Massage for penis enlargement

This massage techniques, many advantages. The first most important that you need to give your dick just 5 minutes a day. The second plus – it is even more effective than the other exercises that take an hour or more a day. And third – this exercise can be done in more than once a day, and two or three. However, this type of massage is a member, is not at all impossible to do it right. During the execution of this technique increases the volume of the incoming blood, which increases the mass of the penis. On this technique the most positive feedback from customers who have used this system. Also personally, from me. In 6 weeks I increased his penis by 2 cm

The preparatory phase

how to increase the member

Yes indeed massage aimed at increasing member can give good results when all requirements and conditions. When conducting exercises with regularity, fertility on men will be not only bigger and longer, but also lose the usual sensitivity that will help in the future to control ejaculation and prolong the act of intimacy.

A preparatory stage for carrying out of massage should be determined by:

  • Positive attitude, result-oriented;
  • Execution of water treatments, namely, taking a hot bath or shower followed by rubbing the groin area with a towel;
  • The comfortable atmosphere, it is possible to add to it easy, relaxing music.

And then proceed directly to the massage.

The techniques of massage

Massages have a stimulating effect on the skin and all internal tissues of the penis. As a result, they become more flexible, and amenable to stretching, thereby increasing the male reproductive organ.

In the first month of massage to increase penis visual changes may not be observed. But for 2-3 months with the help of massage can actually increase the dimensions of penis a few inches.

Technique No. 1

Massage for penis enlargement by this method is carried out 5 times a week for about 3 months.

The technique described methods of penis enlargement is as follows:

  • Necessary to bring the penis to erection, for further kneading, and preparation for massage;
  • Then the entire length of the penis is necessary to smear with grease;
  • After you need the male reproductive organ with some degree of caution to clasp at the base of two fingers, and begin downward movements, and myself;
  • After it is possible to change arms and continue to massage for penis enlargement is another limb;
  • The first 7 days you need to massage for penis enlargement about 10 minutes, and each following week increase the time of execution of the described techniques to 5 minutes.

Important! In the process of exercises you need to the male reproductive organ was in an excited condition, but without the onset of erection. And upon the occurrence of such necessary to interrupt the equipment, up to the subsequent excitation of the penis. And after to continue his studies.

The performance of massage:

  • The observed effect after 3 months. Increase in penis length of 7 cm, and in the amount of 2-3 cm;
  • Full control over the erection;
  • Increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Technique No. 2

Exercises for this technique must be repeated daily for 90 days.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • You first need to arouse the penis;
  • Need to clasp her fingers to the base of the male reproductive organ and slowly run your hand down, pulling the penis down and. To perform a similar exercise to about 5 minutes;
  • After the need to bring the penis to erection and rest;
  • Next we have the sexual organ again to bring;
  • Distribute the grease on the base of the penis;
  • Then you need to embrace the penis with the fingers at the base, squeeze it and 2-3 seconds to wait;
  • When you feel the surge you have to loosen the hand grip, pull the penis, and to continue movement of the limb towards the head and downwards from it;
  • At the beginning of the penis head to fix the ring fingers for a few seconds;

The performance of massage:

massage for penis enlargement
  • For 3 months similar massage to increase penis enhances the male reproductive organ by 5-7 cm in length and 2-3 cm in volume;
  • The head of the penis also increases.

Important! This method must be conducted no more than 15 minutes. The increase in time is not recommended.

Technique No. 3

Massage according to the so-called method of Taoism – "cleansing energy" must be carried out no more than 3 times a week for 90 days.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • To warm the penis it needs to be Institute;
  • Then, at the base with the two sides of penis is necessary to clasp hands, so much so that large fingers have turned, and the index at the bottom of the penis;
  • Slow movements need to start to massage the penis, slowly moving toward his head, to disperse the blood;
  • Classes should be run 10 times;
  • Then you need to press the sexual organ between two fingers, a few inches from the head;
  • Leaning forward you need to hit the frenulum of the penis, on the thigh;
  • Then make a blow to the thigh with the other hand.

The performance of massage:

  • The penis will increase in length by 5 cm and the volume at 2-3 cm for 3 months;
  • There will be an increase the penis head;
  • The prostate will be in good shape.

After completion of the described training lightly again to massage the penis, using any herbal creams for moisturizing. This will improve the circulation in the penis and restore it after massage treatments.

Can it pump?

The phallus is not a muscle! Logically thinking, we can understand that to pump the penis in the gym is impossible. To tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which play an important role in erection, but in shaping the size they do not participate. The body of the penis consists of two cavernous bodies and one spongy, which passes to the head of the penis and the cavernous body are on the sides. For greater understanding you can compare a penis with a hot dog where the sausage is spongy body, and the dough is cavernous. Cavernous of the body are so called because they contain gaps or "cave", where during erection the blood flow. It works like this: blood flows into the gaps and fills them, at this time the pelvic floor muscles as if to block the outflow of blood from the penis – comes more than goes. So there comes an erection. Upon muscle relaxation, the venous blood leaves gaps free. The result is a large phallus gradually again takes the usual size. All somehow existing techniques are based on increasing the number and size of gaps in the body of the penis, and stretching the skin of the penis and trauma to the cavernous and spongy bodies with the aim of giving them a boost. All this leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the body. Thus, massage is something that you should pay attention if you want to increase your manhood.

Manual methods

Often to increase phallus people use different types of extenders. But they are expensive, can cause damage to the penis. And it is a foreign body that needs at least 6 hours a day to wear on the penis. This is a number of shortcomings of the technique. For those who do not have the opportunity to purchase the extender or not, there are many types of massage and exercises which can also effectively increase the size of the penis at home. Many consider these techniques less traumatic.

penis enlargement.

The advantages of exercise and massage:

  1. You can do this at home at any convenient time at home.
  2. Does not take much time (except for some methods).
  3. Need no prior consultation of the doctor.


  1. You need to carefully learn the technique.
  2. The result varies and is very individual.
  3. It is possible to injure the penis.

Let us examine in detail the technique of performing massages, they are also exercises to increase penis. Practicing regularly, you will be able to increase not only the length of the phallus, but also the thickness. Also notice that erections will become longer, and the sensations during intercourse – brighter.

Before carrying out any massage, and exercises for penis enlargement, you need to wrap 10 minutes the penis with a towel soaked in warm water. This is done to reduce trauma to the penis. Must abundantly lubricate the penis with lube or vaseline (in some methods the procedure is carried out "dry", it will be mentioned). You must strictly adhere to the recommended erection level for the exercises, otherwise you can damage the penis.

What you need to know?

Even those men who do not suffer from a lack of length of my dignity, I want to make it even bigger. Video massage for penis enlargement can help them to understand how to correctly perform the procedure, some say that it is necessary to prepare. Through this effect you can achieve stretching of the cavities that make up the penis, and it will add to growth. This happens due to the fact that the cavernous bodies fill with blood, becoming wider and stretching. Gradually due to the stretching will form new tissue and become more elastic.

Positive results from massage can be achieved even if you devote just 5 minutes a day. If a lot of persistence and patience, after a couple of weeks will see the first results.

A positive massaging effect not only on the size of the penis, but also on the internal systems:

  • Improves local blood circulation
  • Prevents the possibility of premature ejaculation
  • Increases potency
  • Increasing stamina in bed
  • Out stagnation of blood and semen

Erection by massage becomes firmer and more stable, and the thrill of orgasm become brighter. This technique will be safe and will not bring any risk only in case of observance of the recommendations, such as:

  1. Pre-heat fabric, taking a warm shower or wetting the body with a cloth soaked in hot water
  2. Heat need not only the penis but also the area of the scrotum and groin
  3. Hands should also be warm, so RUB them against each other
  4. Prepare the oil, cream or lubricant which will assist the massage

To massage has brought the best effect, do a little training. Workouts there are several options. So, you can relax and in a circular motion to lubricate the penis with lubricant, from the base to the head for 3 minutes. It is possible to clasp a genital organ with two hands and begin to roll from side to side. You shouldn't do it too much to pain, since it is only a warm-up. The third is a shaking when a member is required to pop the rest.

Technique of the massage

Now let's find out how to do massage for penis enlargement and what is the scheme procedures. The key to success lies in correct technique and regularity. First there are different degrees of difficulty, so you should start with the easiest. When muscles and tissues gradually get used to the loads, will be increased.

Do not massage in a state of stress or in times of stress, the man should be relaxed and configured in a positive way. You can even play relaxing music.

Conventional massage. The recommended duration of its holding – 3 months, repeat for 5 consecutive days, then 2 day break. During the execution of the member must be in an excited state (but in full erection), are fully lubricated with oil or grease. What you need to do:

  • Grasp the body at the base of the thumb and forefinger (like the OK sign), then gently drag them down, guiding the penis from yourself and a bit of pulling. To head the fingers should not touch, to spread them before
  • Now do the same with the other hand
  • Session duration is 10 minutes. If you have reached an erection, take a little break
methods of penis enlargement

With each subsequent week, increase the duration of the massage, until it reaches 30 minutes. Thanks to it you can learn to control ejaculation and increase the duration of intimacy. To increase the size of the head, rushing to give her blood, and then squeeze it with your hand for a few seconds. Then slowly release, let to rest and repeat, holding already for a couple of seconds longer. The duration of this massage is also 10 minutes doing it when he settled with the first.

Uli. Technology, is designed specifically to increase the thickness of the member. To accomplish it, you need to grease the body baby cream or oil, and then to clasp it with one hand as close as possible to the base. Now squeeze your hand and hold this position for 30-60 seconds. Penis massage should be only slightly excited. Each limb is required to make 10 grabs. Proceed to Uli best when regular massaging you've been doing for a couple of months, because the untrained body may suffer.

In no case do not pull the member and do not make sudden movements, yet firmly hold the arm at its base. When you master the basic technique, you can add to existing advantages in pulling direction and the same, his detention for 10 seconds. Alternate tasks with warming to restore circulation.

For this technique has its contraindications in the form of cardiovascular diseases, various infections of the urogenital system and dysfunction associated with them. Begin to massage Uli carefully, without haste, as this may cause injury. Another one of his kind is considered a double sale when with one hand you hold the base, and the second is not idle, and keeps the member over the head. Also during completing this task can be repeated a couple of kegels, which we describe later.