The penis enlargement: a review of methods

Try to understand, whether really to increase the member, if necessary. The question is not rhetorical. Information about which member is considered really too small to depend on sources. Those that can be trusted, argue that the lower limit is 10 cm in erection.

how to increase the member

Women easier. Breast implants gives them any desired bust size. Plastic allows you to increase buttocks, liposuction to reduce. With the help of vaginoplasty you can narrow the vagina. Such an abundance of opportunities causes a false belief that doctors can transform almost all organs and body parts. Unfortunately for the male part of mankind, it is not.

Before we talk about all the possible ways to increase the penis, you must admit:

  • increase the member by more than 2-2. 5 cm;
  • surgery to increase length and volume of the penis is still recognized worldwide is only experimental.

If a 10 cm gain in length and 5 in width promise advertising inserts in the packaging of the extender, it does not matter. On jars of creams also write that the content will remove the wrinkles. If strongly to pull the member proposes plastic surgeon, it is better to avoid.

Jelcing: massage for penis enlargement

There are few adherents of stretching self-massage, one of its types is called jelcing. But advertising this technique is sufficient and the video tutorials are easy to find online, so its worth mentioning. For several months every day for 30-60 minutes you have to pull the cock with hands, performing a variety of exercises.

Extender for penis enlargement

The idea of a mechanical elongation embodied in the apparatus of the extender. Manufacturers offer their products for lengthening, aligning curvatures and penis enlargement, based on the fact that the external action is applied in many medical fields — orthopedics, orthodontics, surgery. They promise up to 7 cm of lengthening for the year, but experience shows that the maximum which you can expect is 2 cm.

The principle of operation of the apparatus is constant and long-term stretching of penis power ranges from 200 to 1100 grams. It is assumed that the extender stimulates the growth of extra cell tissue, causing the penis enlargement is in length and in width. Increasing traction provokes the adaptation of the tissues, which increases due to cell division. The power of stretching creates space between the cells of the penis and stimulates the growth of cells cavernous tel. to Wear the design you need every day from 3 to 12 hours during waking hours for at least six months. Massage of the member can be split, say, three times for three hours to give the penis a chance to rest and restore the natural blood flow. But for those three hours it is advisable to do 2-3 five-minute break.

Extenders differ in the way of attachment of the head — it can be a loop, which is more traumatic, or soft silicone band. Typically, the apparatus consists of a thrust washer anatomically shaped, metal rods and soft straps-clamps, ensuring the tension. The kit includes a shoulder or even a knee strap design.

Devices for penis enlargement are made of hypoallergenic materials, is often used in plastic and stainless steel. Despite the fact that design is easy and unnoticeable under loose clothes, the pitfalls are many. Often machines are pinching cock, rubbed the skin, just hurt. None of the sellers does not warn that the device cannot be worn at the airport, because it will ring in the frame of customs control.

If you have problems with the veins in the groin, urological ailments, weak connective tissues of the penis, prostatitis, venereal diseases, Oncology history the extender cannot be used. A device that allows you to increase the member, is used after 19 years.

I must say that for the healthy person the use of the extender is not as easy as to tell the sellers. Not every man is able to get used to the constant feeling that his cock stretched. Besides the need to constantly put it on and take off, also a kind of stress factor. After surgery to increase the member wearing the extender is necessary, otherwise the effect of the operation is zero. And there have been cases when men are having surgery and are unable to use the extender, even with such a strong motivation.

penis enlargement.

It is most often purchased in online stores most respected brands — canadian, American, Spanish and Danish.

Men tend not to share with others questions about their penis. So often I order the extender without prior consultation with the doctor. And in vain. Device for penis enlargement should be chosen taking into account the topography of the head — it can be strong or smooth. On consultation, the doctor will tell you what the mount has to be the extender in a particular case. This will save you from disappointments and empty material costs.

Will the drugs to enlarge the penis?

The extender in some cases, can still produce results, albeit minimal. But trust advertising related products – nutritional supplements and ointments based on herbal components that are often offered as support of course, unwise. No pills, no lapping no way affect the growth of the cavernous bodies. These tools useful nothing more than dried leech, earthworms may and mutton fat that are recommended for penis enlargement folk medicine. As for growth hormones, they are applied only on doctor's orders. Their self-administration does not lead to the growth of the penis, and to functional disorders of the internal organs. But athletes who are building muscle mass using anabolic steroids often suffer from reduced penis.

Generally, if there is no genital phobia, and the actual underdevelopment of the penis due to hormonal imbalance, the doctor may prescribe hormone injections. Especially this should be true for parents of boys — if the penis of the child obviously bad, you need to show it to your doctor as early as possible. In 10 years the average size of a child penis is 3.5 cm In children hormonal correction of penis enlargement quite effective.

Increase glans penis

Surgically head it is better not to increase. There is a practice in which between the head and special bodies placed a special matrix, but it's very dangerous. In the course of operation damaged supplying blood vessels, which can lead to necrosis and loss of the head.

Far less dangerous method injection based on hyaluronic acid, which increases the head on the average on 30%. They are shown a man whose head looks disproportionately small when a member is in a relaxed condition. After injection, the penis enlargement effect is maintained for about a year, depending on the adaptive abilities of the organism. During this time the gel is resorbed and the procedure can be repeated several times.

The increase in the thickness of the penis

One method is fat grafting, i.e., the introduction under the skin of the penis own the fat cells of the patient's abdomen. Even with careful observance of the rules, liposuction, processing of the cells and their introduction, the result will be disastrous. No one can calculate how many cells will survive in the best case it will be 30%. The process of resorption of cells is uneven, so the deformation of the member is inevitable. In addition, after the augmentation of the member of frequent inflammatory processes. There are clinics that help men to get rid of all introduced fatty cells and try to return the penis.

Another technique is to introduce into the penis organic matrix connective tissue cells of the patient. The idea is that the matrix needs to stimulate cell division, causing the penis increases in volume. The matrix is also absorbed, it occurs in the course of the year. Theoretically, penis enlargement can be repeated, but it is a very expensive story. Besides, after such an operation sometimes you need to be in hospital at least 10 days.

Similar in fact operation — the placement under the skin flap, taken from the rectus abdominis, which creates extra volume.

Some clinics offer the surgery for the simultaneous lengthening of a member and increase volume, but this can lead to deformation of penis and other complications. Generally, immediately after any operations on the penis, possible complications such as prolonged edema, wound infection, reducing sensitivity of head and pain during erection. Later can come other problems — changing the angle of erection, its disorders, deformation of the penis, shortening.

methods of penis enlargement


This surgery is performed for those whose erectile function is impaired due to surgical interventions in the area of the rectum, prostate and bladder. The most advanced prosthesis is the inflatable variable rigidity. For penis enlargement with normal erection such operations are not justified.

The results of the surgical penis enlargement appreciate the degree of elongation, uniformity of thickening and the absence of disorders in the urogenital area.

And finally a sad but important fact: any such operations result in lengthening of the penis only in the quiescent state.