10 ways to increase manhood

The size of the penis is always the subject of special attention for all men of reproductive age. On this factor depends largely on success with women, self-esteem and even character. The modest size of the penis is often the cause of complexes that invariably affects his personal life. There are a wide variety of ways of solving this problem: from simple adaptations of the stores of the intimate goods to complex surgical methods to increase.

penis enlargement.

Factors influencing the size of the member:

  • The composition of the diet. Men who consume enough animal protein and spices, the member;
  • The level of testosterone. The more hormone in the blood, the more intense is the growth of the penis;
  • The state of the pituitary and hypothalamus (tumors and other damage to provoke underdevelopment of the penis);
  • The presence of diabetes (inhibits puberty);
  • Bad habits, intoxication. In men who in youth had used drugs, alcohol, Smoking, the potential growth of the penis is not fully used.

The average length of the erect penis of an adult male is 15 cm – the size considered to be optimally suitable for the woman's vagina (the standard depth is 10 cm), that is quite sufficient for normal sexual intercourse. However, much more important parameter of a penis from the point of view of meeting women is the diameter (girth).

Temporary reduction (compression) members usually provoked by cold or stress. When eliminating these factors, the size returns to normal. A persistent decrease in the length and diameter is possible with some hormonal abnormalities are caused by damage to the structures of the member (the melting of tissues after inflammation, trauma).

Enlargement methods

The choice of method of penis enlargement depends on the source parameters. If you want to significantly increase the length or the diameter, it can only help genital surgery. Of conservative methods you can try exercises, various devices, and drugs.


Devices for natural penis enlargement previously used only in medical institutions (LOD-therapy), but now they are in different versions available for home use. Bought such devices are typically specialized resources, but a fairly wide range of offer and the usual shops of intimate goods.


Extender – a device for lengthening the penis. Schematically it looks as follows: two parallel to the axis with a floating length and located between the clamps. One of them is attached to the base member, the other by the head. The principle of this , the impact strength gradually increases with retorto regulators.

As a result of systematic use during the year it is possible to increase the diameter of the penis by 2-3 cm and a length of 5-6 cm at the same time correcting the shape of the penis (some member in erection acquires a pronounced bend or deformed as a result of Peyronie's disease). In the first week the device is used from 1.5 to 2 hours, and then the wearing time is increased to 4-H.

the penis enlargement extender

Types of extenders:

  • Mechanical (a loop or lorum). Under the head is attached by a hinge or a strap;
  • Vacuum. Tension in the body member is created by the suction head in a special chamber, then the barrel is rolled tenens silicone sleeve;
  • Vacuum adhesion . Fixed easier vacuum, perfect for the smaller members. The main advantage over conventional vacuum models is the presence of adhesive membrane. It covers the head, protecting the surface from air bubbles and lymph damage.
To use the extenders should be without fanaticism, clearly following instructions. Excessive tension will lead to rupture of ligaments and the appearance of bruises.


Satellites called special design, in which a member with a view to its extension in the length of the suspended load. "Hanger" can be self-made or industrial production. The product of the last generation attached to the head of the penis with the aid of vacuum, includes a suspension kit .

The technique of drawing with the help of cargo is not recommended to use prior to the development of less traumatic exercise. The first time it is impossible to make the member of more than 1-2 kg and hold the weight for longer than 20 minutes.


The most effective and popular means of penis enlargement without surgery is a pump for erection. Visible result can be achieved in a month. The major components of the device and the bulb pump that creates negative pressure inside. Working principle: member fits inside the bulb firmly pressed to the groin, by pumping air is a powerful blood flow to the cavernous bodies and head. As a result of such exercises in the penis is pumped a large amount of lymph and blood, blood vessels and dapibus sheath that limits the amount the corpora cavernosa are stretched.

Depending on the field of study of member of developed different kinds of pumps:

  1. Wide - to increase the diameter.
  2. Long and narrow, to help build length.
  3. With special internal restrictor (sleeve) for volume of the head.

As a fill medium can be water (hydraulicus sentinam or hydraulic pump). Such devices are less traumatic to the head.

There are special techniques and programs for beginners and advanced users. The first time it is important to monitor the pressure in the device, therefore, the most convenient are pump with blood pressure cuffs.

The extension nozzle

The extension nozzle on the sexual organ is for temporary, situational enlargement without drugs and pills. Products are presented in wide assortment:

  1. With open or closed head. Last option is suitable for men who suffer premature ejaculation due to hypersensitivity of the receptors. With the help of such device you can increase the member at least 10 cm.
  2. Smooth or embossed surface.
  3. With the function of vibration or heating.
  4. Reusable condoms penis enlargement.
The choice of these "toys" should consider not only length but also width. Too narrow nozzle will compress the blood vessels, which can cause hypoxia of the tissues of the penis.

Manual techniques

There is a whole system of various techniques of manual treatment, which can increase their penis sizes without surgery, pills or creams. The effect is achieved through increased blood flow and mechanical stretching of the tissues.


increase member hangery

The exercise aims to increase the diameter of the member. Runs after jelka. Technique: OK-grip with increased pressure is fixed at the base member, and then in stages, periodically pausing, moving forward (without reducing the pressure). Before reaching the head, the grip returned to the base. The exercise is repeated 4-5 times.

The task is to maximize the girth of the penis by forcing and holding it blood. Head don't need to turn black and numb.


Jelqing – complex, repetitive movements (like milking), aimed at boosting blood flow to the penis and the stretching of its tissues. It is a fairly simple method which gives the most rapid and significant results. You can extend a member for a few months.

Before you start exercising the penis must be warmed and excited by at least 50%. Basic technique:

  • The barrel member is taken at the base of the OK-grip (ring of thumb and index finger);
  • The ring is compressed and moves to the head (the process should last at least 3 seconds);
  • One hand immediately replaced by another.

The trunk stretched up dapibus shell aims to increase member thickness. At the direction of down load on the top chords, due to the stretching which occurs growth in length.

Principal jelqing:

  1. Wet. Used with lubricant to increase sliding involved both hands, the grip slides along the barrel.
  2. Dry. Without ointments and lubricants. The grip is fixed on the dry skin of the penis and slowly moves through its tension up and down: to the head with a force to the base without him. Involved one hand.
  3. Extendens. Performed with two hands: one grip at the base, the other at the head. One capture member is stretched slightly, the other pumped the blood to the head.
After exercise from the accumulation of lymph may swell the foreskin. This effect will be removed after a few hours.


Clamping equipment clamping member with clamps to increase his girth as in the excited and in a calm state. Overlap only of external veins and arteries continues to enter the blood.

Beginners can't keep a collar for more than 10 minutes. Immediately after removal it is necessary to make a gentle massage. The skin should not turn black, the tingling also unacceptable. The clip should not be worn on bare skin, soft padding.

Masturbation is also a kind of manual stimulation, but the size of a member is not affected. This is the opinion of experts and the majority of men. Too fast upward and downward motion directed solely to stimulation of receptors of the head. The rhythm and pressure do not contribute to either blood flow or stretching of tissues.


To increase penis size and heads with injections of hyaluronic acid. This substance is related to the human body, therefore, does not cause rejection and allergies. Procedures are performed in specialized clinics. By the time they take more than an hour, the patient can immediately go home. Sex life is allowed after 2-4 days. In 6-12 months the filler will be absorbed, the member will return to their former size.

Instead of hyaluronic acid, to increase the size of a member can introduce their own purified and stabilized fat of the patient. The procedure is called "lipofilling". Takes about an hour, after which the patient is in hospital for another 5-6 hours. Sex life is allowed not earlier than in a month.

Some men do leave negative feedback about the results of the procedure lipofilling member becomes unnaturally gelatinous. After about a year the fat is resorbed, there may be a few lumps under the skin. The injection of hyaluronic acid gives elasticity and smoothness, biodegradable substance evenly. Both procedures give the increase of the diameter of the member in 1-1,5 cm From the complications possible violation of the structure of blood vessels, fistulas, fusion of fabrics.

As for Botox, synthol', silicone, the introduction into the member with the goal of increasing prohibited. Botox provokes the loss of sensation, silicone can cause embolism and death. Vaseline in clinics is no longer used, but some are still trying to use it to increase your member at home. The outcome is lumps under the skin, inflammation and deformity of the organ.

Surgical methods

Surgery to increase penis size combined with the term "phalloplasty". In genital surgery are the following types of interventions:

  1. Ligamentum – increase length of a member due to the cutting of ligaments holding it. The result is released 1-2 cm of the trunk. The operation takes about an hour. For recovery will take 2-3 weeks. Within 6 months the patient must wear a special extender. Surgery is not recommended for erectile dysfunction.
  2. Transplantation of muscle – the increase in diameter of the member by implantation into the trunk tissue taken from the abdominal wall or fascia. In the end, the girth is increased by 3-4 cm. Operation lasts about 3 hours. The result is forever.
  3. Penile prosthesis – increased size of a member with implantation of own cartilage tissue of the patient or the installation of elastic materials.
The above manipulations provide real penis enlargement. Are performed under General anesthesia. Pre-patient undergoing tests at the urologist, blood, urine, an ECG, an x-ray. After surgery possible complications such as infection, rejection, and displacement materials.

Other means

Means of local applications alone are not effective for penis enlargement. It is possible to use to obtain greatest results from exercise, and for temporary increased sensations just before sex.

Based lubricants are substances that provide blood flow to the penis and sensitivity of the head. Visually, the penis may slightly increase in volume. About the same short-term effect can be achieved by light rubbing to the skin of a slurry of ash and water . Water can be substituted for honey, aloe Vera juice. Stimulating properties also have essential oils of citrus or mint.

Power correction in the direction of increasing the share of the products-aphrodisiacs also will not increase the size of a member. You can eat useful for blood circulation products, but the positive effect will be only with respect to potency (to improve the quality of erections, amplified libido). The same result would be from physical education and yoga.

Herbs and supplements, as well as inhibitors of PDE-5 in penis size is not affected. These funds are also limited to strengthen erections, improve potency. Preparations on the basis of male hormones penis enlargement do not cause. Testosterone is involved in the development of the body, but only in puberty.

the penis enlargement lengthening the nozzle
Some are trying to "grow" the penis bee sting, with lubricate iodine ointments and even for joints with a hot effect. Such experiments can result in an irreversible deformation of the body or loss of sensitivity.


Quickly, safely and for a long time to increase the penis impossible. The only relatively harmless, and effective way to increase the size of the body without chemicals and surgery is manual or machine stimulation. Before applying any method it is advisable to consult a doctor.