Manual penis enlargement baking soda

It just so happens that the majority of men discontentedly with the size of his penis. How many times looking at your penis, you have the desire to have at least a couple of inches longer? On the Internet you can endlessly watch the various videos that describe what to increase penis supposedly using special ointments, gels and creams. However, these tools rarely help in fact, and they are quite expensive. Therefore, more and more men are turning to this ancient national way as the penis enlargement soda.

how to increase member food

The average size

Medical statistics show that the ordinary Russian has men working tool length from 12 to 16 cm, that is the most normal, unremarkable member here will be a body length of 14 cm and a diameter of 2.5-3 cm With the help of such penis and can well satisfy the woman and to conceive. However, many men think that their penis is still too small, so they can advise penis enlargement baking soda.

It is scientifically proven that penis size of a man directly affects the mental state representative of the stronger sex and his self-esteem. Men who have a little dignity, are very aggressive, they are often a fixture becomes very large car or a large dog. A sort of a kind of compensation.

Advance warning: before you increase the member of soda, prepare yourself mentally for the fact that girls, as often in practice, it is not like when guys have big penis. In bed a man with a huge sexual organ, but rather will cause the girl discomfort or even pain, not to mention the absence of pleasure and comfort.

Big penis is good for raising self-esteem, as well as preferred anal sex. If you decided that penis enlargement with the help of baking soda you need, below you will find instructions on how to perform this process in detail.

Increase the member correctly

Penis growth soda — is not new, it was clearly not invented yesterday. Your father and your grandfather most likely knew about the secret, and baking soda have always been in every house in the kitchen drawer. Of course, usually it is used not to increase the penis and for household chores: cleaning dishes, baking, etc.

There are two common application of baking soda to increase penis. You can try both or one method that you like best.

how to increase a member of the baking soda
  1. Take a warm bath, to relax the penis, even slightly to masturbate. Take one teaspoon of baking soda, mix it with a teaspoon of butter or honey. The resulting mass should be applied on the penis and massage it for five minutes. Then stop smearing and massaging the sexual organ, let the cream soak in and go directly to increase. Carefully rinse off all soda cream off your cock and get ready for what the penis will begin to grow. Also, this method helps to prolong the time of sexual intercourse for 10-15 minutes.
  2. If you are not very fit scheme, according to which it is necessary to RUB the penis cream soda, or perhaps you do not have the conditions, you can always do things differently. The second method is easier to use than the first, and it also really increases the penis. Take the baking soda — a tablespoon in a glass of water. It should be completely dissolved in water. The resulting liquid is necessary to lower the manhood for 10 minutes, but not more, and you will immediately see how soda affects the size of the penis. This method is more simple and less time consuming.

Whichever method you choose, don't forget that soda gives only temporary effect. We recommend you to use baking soda for an hour or two before intercourse, then the penis, swollen and elongated, will delight you and your lady. Use baking soda to increase the average diameter of 1 cm, and the length of your body will grow to 1-2 cm.

Pay special attention to the treatment of the glans penis: in many ways it depends on how you change the size of the penis.

Can test both methods, as they really tested over the decades. Let's see which way suits you more, and make sure that it's true. Now you know how you can use baking soda to increase the penis.

Be careful not to overdo it this way in any case! Frequent intake of baking soda will lead to unpleasant consequences, and, most likely, they will be very disappointing.

Despite the potential harm, many men are abused in this way. This can lead to the following negative phenomena:

  • appear sores and cracks which will hurt;
  • can develop allergic reaction;
  • it is not excluded burning and itching;
  • abuse can even cause serious diseases like penile cancer.

Doctors recommend to use this method no more often than every six months, in exceptional cases, once in four months. Many men are literally obsessed with the question of how to increase penis, make soda poultice more often. Such abuse makes them stable patients urologist, and they have to spend money on expensive treatment.

Who can't use baking soda?

It is better to abandon the use of this method to the following persons:

  1. Diabetics. Soda, even in small quantity, dangerous effect on blood sugar.
  2. Those with prostate problems and prostatitis, here and so everything seems to be clear.
  3. Suffering from urethritis and cystitis. Soda is a powerful irritant that benefit just will not go.
  4. For those who have a yeast infection or allergic dermatitis. Thrush is a quite problematic disease, and soda will only aggravate the situation.

There are numerous online reviews on the subject in General and specifically the question of who is better soda not to use it. Also, there are numerous tips that say about who and how to use baking soda on your member and that it occurs on.

A lot of reviews dedicated to the movie in which the male directly into the camera puts on his dick, which is in the excited state, ordinary baking soda, and his genital organ is increased by eyes. Rather, he uses the video editing, because any kind of soda, this effect can not occur. Member of really at some time will grow if to anoint him a soda, but certainly not by 5 cm or more.

how to increase member food contraindications

Other good ways

Sometimes, dreaming that little member grew up, and you satisfacere them girls one after the other like you're the hero of the great porn, and you don't. Then Wake up and realize that it's nothing more than wet dreams. Is it possible to find a recipe that really affects the growth of the penis? If we use soda, we realize that the effect is temporary, and unreliable. But if you use other, more effective ways that will not only increase the member, and prolong the time of sex, can especially not worry.

So the next efficient drugs with stimulating means, sold in online stores and can be purchased at a reasonable price. By purchasing them, you buy yourself a big dick and good sex.

If you use these gels and solutions, will automatically become irrelevant to the question of how to arouse a girl before sex. One look at your huge advantage will be enough to get the girl delighted!

In summary

Each decides for himself the question, satisfied with his penis size or not, and whether there is a need to take any measure in order to enlarge the penis. Someone used tools for erection and increase the size, someone is thinking to start taking drugs now, but someone doesn't want to spend money on expensive medications and prefer the good old recipe — soda, which, however, could backfire. Now you know how to enlarge the penis and what it needs to do. Good luck and success in the world of sex!