Penile enlargement

Despite the absence of medical indications, some men want to increase penis size, others are dissatisfied with the volume on, and still others believe that a correction needs both. In modern plastic surgery there are several methods to solve this problem.

What can plastic?

penile enlargement

Some people do not believe in the reality of penis enlargement by surgery. This is due to the dominance of a different kind of "vacuum rogues" and the sales of miracle pills. As you know, these funds are excellent just for the imagination. While proven for decades in the world of cosmetic surgery can bring real results.

How many centimeters can add your member plastic surgery

By itself, the operation for penis enlargement – simple. The fact that the penis is initially for 4-5 inches longer than we see. This hidden part is located under your pubic bone. The penis is held in this state, a special suspensory ligament. Its structure is such that the stretched ligament for a long time such remains. Decreasing too. The task of the doctor is to loosen the ligament so as to release the hidden part of the penis. This is achieved by incision of the ligament, which is then stretched. In this new position she "produces" the same 3-5 cm member.

What is the procedure

Ligaments heal quickly, painlessly, and if you keep them in "long" long enough, two or three months, they will forever be locked in this position.

The surgery is performed under General anesthesia and lasts no more than 1 hour. Postoperative impressions are about the same as if you sewed up the large cut – stings a bit and itches. In compliance with all prescribed hygiene procedures, the healing process takes place quickly – within two to three weeks of traces practically does not remain.

After surgery on the penis is put a special device – the extender, which postoperative plus 1-2. 5 cm to the length of the penis will add another year or two.

The extender is worn, and in a certain pattern, and you can regulate the strength of traction. The main thing that was comfortable and felt a slight pull.

Preparing for surgery

If you have a plastic surgeon, of course, it's important to know how is the preparation for the operation himself and operational process.

For starters we discuss the possibilities to increase or thickening of the penis. Then comes the testing: it is important to know whether the body hidden inflammation how high the hemoglobin, make the heart with anesthesia and so on. Analyses include biochemical and clinical analysis of blood tests for AIDS, hepatitis b and C, blood group and RH factor; inspection urologist and other tests.

It is important to know under what conditions the operation is not carried out:

  • chronic infection;
  • cardiovascular disease, lung disease, kidney, liver;
  • diabetes.

If the results are OK, given the date of the transaction. As usual, there is prohibited the day before for the surgery you need to go with an empty stomach. In the postoperative period is not recommended to accept alcohol, which is bad for recovery.

The surgery is performed under General anesthesia and takes about 1 hour. During this time, is the intersection of the surface of the supporting ligaments. The second, more powerful, and the underlying ligament – sling – will continue to be responsible for the retention member.

how to increase the member

The tearing of the supporting ligaments. The lateral projection.

  1. The head of the penis
  2. Surface of the supporting ligament (lig.suspensorium penis)
  3. Vector dissection of the ligament
  4. Pubic bone
  5. Bladder
  6. Prostate
  7. Deep sling ligament (lig.fundiforme penis)

Thickening your penis – natural volume

If you want to increase the volume of the penis will not pull out the cm through the cords. But there is another bloodless procedure, which uses only tissue of its own body. This operation is called "lipofilling of the penis."

Lipofilling of the penis ( Thickening of the penis)

Lipofilling of the penis is the procedure of thickening of the penis, where the fat with a syringe and a thick hollow needle cannula is first pumped from one site, and then pumped to another, forming an additional volume. Adipose tissue is taken from those places where it, as a rule, the excess of: abdomen, thighs, lower back. A neat fence of adipose tissue painless and harmless, because the cannula has a special design with rounded tip.

When injected into the site of accumulation of adipose tissue, it pushes blood vessels and nerves without damaging them. Under the influence of a vacuum in the syringe, the fat cells break off and are sucked into the syringe.

Transferred into the proper place and inserted under the skin, forming new solid volume of the penis.

Because adipose tissue belongs to the patient, rejection is not happening – it is taking root, without causing discomfort.

There are several methods of thickening member. For example, injecting fillers (gels), which are based on hyaluronic acid. However, the effect of such procedures is short-lived, lasts about 1 year. Then repeated injections are required.

Lipofilling of the penis – all natural method, the effect of which, in contrast to fillers, persists for life.

How many centimeters is possible to increase the penis volume?

Penis after surgery will become thicker by 0.5-1.5 cm, which is enough. Fine punctures are stuck with surgical tape and quickly tightened so that there remains no trace.

The scope of the censorship does not allow to show pictures before and after the change of the penis. However, the testimonials of satisfied patients speak for themselves – they can be found in the respective section on the website.

How long you have sex after you change the penis?

After surgery it is important to follow all doctor's recommendations. After changing the dimensions of the erection will remain the same, and in some cases even improved. But it remains one of the main questions: what is the duration of abstinence after the intervention?

The body needs time to heal scars and wounds, so from sex to abstain for 3 weeks when the elongation of the member 4 weeks when it is thickening, and for 1.5 months – if you combine both operations.

methods of penis enlargement

In the first weeks is necessary to monitor the scarring, the dressings, in time to take antibiotics, if prescribed by the doctor. Then, when the sex life will go back to normal, all restrictions can be removed.