How to enlarge your penis in adolescence

the guy looks after the girl and thinks about increasing the penis

In adolescence, young men become more impressionable and are highly dependent on other people's opinions. Therefore, the desire to "be like everyone else and a little better" leads to the most unexpected decisions. During this period, the question often arises of how to enlarge the penis of a teenager in order to get rid of possible ridicule.

Features of the reproductive system

The adolescent period is famous for rebelliousness, unstable psychological background and impulsive actions. This is due to the formation of the reproductive system, the production of hormones previously unknown to the body, which appear precisely in the testes of boys (ovaries in girls).

So in the development of the reproductive apparatus of a young boy, several stages can be distinguished:

  • from 8 to 12 years old or during the second childhood, testosterone is released in small quantities and not regularly;
  • from 13 to 16 years old or adolescence, especially active release of hormones, which can be difficult for boys to cope with;
  • from 16 to 19 years old or adolescence, you can also observe how the voice "breaks", hair increases, etc.
reproductive apparatus of adolescents

Standard parameters for changing the size of the penis in adolescents

In adolescence, in addition to secondary (visible) signs, the genitals are actively developing. The penis takes on its shape, circumference and size. However, how the penis enlarges in a young man during puberty:

  1. by the age of 11, with an average body height of 1. 5 meters, the size of the erect trunk is 10 centimeters;
  2. at 13 years old, the trunk increases by 2 centimeters;
  3. at the age of 14, another 2-2. 5 centimeters are added;
  4. at the age of 17, there is a peak in the growth of the penis and is about 17 centimeters.

Important! By the age of 18, the male organ is fully formed. However, due to a sharp thickening, it may decrease by half a centimeter from a seventeen-year indicator. Therefore, answering the question of how and from how many years to increase the penis, you can answer, in adolescence it is recommended to resort to procedures between the ages of 14 and 17. However, this is exactly the age when a young man learns his body and often masturbates, which also helps insignificantlyincrease it.

Popular ways

In adolescence, if there are no developmental disabilities, you should not worry about how to change the size of manhood. Before the phallus is finally formed, much can change overnight. However, for complete confidence in the future, it is recommended to activate the growth of the phallus by improving the blood supply to the reproductive system.

For this, popular techniques are used:

  • jelqing;
  • creams and gels;
  • pumps that pull the barrel with a vacuum;
  • extenders that stretch in length.

The main thing to enlarge the phallus in adolescence is regularity and adherence to safety measures. On average, for a stable result, you need to do stretching every day for half an hour. For greater efficiency, you can combine several techniques, which will allow you not only to quickly see the result, but also to get maximum pleasure.


The most popular, readily available procedure at the age of sixteen is masturbation with elements of special exercises to enlarge the penis. Jelqing is the leader among any other techniques and has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • no additional equipment is required to perform jelqing;
  • does not require a special place or time;
  • if the relationship with the girl is very close, then the massage can be entrusted to her;
  • naturally stimulates blood flow to the genital phallus.

Important! It is recommended to use a lubricant for massage. The lubricant will protect you from possible injury or cracks and will help you enjoy the process to the fullest. To do this, apply a small amount of grease along the length of the barrel and rub it around the circumference with gentle movements. Next, squeeze the barrel with your hand into a tight ring and proceed with movements, as if pulling the barrel up. You should not be driven to pain, enough that the resistance is just palpable.

jelqing finger ring for penis enlargement


There are also numerous creams and gels available to enlarge the phallus in teens. They have a warming effect, improve blood circulation and activate the growth of penis tissue. However, the effect of using the gel can be observed after at least three months.

It is also worth noting that this is not always a cheap pleasure that a student can pull. There are many fakes on the network, so it is recommended to buy the product from trusted sellers. The drug must necessarily have all protective films and have instructions for use.

Also, at first, it is imperative to monitor the reaction of the phallus to the components of the drug. Dignity-enhancing gels can cause an allergic reaction in the form of itching, redness and rashes.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is an excellent option to enlarge the barrel most effectively, however, in addition to the visible result, the device has some disadvantages:

  1. the cost of a pump can sometimes exceed the capabilities of a teenager;
  2. a high probability of injuring an organ that has not yet matured;
  3. use causes minor discomfort (pain during the procedure);
  4. does not help relieve tension.

Important! If, when using the pump, there is a sharp feeling of discomfort, the pain from stretching has increased, or spots of an unusual color appear, you must immediately abandon such exercises. Only after a while, when all signs of injury disappear, can you try again to enlarge the trunk, but better in other ways.


The extender is inconvenient but effective. The first results from wearing an extender, taking into account the growing body, can be seen after two months. The use of such attachments for penis enlargement is very convenient, because it does not require additional time.

However, the difficulty lies in the fact that adolescents have an extremely active life and it is very inconvenient to wear an extender for 6-10 hours a day. Also among the disadvantages is a high risk of developing problems with potency. Therefore, it is not recommended to resort to this method to enlarge the phallus.

Side effects

It is possible to enlarge the penis during adolescence, but it is worth remembering the side effects:

  1. painful sensations;
  2. discoloration of the penis;
  3. the formation of hematomas;
  4. the appearance of inflamed areas;
  5. donut effect;
  6. peeling of the skin;
  7. open wounds, sometimes bleeding;
  8. the formation of blood clots in the vessels of the reproductive system;
  9. temporary erectile dysfunction.

Important! In general, during puberty, it is not recommended to resort to mechanical enlargement of the penis, since the procedures can entail negative consequences. Cases of curvature of the penis and changes in its thickness are often observed. And as you know, long and thin, too, few people impress.

It is also important that in an attempt to relieve pain or swelling, one should not resort to using ice compresses or, on the contrary, apply a heating pad. Extreme temperatures will lead to loss of sensation and possibly impotence.

The psychological side

A large penis significantly adds confidence to a young man, both in communicating with girls, so it affects success in school and work. Also, the jelqing technique, for example, gives pleasure and relieves stress in the body. Therefore, the psychological background stabilizes, the accumulated energy splashes out, the mood improves, and the head becomes clearer.

However, the penis visually enlarges in adolescence - this is more the result of the efforts of nature and genes than drugs and massage.