How to enlarge your penis yourself: self-enlargement of the penis

Dissatisfaction with the size of your penis can turn into serious psychological problems, up to long-term depression, which will negatively affect not only your intimate life, but your whole life as a whole.

None of the stronger sex will feel confident in bed if he has complexes associated with the parameters of the male organ.

And no matter how sexologists say that size is not the main thing, sociological polls with the opinion of women say the opposite.

In view of this, it is necessary to figure out what can be done at home so that the penis grows? What techniques will cope with the task at hand, and as a result, will bring such long-awaited centimeters?

Hanging a load on the penis

hanging weight for penis enlargement

The oldest method for enlarging a man's penis is hanging.

Several centuries ago, African men resorted to this method.

As a rule, they were engaged in suspension at a young age, when the suspension ligaments were not fully formed and got stronger.

However, even at an older age, as practice shows, hanging weights allows you to enlarge the penis.

The essence of the technique consists in systematic stress on the corpora cavernosa of the phallus, as well as on the pulling ligaments, as a result of which the penis becomes longer.

It should be noted that if the priority is the thickness of the male organ, this method will not cope with the task.

Pros of hanging:

  • There is no need to purchase special devices to enlarge the penis.
  • Hanging weights are assembled from scrap materials.
  • You can do it at home.
  • With regular exercise, the penis grows in length.

Of course, like any other method, hanging has its drawbacks:

  1. Not recommended for beginners, because the method is quite traumatic. If you do not follow the rules of execution, you can damage the penis, as a result of which the man will return to work after a long period of time.
  2. Building up centimeters will take a long period of time. The first results can be seen only after six months of daily training.
  3. It is not very convenient to perform training, because there is no single scheme for fixing weights on the penis. Each of the men is looking for their own way, which is most convenient for him.

Before performing the suspension, it is imperative to prepare the penis for training. It is required to perform a basic heating of the organ (with the help of hot water and a terry towel in which the penis is wrapped), after which a light massage should be done for 5 minutes.

When all the conditions are met, a special structure is attached to the heated penis, on which any load is already suspended. Of no small importance is the fact that it is necessary to carry out training with small loads, gradually increasing their mass with each lesson.

A serious mistake many men make is that they do not measure the weight of the loads and the elasticity of the penis, as a result of which they injure the penis. For the first workout, you can spend no more than 5 minutes to see how the penis reacts, gradually increasing the time and weight of the weights.

Based on the reviews of men, we can say that it is real to enlarge the penis in this way, only 1 cm can be added in six months, not earlier.

DIY massage

There is another method, which is no less effective, while less traumatic and dangerous for such a sensitive organ as the penis. At home, you can massage the phallus with your own hands. The advantages of this method, which allows you to enlarge the penis:

  • The procedure is performed at home.
  • Training does not require serious financial investments.
  • There are many techniques, so the chance to find your own way for the growth of the penis increases several times.
  • Massaging helps to increase not only the length of the penis, but also its thickness.
  • Massage has a beneficial effect on male potency, increases male sexual stamina.
  • If you strictly follow all the rules, there are no side effects and risks of harming yourself.

It is necessary to add a cream to the massage, which will contribute to the rapid growth of the penis. The composition of the product includes many natural ingredients, which in their combination, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, are activated and enlarge the penis from the inside.

Step-by-step massage technique:

The penis should be calm. One hand grasps the head of the organ with force, squeezes it.

After that, this hand must be pulled away from you as far as possible until unpleasant sensations arise. Fix in this position for several minutes.

Take a short break, one minute is enough. During the respite, you need to massage your penis to restore full blood flow to the phallus.

After that, the whole procedure is repeated 4 times. At the same time, manhood stretches in different directions: up - down, right - left. Each execution must be finished by massaging the penis.

Based on the reviews of some doctors, it is safe to say that stretching the penis with your hands will bring no less effective result than special devices.

Hydropump for penis enlargement

penis enlargement pump

In the modern world, technology does not stand still, every day there are various new products that allow you to enlarge the penis at home. A hydraulic pump is a special device that acts on the penis not with negative pressure (vacuum pump), but with water.

The advantages include the fact that the male organ is in contact only with liquid, which eliminates the likelihood of bruising and redness of the penis.

Penis enlargement with this device is a reality. The device stretches the male organ from the inside and stimulates accelerated cell division. The pump can be used immediately before intercourse, which guarantees a stable and strong erection.

However, to achieve results that last a lifetime, you need to exercise daily. The advantages of this particular device include:

  • Penis enlargement (most of all in thickness).
  • Strong and elastic member.
  • Increasing the duration of intercourse.
  • Fight against early ejaculation.
  • Suitable for men with erectile dysfunction.

After all the workouts, when the penis is already "tired" and worn out, it is necessary to apply on it a specialized agent in the form of a gel, which stimulates the growth of the penis and speeds up the process itself.

The modern world is rich in various ways, methods, techniques and practices of penis enlargement. Each of the options involves systematic training, and the application of certain forces to achieve the desired results.