Lengthening penis: how to increase size through exercise?

Men are very sensitive about their manhood, the penis can be a source of pride, hidden fears and complexes. Many men are not satisfied with the sizes that nature has given them, and think about how to lengthen a few centimeters penis. It is very important to solve this problem, because it leads to a drop in self-esteem men and could poison his life.

how to enlarge penis

To address this question, there are many methods and means. In this article, you can learn what size is considered normal for men, how to lengthen the penis how effective methods and the operation.

What are the dimensions of the male organ of childbearing are the norm

  • If the length is less than 8 inches in erection, then it is a " small penis." These dimensions occur in 1% of men;
  • If the length is 8-11 cm are small penis. Data dimensions inherent in the 2% of men;
  • If the length is 12 centimeters, then the member is considered normal. 55% of men sex organs are exactly the same length;
  • If the size is more than 15 centimeters, that is a long penis is more than average;
  • If the size is 20 inches, then the member is considered to be just impressive.
That is, to ponder the question of lengthening of a member should only men whose dimensions are less than 11 inches, and in the size 12-16 cm complexes is not necessary.

Jelqing — the method of increasing manhood

Jelqing is a special exercise that resemble the milking of a member. During jelqing, the erection should not be complete – about 70%. The effect is achieved by increasing blood circulation in the penis.

Exercise No. 1

  • Prior to exercise the penis should be warmed up, this heat salt in the pan, poured it in a towel and apply on different sides of the penis;
  • On the excited member to apply lubricant;
  • Then the member wrapped around 2 fingers in the ring, which gently rise up and down, stretching the penis;
  • A day should be performed at least 40 such movements, gradually increasing them to 200.

Exercise # 2

  • Hand squeeze the cock for about 10 minutes;
  • If in one hand it does not fit, use both hands;
  • Squeezing the penis, it pulls in different directions;
  • Perform this exercise performed with a certain force, but it should be painless.
how to enlarge penis methods

This lengthening of the penis in the technology is quite successful. Regular performance of these exercises will help to increase manhood up to 2 inches.

There are 3 types of jelqing:

  • Wet. Before performing exercises the penis knead it under running hot water using the towel. Towel wrap the penis and hold it under the water pressure, in this case, it rushes the blood;
  • Wet with lubrication. In this case, the system of the above exercise # 1, using any intimate gel;
  • Dry. In this case the member is wrapped around all your fingers, not two. It is recommended to use this technique in the morning when increased levels of testosterone.

The penis enlargement with the help of cargo

Many men think that in such a delicate problem as increasing the genitals, can only help surgeons. Do not have to resort to surgery, so as to increase the length of the penis can home, hanging loads. This technique, like Jelqing, are also quite effective. But cargoes should be careful not to injure the sexual organ. With the help of the goods the penis tissue is stretched as follows:

  • Penis warm up massage;
  • Below the head is glued on the adhesive tape, which is attached to the cord;
  • On the cord hung a load;
  • In the early stages of the sinker should be light weight, it is kept no longer than 30 minutes. Later and the amount of time and the mass of the load increase.

If the glans starts to go numb, then the load is too heavy and it should be immediately reduced.

Extender for growth of a member

The extender, in other words, a device that enables increasing the length of penis with its long stretch. The principle of operation is based on the stretching and growth of tissues. First tissue regularly stretch if it is done regularly, the body begins to respond to such manipulation, and the tissue starts to grow.

If the penis just stretch it for a few hours will shrink to its original status, but if you act on it by stretching for a long period of time, the tissue starts to grow. And tissue that has grown can not be less. The inches that are added will continue until the end of life.

Extenders produce several types, but they are all based on the same principle:

  • Vacuum type;
  • Belt type;
  • Looped type.

This penis extender allows you to add about 2 cherished centimeters in just a couple of weeks.

The use of vacuum pump for penis growth

The use of a vacuum pump is also another effective non-surgical method to increase size of genitals. Vacuum pumps can be manual or automatic.

how to increase penis hanging cargo

Using the pump not only ensures the lengthening of the penis, but also ensures an improvement of potency. The device is also useful for men who have a member in the process of erection is not gaining elasticity independently. The vacuum stimulates blood flow, thereby enhances erection.

Before using the vacuum pump on the cock apply a special cream. The penis inserted into the cylinder, from which by means of the pump pumped the air. In the end, a member is under pressure. By stimulating blood flow provided by the lengthening of the penis and increases its size. The pressure inside the device can be adjusted with a manometer.

This method gives instant but short-term result. However, it is to him often resort to men, so how soon before sex can increase the size and to achieve a good erection. With regular use of the pump organ is around a year to stretch a few inches.

Surgical intervention for the solution of delicate problems

This is the most reliable and effective method is surgery for lengthening the penis. It allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Body rid of the retaining ligaments. When this ligament is not removed completely, but only cut;
  • Under the skin is implanted biopolymer matrix, through which the connective tissue begins to actively grow;
  • In the surgical effect on the tissue aktiviziruyutsya cell regeneration.
how to increase penis pump

The surgeon creates the member a new provision of the fabric, gradually Saiva fix this situation. However lengthening the penis without wearing the extender for a certain period after the operation impossible. The extender provides the position of the member in the position which gave him a surgeon. A bunch after a certain time acquires the fabric and compacted. If you don't wear the extender, the tissue will grow back to its original state, as a result, the operation will be meaningless.

As all men of the penis is located in the pubis, in the context of the bundles of the inner part comes out. Each man, the size of the hidden part of the penis individual, it can be 3-5 inches, respectively, the effect of the surgery will depend on the physiological structure.

Also some men, along with the increase in size is required and the increase in a member, because a thin penis is no less of a problem than short. The technique of thickening the penis advantages more simple and bloodless. During the procedure performed by injection of a special use fillers or fat tissue men. And if you want to transplant muscles without a full surgical operating do not work out.

Which of the above methods to use and how to lengthen penis — solve male. But you should know that any methodology can lead to health problems, so before applying you should consult with a urologist.