How to effectively increase penis?

Those who engage in penis enlargement, are faced with the problem that the increase is not happening as quickly as we would like. Despite the fact that everything is being done, following a specific method (the wearing of the extender or massage), the increase is very slow. In some cases, for example, increasing length of penis, but the girth size (thickness) of the penis increases very slowly or does not change, and others quite the opposite – the thickness increases, and the change in length is negligible.

So the question arises, what more we can do to expedite this process? To answer this question, we asked one of the leading experts in the field of penis enlargement, sexologist doctors.

The results of increase the penis depend on the characteristics of the male body. Not a secret that visiting a gym, one is easier to build muscle, and others not so easy. Similarly with a male elasticity of – one is easier to learn to do the splits, and another more difficult. Is it possible to overcome these characteristics of an organism? Of course, it is possible to improve and to achieve speedy implementation of the processes. It should be split the penis enlargement arbitrarily into 2 parts – the increase in length (stretch cords – extension) and increase in girth (building mass).

The increase in the thickness of the penis

Can it be compared with the mass increase in sports. There are men who for a short period of time can easily achieve the increase of muscle mass and, although the penis is not a muscle, these men projected an easier process increase penile in thickness, by massage or by applying a vacuum method. But there are some men who can't build mass without make-shifts, therefore visiting the gym, use supplements, proteins, and some even use hormones. Very similar situation with the penile enlargement.

Those who served it is difficult to increase the thickness of the penis, you should additionally use medications that contribute to the process of dividing tissues, improves blood circulation. And be sure to monitor physical activity, as physical activity has a very negative effect on the increase in the thickness of the penis. Speaking about the preparations, the Internet is available a wide range, most of which has no effect, but it is necessary to talk individually.

penis enlargement.

Increase penis length

Professionals very well know the length of the penis can be increased with the elongation of the ligaments. The most effective devices for this purpose are extenders or special massages, which stretch ligaments, as in sport, when you learn to do the splits.

Surgically enlarge penis not possible, and men should understand what the surgeons cheat their achievements and increasing the length just the result of wearing the extender after the surgery.

Most men ligaments are not elastic, and increase the penis in length is very difficult. In this case, their customers suggest massage or parallel to the wearing of the extender to use products containing silicon. Silicon is a trace element that determines the elasticity of the tissues. After 20 years of silicon not accumulate in the body.

Products silicon in small amounts in legumes, but usually the amount they are not enough to make the ligaments more elastic. Therefore, in parallel with actions to increase a member, suggest to use medications that contain silicon. The silicon contained in preparations designed for the health of hair and nails, and can be purchased at any pharmacy. Before choosing a drug, you should see the amount of contained silicon. Most good product is silicon balm from Germany, as the basis of its composition is the silicon dioxide, a natural product.

The basis of the lengthening of the penis is regular and long-term work, providing massages, wearing the extender or using the vacuum pump, but the efficiency of this process, you need to use the appropriate drugs. These drugs need to choose depending on what results you want to achieve, then the result is an increase in the size of the penis will be effective! Before choosing a drug think about what you want to achieve is to increase the thickness or to lengthen the cords!