Both his hands to enlarge the penis?

Men who are not satisfied with the size of reproductive organ, a serious problem, poisoning a normal life. So, is suffering self-esteem, lost confidence in themselves and their abilities, identify difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex, and sex often ends in failure.

Certainly, dissatisfaction with penis size, require any action. As men the problem is not only physiological but psychological in nature. Quite often happens that belittling your size, man destroys at the root of intimate life.

penis enlargement.

Increase the member with surgery. But the procedure is relatively complex, expensive, and the risk of complications is. Therefore, the question arises how to increase the member your hands? Many ways, but will have to be patient, as manual stretching are slow, and the first result can be seen after 3-4 months of daily training.

Through exercise at home it is possible to change in a big way and length, and the thickness of the genitals. Consider exercises that help to increase manhood.

Jelcing for the growth of the penis

Perhaps the technique Jelqing is the most common method, used by beginners and long-practicing men. In the latter case, a strong gender modified the exercises, in their opinion, the member it will grow faster. Jelc methodology is presented in Arabic, which was passed by the "inheritance" from father to son.

To achieve the desired result, you must do the exercises daily. The effect is achieved due to the normalization of blood circulation in the reproductive organ. Workouts help increase the corpora cavernosa of the penis, they are faster and better filled with blood, which leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

Be the first to see the result of an increase after a few months. Therefore, if the first time no effect no, it is not necessary to drop the class. Only patience and daily work will help to achieve this goal. In Jelking technique there are two ways – dry and wet method. Beginners should use the second option.

The correct execution of the exercises according to the method Jelking:

  • To bring the penis up to 60-70% erection. Apply grease or specialized gel to increase phallus. Then we need to sit down, and wrap it around the base cock ring (it was formed with the thumb and index finger). Impact. This ring must be pulled towards the head. The head of the phallus do not touch. As soon as a man comes to a head, again returns the arm to the base and repeats the movement. Enough to start 20 iterations. Over time, it is necessary to increase the number of approaches to 200;
  • Dry method is the same, only the lubricant is not used. And this method of execution beginners is not recommended, because it is not always possible to correctly calculate the load that causes pain and complications.

Before exercise be sure to hold the heating member. It reduces the risk of injury, accelerates blood circulation, increases the effectiveness of training.

The easiest way is to lower the member in a bath of warm water for five minutes.

Manual technique of penis enlargement with your hands

The penis enlargement with your hands is carried out using manual techniques. They do not require special skills from men, performed in the home environment. Classes are focused on increasing the volume and length of the reproductive organ. Pre-workout also definitely warming up.

To increase the length necessary to do the following: to bring themselves to erection – about 70%, and then to clasp with the fingers the head of a phallus. Hold tight but not constrict painfully. Pulled the head myself as far as possible. It is recommended to not pull jerkily, but evenly. Discomfort during the class will be, that's fine. At extreme tension lock for 3-4 minutes. A day doing 4-5 exercises with a break of 1-2 hours.

After class, be sure to do the massage. It helps to restore blood circulation in the tissues of the penis. Over time, complicate the exercise – pull the member not only from themselves, but to the right, left, down. In the future, one lesson will require 30-40 minutes of time.

how to increase the member

Alternate stretching the body:

  1. To bring yourself to an erection – no more than 50%.
  2. Grease cannot be used.
  3. Become exactly, grab the head of your cock with your fingers, pulling it away from himself.
  4. Lock to 60 seconds.
  5. Release – 30 seconds of rest.
  6. Repeat 15-30 times.
  7. Each time increase the number of approaches.

To increase the thickness of the reproductive body, doing this exercise should sit on a chair, feet are on width of shoulders. With one hand grasp the head of the penis and pulling it away from themselves to a state of discomfort. In other words, the man feels tension in the body, but painful sensations are absent.

Then the second hand grasping the base of the phallus ring. If the technique Jelcing this ring was just drawn to the head, making a particular movement, in this exercise, you should be more pressure with the thumb on the body. This allows you to focus on the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which contributes to the increase.

In the period of adaptation, when the penis just gets used to the load, very zealous is not recommended. If the next day a member of the sore, you can skip the lesson.

In the future, the phallus will become accustomed to the load, the uncomfortable feelings will pass.

Twisting member to increase the thickness

Sometimes the cause of dissatisfaction with the size of the organ lies in the thickness. Of course, you can insert the balls into the cock, they will give the body the necessary volume. But many men prefer bloodless methods. Allocate a lot of exercises that focused on more of the exact thickness of manhood.

Popular class called "rope". Probably, many already clear from the name that it implies. Basic rules: before class, make the heating member, the lubricant to use is not necessary. Start twisting only on the penis in a calm state.

This exercise can be used as a tool to either complement another set for the growth of the penis. Often men choose the second option, because 2 or more classes are more effective, respectively, the result will be faster. The implementation of the "rope" is as follows:

  • Take a comfortable position. A man can sit on a chair or be on the floor. The result of the position does not change;
  • After you have to embrace the head on all fingers, squeeze;
  • Next, begin twisting – turning member to the left continues until till it hurts. Stop. In this position, are fixed at 30 seconds, release;
  • After repeating the same actions, but the sexual organ is already twisted in the other direction – to the right;
  • In total, every party needs 5 twists.

In the future, when men will no longer cause difficulties this exercise, it can be modified. There are several options for improvement. For example, to keep the twisting of the penis during erection 50-60%. Better to start with 20% and gradually increase the degree of excitation.

Also during twisting, you can perform massage for penis enlargement. Workout will look like this: a man performed a twisting, one hand holds the head of the reproductive organ, and the second hand performs a special movement – start from the base and moving towards the head. So traffic was moving, you can use any grease or cream. The main thing that they did not hit on the head, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain sexual organ.

methods of penis enlargement

Thus, there are many exercises that help the house owner to increase the amount of a member and length. Of course, not all of them work. Someone helps one lesson, and someone saw the effect of other exercise. That is why the penis enlargement appears to be a complex process, it is best to combine several options. Additionally, you can use devices such as an extender. Wearing it increases the length/thickness of the penis.