How to enlarge penis without surgery

The size of the penis is one of the most important issues that concern people since ancient times. The size of a member, play the role and for women who prefer lovers with a significant advantage. Size is important for men who more comfortable feel, if you can boast a big dick. One may say that size doesn't matter, but the fact remains - both men and women, if not fixated on size, then assign them in sexual life is very important.

penis enlargement.

Therefore, many men are looking for methods of penis enlargement. moreover, the choice of such methods is indeed wide and varied. One has only to decide what you want, in what terms I wish to get a result, and how much you are willing to spend, and you'll be able to find something that works for you on all characteristics.

On surgical operations as a method of penis enlargement

Men dissatisfied with the size of your manhood a lot. However, not all of them are willing to go under a surgical scalpel. Even if at first the prospect of a move away from the anesthesia to guarantee the extended member are attracted, according to common thinking, many refuse from such an attractive solution.

Is there pitfalls? Of course. Surgical augmentation of the penis involves cutting the ligaments, the introduction of the fabric member to the fatty tissue that is foreign to the body, and so on. All of these procedures in modern medicine are unpredictable. It is possible that in the future doctors can guarantee a perfect result, but today there is still the risk that your now impressive size, the penis will cease to please you and your partner an erection.

One more thing - the surgery is very expensive, and given the unpredictability of the result, we can talk not just about money, but about more serious problems. To agree to pay for health problems in the future will be a sensible person. Moreover, the ways of penis enlargement is represented not only by surgical intervention.

So, how to increase penis without surgery? Ways a lot. You can, for example, to trust the manufacturers of medical products which promise results in the shortest possible time. The result will be, but it is unlikely to be what you expect. None of presented on the modern market of medicines will not increase your penis. Various herbs, herbal teas can promote the growth of cavernous bodies - but in the end you will only be able to improve the overall health of your body. And then only if you choose the right drug that will not bring harm to your health.

You can refer to the Chinese origins of Tibetan medicine. In this case, herbal teas can be combined with breathing exercises by a special technique of meditation. However, again, the result is not guaranteed. In addition, not every partner will be able to understand your new way of life, the more that the result (if any) will become visible. in a few years.

Are there any other methods of penis enlargement, in addition to dubious pills and ineffective breathing exercises? You can resort to massages. Just a few years of daily massage and you will notice that your member will increase by one to two inches. Not impressive?

Then you should pay attention to another method of non-surgical penis enlargement - mechanical assemblies. In fact, when answering the question of how to increase the member without surgery, the use of mechanical units is the best option. In fairness, it should be noted that not all mechanical devices designed to increase the size of a member, can boast of security and ease of use, so the choice of these units should be treated very carefully. One of the most popular, in-demand products today are the modern model of extenders.

methods of penis enlargement

The advantages of extenders include:

  1. low cost;
  2. relatively quick results;
  3. high efficiency (you can increase the penis size by 2-5 cm);
  4. the ability to increase the penis;
  5. the irreversibility of the results.
  6. absolute security applications.

Just a few hours of casual wear the device per day, and after a couple of weeks you and your partner will be able see amazing results. How to enlarge penis without surgery? Very simple, you just need to buy the extender, which, as a completely safe device, enlarge the penis, saving man from complexes, feelings of insecurity in bed, making his sex life and sexual life of his partner more bright, colorful, happy.

Method of temporary penis enlargement

Another way to increase penis ( temporary! ) is the use of vacuum pumps, which were developed as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of blood stagnation in the pelvis. The apparatus causes the blood flow and encourages the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues. According to studies, the use of vacuum pumps helps to restore potency in 90% of cases, and 80% to gain a natural erection. All vacuum pumps are divided into two categories: manual and mechanical. Manual pumps are a cylinder seal and a hand pump which creates a vacuum in the cylinder. In mechanical models, the flask is equipped with a special vibrator that is powered by batteries.

The action of the instrument is to stimulate blood flow to the genitals, through the creation of the vacuum pump is exhausted. This increases the size and sensitivity of the penis. Tissues are saturated with oxygen, improving blood circulation throughout the body, which favorably affects the health of men. Many people use vacuum pump for committing multiple sexual acts in a row. To do this, after first ejaculation is necessary to smear the cock with lubricant and place it in the vacuum pump. Wearing a special ring, vent the air in a few minutes the man was ready to re sex.

Indications for use of vacuum pump:

  • Weakening of erection;
  • Psychological impotence;
  • Impotence that developed due to various diseases.
how to enlarge penis

Especially popular this method of penis enlargement in men older than 40 years or those who are engaged in heavy physical work. During operation of the device should not feel discomfort. The effect of vacuum must be proportional, as recommended in methodology – lasting power of a vacuum can cause swelling of the tissues of the penis, and small hemorrhages. To maximize the use of the apparatus, it is possible to periodically reduce or increase the vacuum. To create the maximum vacuum can only be at the end of the procedure. In the preventive purposes the device is recommended for men of any age, not living a regular sexual life. Selection of the optimal mode of decompression in the treatment of sexual disorders should be agreed with the doctor. Contraindications for the use of vacuum pumps is unknown.