The most effective ways for any man to increase the member

A considerable number of men are thinking about how to increase a member. Many of them are just unhappy with their size. Some because of the length of the member, even there are serious problems that negatively affect their lives. Quite often this problem disappears self-confidence and self-esteem suffers. It is always advisable to learn the basic methods of penis enlargement that will really help to increase a member.

how to increase male penis

Normal size

Before you can increase the member, you have to determine the normal size. The male member does not have any strict rules regarding its length. However, the deviation can be considered, if the size is less than eight inches in length. Thus penis should be in flaccid condition.

Quite often the man to decide whether his sexual organ any deviations. In this case, everything depends on the aesthetic preferences of a man and requests his partner. In most cases, people independently invent such a problem. After all, the satisfaction of a sexual partner does not depend on penis size. This is just a common myth that confuses many people astray.

Does it really

Many people wonder whether it is possible to increase a member yourself, which methods of penis enlargement there are and how you can increase male organ. It is recommended to deal with this, in the future, similar issues arose.

The penis is an organ that has a high level of sensitivity to external influences. It is proved that its real size can be reduced if to satisfy the sexual desires regularly use tools with a very narrow diameter.

So if it is possible to reduce the size, we can assume that the penis enlargement is also possible. However, you should figure out whether you need to use penis enlargement methods.

To deal with this, you should be familiar with the average size of the body in the excited state. If to speak about representatives of the European race, they have an average length of 11-16 cm, and a diameter of 2-5 cm Therefore, people with such dimensions for penis enlargement need not do anything, because their sexual organ has a normal parameters.

Ways to increase

The people who made the final decision needs to figure out how to increase your penis size and deal with the best way of penis enlargement.


This method of penis enlargement is one of the most common and effective. This effective method has been used for many years by the inhabitants of Africa, India and the Middle East. Through the systematic application of Jelqing you can easily increase genital size.

First we need to understand what to do to increase the member by this method. To the genitals grow faster, you should buy special grease and follow the instructions. This technique of penis enlargement is divided into several main ways.

While using any of them, the sexual organ should not be completely excited. The erection level should be around 50-70 %.

While increasing the size of the penis in this way in the penis several times increases blood flow. This is due to the fact that the erectile tissues are stretched. Literally after 2-3 months of regular Jelqing, the member is increased by a few centimeters.

how to increase the male member of the house

There are several methods of Jelqing that will help any guy to understand how to increase the member:

  1. Exercise # 1. Before proceeding to the procedure to increase the member, you should engage in warm-up cavernous bodies. So before enlarging the penis, necessary to prepare a special means for heating the bodies. on a frying pan heated with a bit of salt, after which it is placed in the pouch of tissue. Then this bag should be temporarily applied to the penis to warm it. When the phallus is fully warmed up, it should be brought to partial erect state and treated with special grease. Then, for the elongation of the body need to clasp his fingers and gradually stretch. During execution of these exercises you need to follow their number . The first time should not be more than forty. Gradually increase the number to 50-60.
  2. Exercise # 2. This exercise will also help to make the member a bit more. This technique of penis enlargement is different from previous one, because the pressure on the sexual organ is not the fingers but the entire hand. He is taken and compressed tightly for 10-20 seconds. During compression, the member should pull in different directions. Compress it should be very hard, but painless, so you don't accidentally cause harm to soft tissues. Penis enlargement can be noticed in two months after the beginning of the exercise.


There are other real methods of penis enlargement. Massage is perfect for people who want to know how to safely increase your penis size.

This is the easiest way by which you can increase sexual organ. Indeed, in this case, no need to spend money and everything can be done at home. Massage is used not only to improve the length, but also to improve libido.

At run time, such increasing the size of exercises, you should strictly follow the recommendations. This will not only increase their effectiveness but also will protect from all sorts of injuries that may occur during exercise.

Before beginning the process of increasing manhood, it is better to do a pre-warm-up the penis. Any towel should be soaked in warm water and wrap with the help of the penis. In a few minutes, the procedure should be repeated. This compress is done to make the penis more effective. Warming up makes the skin more elastic and improves blood flow.

During the massage you need to gradually pull the skin with your fingers. This treatment is recommended regularly for several months to achieve the desired result.

The use of the goods

To increase penis size and using the hanging various loads. This is not the best way to increase a member, as it quite traumatic. While using this technique, the load seriously affects the erectile tissues and ligaments, allowing you to increase manhood. This method can affect the length of the body, but its thickness does not change.

how to increase male member weight

Before carrying out this procedure best to do in order to make the body warm. This can be done with an ordinary massage and hot towels. After a good warm-up, you can begin the procedure. In front of the head to attach the band-aid that will be needed for fixing the mounting lace for hanging small goods.

People making regularly hanging goods, do not advise too long to do it. The first few sessions do not last more than 20-30 minutes. Then the duration of the procedure and the weight will gradually increase. During securing the cargo, should pay attention to the head. The fact that she's not supposed to go numb during a suspension. If she was very numb, you need to use a lighter load.


Many people wonder how to increase the member extender. This device is used not only for penis enlargement but also for its alignment. To understand how to effectively increase the on this device, you should be familiar with the peculiarities of his work.

Using the extender the penis begins to stretch and it speeds up tissue growth. The extender allows you to increase the length of a member for a long time. So do not worry about the length of the body increased for a short time as it continues, even if you do not use the device.

There are several effective models of the extender and so you need to decide in advance which appliance is better to use. For example, the hinge devices are the cheapest, but their use is not very convenient. More convenient are standard and vacuum models.


Some wonder, is it possible to enlarge the penis by using a vacuum pump. Indeed, some argue that increasing the length of the pump impossible. It's safe to say that with the help of this device you can not just make the member more, but several times to improve potency. This device creates around the member of the vacuum, which enhances your erection and stimulates blood flow.

Before using this device, you should understand how to use them correctly.

Before using the device, the penis is treated with lubricant and special creams. After that, it is inserted into the cylinder of the device. To create the vacuum, all the air from the pump is pumped and the member is exposed to serious pressure. This leads to improved circulation of blood and makes the penis longer. To reduce pressure a model pumps are equipped with special built-in pressure gauge.

Is it possible by using pumps to lengthen a member forever? No, because the size of the bigger penis will gradually decrease. To keep the length, have to regularly use the pump before intercourse.


In most advertisements, which tell how to increase the penis, outlined the various ointments, creams, and sprays. There are several varieties of such drugs. They can be:

  • short – term- effective only if you apply it before intercourse;
  • long lasting – will allow you to obtain long term results;
  • auxiliary – should only be used alongside other, more effective drugs.

Short-term salves can be made more effective. To do this, they must be used together with any warming ingredient that could stimulate the blood flow. Thus able for some time to increase penis size.

The least effective are the sprays, as they can only slightly increase blood circulation. So do not believe that sprays can permanently increase the size of a member.


Nozzle is ideal for people concerned about how to really increase penis. This is the fastest and easiest method. Often it is used, if you want to lengthen the member during the sexual act. With the nozzle you can not just lengthen the dignity, but also to improve erection.

how to increase male penis pump

There are closed and open models of such devices. The first is ideal to lengthen, to increase width, it is better to buy the open model. Best place to buy nozzles made from latex or silicone, because these materials are very similar to the skin.

Using these tips, you can lengthen the sexual organ of 8-10 cm, However many, are not satisfied with the size and therefore you can find models with aspect ratio of only 3-5 cm.


To increase manhood will be able every man who cares about the size of his dignity. For this, every man should be aware of all of the common methods of penis enlargement to choose the best method of penis enlargement.