular situation. However, among the adherents of natural healing the opinion about the health effects of soda help in increasing their penile at home.

Note. Before you start soda therapy should undergo a thorough examination and to enlist the support of a doctor. The professional should identify the lack of inclination of men to allergic reactions and other factors that may cause side effects after application of sodium bicarbonate.

The principle of the soda

Few people are unfamiliar with the baking soda — so familiar white powder, having a peculiar odour, and which is used in the food industry. Not less well-known whitening properties of baking soda — it is able to quickly deal with even the spots that are difficult to be displayed.

But not everyone knows that the same soda has a pronounced effect of helping to thin the blood. In other words, the usual white food powder helps greatly enhance blood circulation, making it more fluid. This property helps men in performing specific exercises for penis enlargement. In the process of training more blood can freely penetrate into all the departments, including those in the penis, as a means of contributing to its growth.

How effective is baking soda?

So, soda is useful due to its blood thinning properties. An added bonus is that such a tool does not cause thrombosis, which is often the result of exercises for penis enlargement.

Of course, expect from an ordinary soda global penis enlargement to the size of the "jewelry" of the actors of the genre "cinema for adults" should not.

The action of the soda in this particular case is limited only by the increase in the hardness of the member through its full filling with blood. But a slight increase in size occurs due to increase the potency.

Ways to increase member baking soda

It is believed that penis enlargement with the help of soda is one of the most simple and at the same time safe methods of increase in size of the sexual organ of men.

In addition, this method is notable for its accessibility. There are several recipes use soda to increase the penis.

how to increase a member of the soda itself
  1. Soda baths. For their preparation it is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. The volume of fluid can be increased depending on the size of the container, which will be the procedure. The solution is poured into a vessel and lowered to the same penis men. The member kept in the solution for about 15 minutes. It is most efficient to use this remedy about an hour before intimacy. After this procedure, men often notice increased firmness of the penis and its increase in size.
  2. Scrub. Is considered fairly efficient and easy to use, but in its application it is necessary to observe accuracy. On previously wet member to apply a bit of soda powder. It is necessary to gradually rubbed into the skin, avoiding sudden movements, since the skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive.

This method is very effective, but they need to use carefully.

This scrub has an effective impact due to a rush of blood, caused by rubbing. As a result, the member starts to grow and erectum.

Council. If after the procedure the man said irritation in the penis, from the use of soda scrub should be abandoned.

No less efficiency has soda and honey scrub. To make it soda and honey are taken in equal amounts. The resulting mixture was evenly distributed on the member massage. The tool should be left on the surface of the male organ for some time, It will provide absorption liquet composition. After some time, the mixture is washed off the penis with warm water. Honey included in the product, includes a variety of nutrients and has a disinfecting and nourishing action. For this reason, it helps to fight infections of the body or injuries of the skin and internal tissues. Many men have noted the lengthening of the penis in size with a daily carrying out this procedure.

  1. Compresses with baking soda. One of the easiest ways to increase a member. The proportions of water and baking soda in them are the same as for the bath with a glass of warm water and teaspoon of powder. In the solution soaked gauze bandage, which is then applied to the penis. Keep a lotion should be no more than 20 minutes (again, given the tenderness of the delicate skin in this area). Council. You should not use soda compresses on erectum member.
  2. Soda + vegetable oil. The use of soda to increase the male organ involves the use of prescription combinations with vegetable oil. Member is lubricated by oil on length, and then on top apply a small amount of baking soda. This procedure should also be carried out with caution.
Note. Some men are also recommended to take in food soda with milk. It is believed that this drink will not only help increase a member, but will protect the body from various kinds of diseases infections. To properly prepare this remedy should be taking 0.5 teaspoon of soda in a glass of milk.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite all its obvious advantages and natural, use of soda to modify the size of a member is not always justified. To renounce the use of soda therapy should if the following diseases:

  1. Diabetes. Even a small amount of baking soda causes spikes in blood sugar.
  2. Cystitis or urethritis. Soda — a strong stimulus, which would provoke deterioration of such problems.
  3. Allergic dermatitis or thrush.
how to make dick bigger soda recipes

Adverse reactions from the use of sodium bicarbonate

Regardless of the chosen method of penis enlargement in the process of applying any means necessary moderation and dosage. This rule applies to soda — this method of correction of manhood should not be abused. Too frequent intake of soda procedures can provoke unpleasant consequences, namely:

  • the appearance of painful sores and cracks in the area of the penis;
  • the development of allergic reactions;
  • a feeling of burning and itching;
  • gastritis and stomach ulcers (before applying the baking soda make sure there are no issues with the gastrointestinal tract).

In some cases too frequent use of soda means capable of provoking a serious pathology of the urogenital system, including Oncology.

According to most doctors to use the procedure should be the course for 1 month, then making a break for six months (but not less than 4 months).

We should not forget that a certain dependence on soda poultices and baths can not only increase the member, but rather to make a man stable patient urologist.

Expert doctors

Medical opinion on treatment with soda is not so clear. In the opinion of qualified doctors-experts, by itself, the soda has virtually no effect on the dimensions of manhood. In order to achieve the change in size of the penis, one thin the blood, which is stimulated by the soda, a little. This augmentative effect will be short-lived and ineffective.

To achieve a sustained increase in penis with soda for a long time, should combine agent based on sodium bicarbonate with additional exercises and massage.

Note. The most effective are the application of soda means combined with kegels. Also, in order to prevent blood clots may be possible to apply clamping — special methods of penis enlargement, based on the compression of the penis at its base. This procedure can significantly affect the stretching member in the width. However, this method is not recommended for beginners, as in this case can bring more problems than real adjustment of the size of the penis.