Ways to increase penis

No matter how many times men say that "it is not necessary, just wondering," they still want to know how to increase the penis. In fact, there are two ways : increase the length and/or thickness. Although for this no need to go under the knife, many men wishing to obtain an irreversible and permanent effect, choose surgery.

Surgical penis enlargement

Is performed by two procedures, known under the General name of plastic. Such operations include the removal of the ligaments connecting it with the body. These ligaments are located inside the body at the base of the abdomen. They partially removed to allow the member to hang down at the exit of the body thereby lengthening. To prevent the reduction of the ligaments (reducing the length of the penis after surgery) between their ends in the field cutting the implanted soft tissue. The whole procedure takes no more than two hours. If the operation is performed correctly, the nerves are not damaged and normal function of the penis is restored, although intercourse is prohibited within twelve weeks after the surgery.

how to increase the member

Penis enlargement in thickness requires surgery on the trunk and is achieved by transplantation of subcutaneous fat. The penis is removed from the outer shell of the skin by a cut at the base. Fat taken from the buttocks, is injected into the spaces of the cavernous tissue around the trunk, then the outer skin is put back and introduced a fat. For this operation it is necessary that the man was circumcised. It takes three hours, and the doctors recommended for a while to exclude the possibility of an erection, as can stitches. After the operation, the penis looks like beaten with a hammer, but within six months he will normal. Many men and their partners happy with her new Mr. Big though , as with any cosmetic surgery, there are cases of strain and frustration.

Non-surgical penis enlargement

Not every man will go under the knife in order to increase the size of the penis. However, there are non-surgical procedures and devices. Many of them used the suction, stretching, and even goods. Typically, this device does not allow to achieve lasting changes, but you can give a man the opportunity to assert themselves and to improve the appearance of the genitalia, if he is concerned about the size of their penis.