How to enlarge penis without surgery

To make the size of his penis anymore – that is the desire of many male students. It turns out that actually achieve this without surgery and without even leaving home. Moreover, methods of penis enlargement can be quite safe and simple.

how to increase the member

Of course, some men tend to trust the many drugs that promise to make penis thicker and longer, and is widely advertised on the Internet. However, the effectiveness of most of these funds in practice, not happy – often they fail to achieve something significant, and sometimes they have a negative impact on overall health.

After all, their health risk and should not be instead of having to resort to radical methods, you should use more simple ways.

Massage, which will make the member more

One of the most effective methods of penis enlargement is considered a special massage. It requires the following preparation:

  • To take some soft fabric;
  • Hold it under running warm water and then squeeze;
  • Put the cloth on the genital organ.

The warmth will improve blood circulation. You need to repeat this procedure several times and then carefully wipe the member. He is ready to massage, during which a man may sit or lie (as it is convenient). Producing all the necessary steps, you should be extremely careful not to damage the penis, not pain.

The algorithm of actions during the massage is the following:

  • Firmly grasp the head and pull to the side. Should stop the pulling if it hurts or is uncomfortable.
  • Release the head and massage the penis to the blood circulation better.
  • Stretch, as in the previous movements, only in the other.
  • To do this a few times, and then pull the body forward a little.
  • To finish the procedure tenfold massage member.

Nothing complicated in these exercises there is. But the effect they have can be super positive. However, the exercise should begin with full responsibility and seriousness. Negligence will lead to damaged nerve and other unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. It will take only 3 months of these exercises and the required result will be achieved.

Psychology is also important.

Doing penis enlargement, it is impossible to forget about how important the psychological factor. You need to believe in themselves, in the possibility of success, that increased sex organ will dramatically change lives for the better.

No wonder that it is recommended before going to sleep, to make his own penis bigger. Visualization actually is extremely important.

Dreams always come true if they are really strong and real.

Other ways

methods of penis enlargement

Increase penis really is due to point of impact. We are talking about some points, which are located in certain areas of the human body, pressure on which enhances the functionality of the reproductive system, and even help you to increase penis.

On the other hand, the location of these points is different for each person. Accordingly, they should once to find before selecting. It might help to experiment – to push certain areas of the body in the hope of finding a desired point.

Other men resort to other assistance – especially useful for these purposes, hawthorn, and Korean ginseng.

So now you can't even think about the surgery, if there is a desire to make his penis bigger. There are easier ways to achieve this without any harm to health.