Penis enlargement – effective methods

Increasing the length or width of the penis can affect the emotional health of men. A small penis often ridicule the beautiful half of humanity, and can cause most patients neurotic condition and serious illness on the part of the psyche. One of the effective methods of sizing of manhood is the augmentation of a member.

how to increase the member

What are the different methods of penis enlargement

Around the male penis goes a lot of rumors and fictional legends, but you must understand that from a physiological point of view, the normal length of the penis fits into the framework of 12-18 cm in erection.

Effective penis enlargement is possible not only surgically, but also through a variety of ways that do not require surgical intervention in the male body. These include:

  • The use of vacuum pumps contributes to a significant blood flow to the penis men. After achieving a stable erection, the penis clamped at the base with all kinds of equipment, for example, latex rings. This technique prevents the outflow of blood from the corpus cavernosum of the member and its length increases by a few centimetres compared to the normal physiological erection without any AIDS. However, be aware that the use of vacuum pumps is not a curative method and is based on the physiological characteristics of the male body. After you stop using vacuum fixtures a member instantly gets the usual sizes. Note that the drawback of using pumps can be swelling of the body, the presence of hematomas due to rupture of blood vessels, as well as violation of erectile abilities of the penis.
  • The use of various weights, devices and special exercises designed to increase penis, is nothing like the advertising campaigns of dubious manufacturers that produce "effective" devices that guarantee instant results. Sexual male organ cannot pump or fill with weights or dumbbells. Their use may cause injury to the body or cause tears the ligaments that hold the penis. The "pulling" of the penis can be carried out only after surgical treatment under the supervision of the attending technician using special extenders (combined increase). Such devices can be used without surgery. Their efficiency is quite high.

Tip: to avoid waste of funds and subsequent disappointments, it is not necessary to buy all sorts of creams for external use and other "medicinal" drugs for penis enlargement in volume. They do not bear any therapeutic loads, and completely ineffective.


The operation is aimed at increasing male reproductive organ by crossing and subsequent fixation of the pelvic ligaments responsible for holding the penis. Through this method, doctors can free up about 3-5 cm of the inner part of the penis. Previously, these surgical techniques were conducted with circumcised men the foreskin of the penis. Modern methods allow you to avoid this and keep it with a parallel increase in the genitals.

The operation is (not so difficult, for example, as amputation of a member) and lasts about half an hour. It should be noted that with increasing reproductive organ can simultaneously be operated on the testes (e.g., upon detection of pathologies can be scheduled for surgery for varicocele), however, the feasibility of such an intervention can be determined only by the attending physician. After plastic surgery of the penis the patient may be in the hospital urology Department about a day. After two weeks after surgery the stitches are removed.

Tip: to avoid discrepancies in surgical stitches on the penis are advised to refrain from sexual relations after surgery for up to 3 weeks.

Is it possible to increase the thickness of the penis

The increase in the thickness of the penis male organ possible. This is less traumatic operation: puncture of the skin of the penis with a special tool for the introduction of the own fat tissue of the patient or a special gel. After the conference on the penis superimposed protective bandage.

methods of penis enlargement

Note that this operation may entail the localization of the adipose tissue in a certain place of the penis, which leads to its unevenness and the tuberosity of the body. To avoid complications and inflammation of the tissues, to increase the thickness of a member used different polymeric prostheses, providing the aesthetic appearance of the authority and shall not affect the deterioration of its functionality.

Features of the postoperative period

The most effective way of lengthening the penis is considered a mixed methodology, which involves the use of a after the operation of the extender and the use of jelqing (special massage for the childbearing body to change its length). Consider the features of these methods:

  • Use extender after the surgery allows to improve considerably the effect of the increase on. In addition, this unit contributes to correction of curvature and restore the correct anatomical position. The younger the patient is, the more visible the effect of using the combined method.
  • As for the jelqing, this massage technique should be performed after surgical lengthening of the body for 2-3 months every day at least 1 hour a day. Massage manipulations on the penis are carried out by the patient hands in the erect state of the body and they are pulling. When you massage, there is increased blood flow to the penis and its increase in size.

Before you decide on such a crucial step, as the increase in volume of the penis by surgery, it's worth considering that despite its effectiveness, no one can anticipate the end result. Possible postoperative complications can include scarring of the tissues of the penis and the infection. Besides, it often happens reduced sensitivity of the body may change the position of the penis during erection, as disturbed its original anatomical position, and even the development of impotence (rarely).

The result of a rapid increase in male reproductive organ be satisfied not more than one third of all patients. As practice shows, to lengthen the body by an amount of from 1 to 4 cm guarantees can not give any practicing surgeon.