Increase glans penis

Genital organ is almost the most important organ of men, requires more attention to himself. Everyone pretty much hurt problems related to genitals that lead to problems in personal life, the loss of confidence. To solve this problem, the clinics offer many treatment methods, including surgery.

It should be noted that in men is quite common to find this pathology like the lack of size of the glans penis. This part of the male organ with special fabric, it is a continuation of the body of the urethra and has the ability to grow during erection. But due to anatomical reasons, the volume of the head is limited and to increase it almost impossible. But there are ways to solve this problem.

The first method of increasing the glans penis

increase the head of the penis

In medical practice there are two methods. One of them achieved a visual increase in this part of the body due to the premises of the special matrix between the special solids and this part of the body. It plays a role of a cushion, on which is stretched a head of a phallus. As a result, the head diameter is increased and excited, and calm.

But here, as in any surgery, has its certain disadvantages. The main drawback of this technique is the technique of the operation. During the operation to increase the penis the blood vessels supplying the head, in any case overlap. This causes a high risk of developing necrosis and even the subsequent loss of this part of the body. But no matter how it was strange, this technique is quite often used in European hospitals, although the frequency of disabling complications that are not actually subject to correction, is very high.

The increase of the glans penis with the introduction of gel

There is another method of increasing the penis which is used more often and considered more reliable and safe. This method represents an injection of sterile gel based on hyaluronic acid, in the head of your cock. This acid is considered as a natural matrix of all soft tissues. Consequently, the introduction of acid does not cause allergic and other undesirable reactions of the body, after the procedure this fabric becomes elastic, acquires a natural form. The head can be increased to a certain limit, which corresponds to the volume of the head erect. But we should not forget that the gel tends to gradually disappear, so this procedure needs to be repeated periodically to maintain positive effect.

The disadvantage of this technique of increasing the glans penis is the limited range of its application. This is due to the fact that it can be used only in such cases when it is necessary to increase the head in a calm state. Typically, injections are the patients who have undergone surgery aimed at thickening phallus, when the volume of the head not in the excited state is clearly less than the thick body of the penis, or in cases that are associated with inadequate fixation of the traction unit acting under the penis enlargement. The latter situation usually can be found if the head is flattened, the present seal, so the increase due to the introduction of the gel is the only way to secure the camera.

The positive aspects of this method are many. First of all, is that this procedure is not time consuming. The augmentation of the glans penis lasts not more than a half hour. It is carried out on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia. This operation is not threatened by any serious complications, which are peculiar to the first type of interventions that were described above. Head of the genitals, increased in this way, it looks quite natural, and it should be noted that both in appearance and even touch. The effect of this procedure will be maintained not less than a year and a half or even longer. It depends on the speed at which will dissolve the gel.

Summing up, we note that to date there is no reliable and safe method by which it would be possible for a long time and most effectively to increase the head of the male sexual organ (by the way, with the thickening body of the penis this is not the case). This is due primarily to the fact that spongy tissue has features of blood supply and of a peculiar structure. So, before you go to the operations described above, you need to first assess all the advantages and positive aspects, consult with your doctor about the possible consequences, and only then to decide on such a move.