How to thicken your penis at home

penis thickening pump

The technique is familiar to our ancestors, although in our time many men use it with pleasure. Massage movements aimed at stretching tissues and improving blood circulation will only give results if the entire complex is performed regularly for at least 4 months. It is even better to do massage in combination with other methods of increasing the length and volume of the phallus.

Before starting the manipulation, hygiene of the hands and perineum should be carried out, the remaining moisture should be removed dry and the lubricant should be applied.

Wrap a finger ring around the base of the penis and achieve an erection. This usually takes half a minute or a minute. Slowly move the hand towards the head itself, but without touching the outlet of the urethra. If the massage is done while standing, then the penis should be parallel to the floor.

Stretch the skin until discomfort appears, about 20 seconds. Return the "ring" to its original position and rest a little. Then continue the first movement, but as if bending the body of the phallus down to the floor. At the maximum stretch of the skin, hold for a few seconds and only then return to the base of the organ. After a short rest, continue with the massage, but aiming the head up towards the ceiling.

Massage movements are done carefully, trying not to violate the integrity of the skin. Do not ejaculate, the penis should be about 80% erect. The body during the massage should be as relaxed as possible, nothing should distract and interfere. Focus on performing the procedure. Increase the amount of exercise, grip strength and manipulation time daily. But if there are bruises, bluish areas on the penis, then stop the massage and wait until the bruises disappear.

Vacuum pump

How to enlarge a small penis at home using a pump without hurting yourself? Indeed, even skeptics admit that pumping the phallus can bring at least short-term, but very noticeable results. A pump is called a compact device consisting of a bulb and a pear. A penis is placed in a flask, air is pumped out with a pear, creating a vacuum. Blood fills the vessels of the genitals, causing an erection, and mechanical action on the tissues leads to their stretching.

The use of the pump has a number of indications and contraindications. You can buy the product in online stores, because it is sold without a prescription. Use strictly following the attached instructions. But before starting the manipulation, it is better to consult a doctor. The specialist will examine the genital area and minimize the risks of complications.

Penis enlargement at home: jelqing and extender method

The Jelqing method is a fairly safe technique used at home. The first results in increasing the length of the penis are noticeable after a few months, but this is subject to daily and correct manipulations.

groin pain after thickening of the penis

Jelqing has several stages, which are done in turn, without changing their sequence:

  1. Preparatory stage. The genital area and hands are thoroughly washed with soap. Then the remaining detergent is washed off and the perineum is carefully wiped off.
  2. Warming up the penis. A gauze napkin is poured over with hot water, lightly squeezed and a warm cloth is gently wrapped around the trunk of the phallus. Under the influence of heat, the bloodstream will expand, bringing streams of fresh, oxygen-rich blood into the cavernous bodies. At this stage, the man should try to relax, take shelter warmly, or change the cooling napkin several times.
  3. Applying massage oil. After removing the remaining moisture from the genital area, apply just a few drops of natural oil. The tool should not be abused, because this will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure performed.
  4. Massage movements to increase the length of the phallus. Wrap a thumb and index finger around the penis. Move slowly from the base of the organ to the head. Pull the phallus down and out very gently but firmly. Your movements should resemble the work of a milkman. In the first week, 200 to 300 of these exercises are enough. Give massage movements only 10 minutes. In the second week, bring the time to 15 minutes, in the third to 20 minutes, doing 500 repetitions. As a rule, an erection occurs, but do not bring yourself to ejaculation, along the way training endurance. As soon as you feel a full erection, then stop the massage for a while.
  5. Massage movements to increase the volume of the phallus. Grasp the base of the phallus with your finger ring. Next, make twisting movements until a feeling of discomfort appears. Move your hand a few centimeters up until you touch the head.
  6. The final stage. Be sure to thoroughly wash off the remaining oil, wipe the genitals dry. Wear loose underwear that does not put pressure on your lower abdomen.

After your massage, go to bed for at least 1 hour. Hypothermia cannot be allowed.

Massage movements begin only after using a special oil that protects the skin of the genitals from abrasions and microtraumas. It is better to choose a remedy from natural oils, because prolonged use of pharmacological lubricants can be complicated by an allergic reaction. Natural olive oil is suitable for massage. But you can use rosemary or almond.

Using an extender

see a doctor to increase the thickness of the penis

Using the extender is very effective. Modern devices are made of durable, safe materials, which minimizes the risk of injury. There are mechanical, vacuum extenders, but their principle of action is aimed at forced stretching of the penis.

The first week of wearing the extender is called the "introductory" week. This is the adaptation period when the device is worn at minimum tension and worn for no more than 2 hours. Within a few weeks, the wearing time of the extender is brought to 6 hours. For example, 3 o'clock in the morning and 3 o'clock in the evening. The first results will appear at the end of the first month, and the final size of the phallus is almost impossible to predict, because it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Don't be too convinced by the advertisements that the device can be worn to work. It is noticeable under narrow jeans, creates a certain discomfort, you will need a place for privacy in order to remove or rewind the bandage.

How to enlarge the penis at home: what will be offered in the pharmacy and in the surgical clinic

How to enlarge a small penis at home through the use of pharmaceutical preparations? This question is often asked to urologists by men who are dissatisfied with the size of their genitals. All drugs in this group work according to the same principle - to direct as much blood as possible to the genital tissues. It is good blood flow that causes increased cell division, which leads to an even increase in penis thickness.

operative increase in the thickness of the penis

Pharmaceutical preparations based on:

  • ginseng;
  • maidenhair;
  • hawthorn;
  • sabal palms;
  • nonacosanoic acid;
  • beaver musk;
  • wheat germ.

The tablets are taken for a long time, at least four months. But more often they use local therapy by applying ointments, cream. In addition to activating cell growth, the drugs strengthen the health of men, increase libido, normalize the sensitivity of the genitals, and prevent early ejaculation.

But you need to understand that vitamin complexes and means for improving blood supply will only give a temporary and unstable result. Even if it is possible to enlarge the penis in volume, this process will regress in just a few months after the cessation of therapy and the size of the genitals will return to their previous values.

Surgical methods

If it was not possible to resolve the issue of how to increase the penis at home and the length of the penis at the time of erection is less than 12 cm, then surgical techniques come to the man's aid. Many urological clinics offer ligamentotomy. Surgical intervention consists in cutting the supporting ligament of the phallus, which goes deep into the pelvis and attaches to the pelvic bones. This allows you to release part of the penis "hidden" in the pubic area.

The following shows the use of an extender, which is able to increase the visual part of the phallus up to 7 cm. Since the access to the ligament is obtained by a small incision in the scrotum, postoperative scars do not bring a large visual defect. The rehabilitation period is not difficult, hospitalization is indicated for only a few days, then outpatient examinations and removal of stitches in a hospital setting are prescribed.

preparations for increasing the thickness of the penis

To increase the diameter of the penis, sterile vaseline oil, gels, pastes are injected under its skin. But this approach has not earned the approval of medical professionals, because the effect obtained will not be long-term and the risk of severe septic and / or allergic reactions is high.

Let's list the formidable postoperative complications:

  • impotence;
  • sepsis;
  • purulent fusion of the tissues of the phallus.

Slightly less risks when carrying out tissue transplantation and injecting the patient's own fat. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is taken from the area of the gluteal fold and, by microsurgical operation, is transferred under the skin of the phallus. But, alas, through this procedure it is not possible to increase the diameter of the penis by more than 2 cm. The postoperative period involves the administration of painkillers, the patient is prohibited from exercising for at least half a month, and the refusal to have sex lasts more than 30 days.

Sutures are applied to the site of tissue sampling, regular dressings are made, the suture is treated with antiseptic solutions. Patients with reduced immunity are shown antibiotic therapy as a way to avoid postoperative complications. Increasing the thickness of the phallus by injecting fat requires a little less time and expense. Very rarely resorted to an increase in the head. The operation is indicated for premature ejaculation.

Penis enlargement surgery is indicated for men with micropenis and phallus length less than 12 cm.

How to enlarge a male member at home: alternative therapy tactics

Since men have long been interested in this topic, healers and traditional healers offer fairly simple and safe methods for solving this problem. Inside it is useful to take teas made from hawthorn, ginseng, rose hips. Ginseng has long been considered a "male" herb, because the root of this herb helps to eliminate many diseases of the male genital area.

ginseng root for thickening the penis

Anise essential oil and honey will help to enlarge the phallus. Five tablespoons of natural may or buckwheat honey are mixed with ten drops of essential oil, mix thoroughly. After thorough hygiene under hot streams of water, the penis is wiped from moisture and the prepared potion is applied, lightly rubbing into the skin. After 20 minutes, the composition is washed off. For the entire duration of the procedure, it is better to be warm or covered with a blanket.

Expert opinion

The opinion of experts on the question of how to enlarge the penis at home is divided. Some urologists and sex therapists completely reject this possibility and collect evidence that indicates the impossibility of achieving positive results. Other specialists prescribe to their patients certain manipulations or drugs that can enlarge such a male genital organ.

But all doctors are unanimous in one opinion - the size of the genitals has little effect on the quality of sex life and on the ability to satisfy the woman he loves. Many fears are imposed by the media and advertising companies. The cherished centimeters are not so important to expose your genital organ to dubious and sometimes dangerous procedures. But, however, every man makes his own choice.