The penis enlargement: is it real?

A lot of complexes, which affects men, are associated with the size of the penis. Many representatives of the stronger sex ready to do anything to enlarge. Pills, sprays, traditional methods – all of these tools, if you believe the advertising, can help to solve the problem with penis size. But how are things really? Is it really possible to go against nature and change the length of your penis?

penis enlargement

The average size of male adult erect state is 10-15 cm This length is considered normal. You should not look at size in eius flaccidum STA member. In a state of excitement a small penis can increase significantly, but the sexual organ of impressive size – no. But if the size in a state of excitement less than 8 cm, a member of the called microscopic. It is not surprising that men have a desire to increase it.

The attitude to this question depends largely on the perception of the man and his partner and of the importance of the length of the penis. There is a perception that the quality of sex such factors as the size of the penis is not affected. Although many women continue to believe that the greatest pleasure can be obtained, if a partner of a large penis that touches during sexual intercourse to the cervix. Some girls are able to achieve orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris and labia. In this case, they prefer to have a partner was a fat cock.

Men in turn are fully satisfied with sex only when the female partner had an orgasm. Otherwise, dissatisfaction with sex life in the pair becomes the cause of conflict, and although the complexes about the size most often caused by stereotypes, many are very worried about it. Not accidentally, even such questionable methods as the use of sprays and tablets, today is very popular. Sometimes men are willing to do anything to achieve penis enlargement.

The size of the penis depends on genetic factors and characteristics of growth. If in the process of formation of organism variation, suffering and genitals. The cause of the breach of their development, as a rule, becomes insufficient production of testosterone. After 13 years of artificial stimulation of growth through the injection of this hormone does not allow to achieve a positive result, so men looking for other methods of changing the size of the penis.

Methods of penis enlargement

  • Vacuum pump;

A member is visited in a special device in the form of a cylinder. It is connected to an air pump that provides significant blood flow to the sex organ. As a result, the member comes into erectum condition, is saturated with blood and increases in size. At this point, the penis is clamped with a ring. It prevents the outflow of blood. Initially, these pumps were used to combat sexual dysfunction. A significant disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is that as soon as the ring is removed, the penis returns to its normal size. In addition, when there is great risk of damage to blood vessels resulting in hematoma bruises. Leave the ring on the member for more than 20 minutes is impossible. Otherwise, the probability of tissue damage.

  • special exercises and the weights;

In the penis has no muscle, so the pump it will not work. However, many believe that with the help of physical exercises will be able to increase the length of the penis. The method of "jelqing" is a pulling exercise that must be done daily for an hour. The member should not be in the excited state.

The weights have a similar effect. It needs to stretch a member doing it so long. However, the effectiveness of such methods is questionable. Wearing a special device for a long time have to experience discomfort. In addition, it causes tissue damage, damage to blood vessels. Medicine known cases where the man had to operate on a member as it was damaged as a result of the heavy fixture.

wawona pump
  • pills, sprays for penis enlargement;

These methods are very popular thanks to its accessibility and ease of use. Drugs orally should be taken for a long period of time. In addition to increasing the size of the penis, they increase the potency, improve the overall health. However, after the deadline effect disappears. Visual increase in the size of a member is due to increased blood flow to it, but in reality it becomes longer. An important role plays and hypnosis, which makes men think that the member became more.

How to assure manufacturers, spray functions similarly to the tablets, allowing them to achieve penis enhancement. He has such reactions, does not cause allergies. However, penis enlargement doesn't actually happen. There has not been a single case of changing the size of the penis due to the use of such funds.

  • surgery.

Surgery is the only effective method. With the help of surgical intervention manages to increase both the length of the penis and its thickness. Although even in this case, the effect may not be as visible as many would like. In addition, the augmentation of a member is quite difficult, expensive and traumatic procedure. Specialists do not guarantee safety and effectiveness for this surgery as there is a risk of various complications.

Do not blindly believe the advertising and rush to buy a variety of cures, for example, sprays that can help increase penis. Unscrupulous manufacturers use a common desire of men to change the size of the penis, to make money. Increase the member only with the help of surgery, but sprays, pills, ointments, physical organs and special devices in this case is powerless.