The normal size of the penis in boys 12-17 years old

Penis size is an important parameter that determines the quality of a man's sexual development. This issue is carefully considered from a medical point of view: regular measurement of the penis in adolescence reveals disturbances in the processes of the body. You cannot neglect the available and necessary diagnostic methods that will save nerves and time in puberty.

Features of the reproductive system

The organs that make up the male reproductive system are external and internal. Stable and well-coordinated work of the genitals is the key to a healthy sex life and the possibility of natural procreation.

The male reproductive system has a number of features that, first of all, make it possible to distinguish it from the female body. Such details are usually called sex characteristics.

The role of the male genitals:

  1. The formation and movement of germ cells.
  2. The production of the required amount of sex hormones required for high-quality work of the body.
  3. Moving sperm into a woman's body, which will allow the egg to be fertilized in the future.

The anatomical structure of the male genital organs is in close connection with the urinary system, but they cannot be considered as a whole. The knowledge of development and puberty in men begins to be taught at the school bench. However, the process is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

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Male puberty depends on the correct development of the reproductive apparatus, this process takes longer than, for example, female maturation. It is important to pay attention in time to the signs that indicate the correct functioning of the body:

  • penile growth;
  • the presence of an erection, emission, ejaculation.

If possible, it is important to study the spermatogenesis of a teenager, to make sure that the sperm develop correctly. The structure of the reproductive apparatus for every male is the same, has its own functions and tasks that are inherent in nature. The main differences lie in the size of the external genital organs (penis and scrotum).

The penis is considered the main organ of the reproductive system, which performs a number of important functions:

  1. The process of urination occurs exclusively through the penis.
  2. The process of erection, which allows you to live a full and high-quality intimate life.
  3. The process of ejaculation, which occurs at the final stage of sexual intercourse, which provokes the release of semen and fertilization of a woman.

The structure of the penis has a number of features. The cavernous bodies in its structure and high-quality blood flow allow it to increase significantly in size at the time of sexual arousal, after which it takes its original dimensions.

All these actions are inherent in the male body by nature, but need to be controlled by the man. Violations indicate malfunctions in the body and require careful examination.

The diagnostic value of the size of the penis

Penis size is a topic that worries many representatives of the strong half of humanity, especially during the period of maturation and growth. This question is not only the main one for men's self-esteem, but also an important factor of medical significance.

The penis begins to develop in the womb, after which it grows until puberty. In later life, the size of the external genital organs of a man remains unchanged.

The parameters of the penis in relation to the age of a man indicate the level of neurohormonal development. In modern medicine, the importance of the parameters of the penis is recognized, sexologists are able to detect violations in the process of male puberty, based on the size of the penis.

The diagnostic parameters that specialists are guided by are fixed. Thanks to these data, it is possible to identify deviations in the development of a teenager at an early stage.

Doctors identify a number of factors that affect the development of the external genital organ:

  1. Violation of metabolic processes in the body.
  2. Improper nutrition, lack of minerals and vitamins leads to developmental disorders.
  3. The presence of mechanical trauma to the external genital organs in childhood.
  4. Early addiction to bad habits.
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An important condition for the correct functioning of the reproductive system is sufficient testosterone production.

These factors are not a verdict for a man in adult sex life. It is necessary to eliminate deviations or the consequences of trauma before adulthood (the conditional period of puberty). The developmental disorders can be detected by controlling the growth and shape of the adolescent's penis, which in medicine is recognized as a necessary diagnostic measure.

It has been proven that too small a penis is a sign of the development of hypogonadism, which leads to an increase in the mammary glands in a male. Such a hormonal disruption requires competent adjustment and treatment.

Penis size in boys and adolescents

Determination of the main indicators of the penis is necessary for the correct diagnosis of the development of the boy's child. Length and diameter at rest and arousal change. For any teenager, the size of the penis is an important topic, often there is an obsession with this issue.

Doctors assure that the size of the penis does not affect the ability to naturally reproduce and the sexual satisfaction of the partner.

The development of the penis takes place in several stages, which are assigned the corresponding average growth parameters.

Penis dimensions:

  • the average size is about 5-10 cm in a calm state and 13-15 in an excited state;
  • a large penis is characterized by a size of 17 cm in arousal;
  • gigantic size - about 25 cm in excitement;
  • the small penis in a calm state has a size of 4 cm, in an erect state no more than 7 cm.

The specified parameters are approximate, each person is individual and may have features in development. There are cases of both more impressive dimensions of the reproductive apparatus and less impressive ones.

Boys and adolescents need to know that the size of the penis depends not only on lifestyle, but also on heredity, which plays an important role in the process of puberty.

A quivering topic becomes a real tragedy for a teenager, if you do not explain in time why certain processes occur in a growing body.

When the size of the penis begins to change

Medically speaking, puberty is divided into several stages through which every boy and teenager goes. It is important to understand that the time periods depend on the age at which the first signs of the process appeared.

On average, secondary sexual characteristics appear in boys between the ages of 9 and 14, this process is individual. It is important for parents to explain to the child that his differences from those around him are not something shameful.

Signs that indicate the beginning of the growing up of the male body:

  1. Acceleration and enhancement of hair growth. The process is localized in the area of the pubis and armpits.
  2. Problems begin with the skin of the face, back, which are characterized by the appearance of transient acne and acne.
  3. Mood swings, often for no reason. There is an increased nervousness of a teenager or apathy towards what is happening around.
  4. During this period, the size of the penis begins to change.
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Doctors believe that in a year the penis changes by 1. 5-2 cm, therefore, often at the age of 13-14, a teenager has the size of a sexually mature man. It is important to understand that lifestyle has a strong influence on the development of the reproductive system and the size of the reproductive organ. Do not be surprised at the small size of the penis if a boy or teenager from an early age abuses alcohol and smoking.

The period of puberty is conventionally divided into the following stages:

  • at the first stage, the size and shape of the penis are not subject to noticeable changes, the onset of puberty may occur implicitly;
  • at the second stage, changes appear in the scrotum area, the color of the skin changes to a reddish side, the size increases slightly;
  • at the third stage, active growth of the penis is observed, the length and diameter of the organ change, the scrotum continues to increase;
  • at the fourth stage, the growth of the penis continues, active transformations affect the head, the skin of the scrotum becomes darker;
  • at the fifth (final) stage, the size of the external genitalia corresponds to the size of an adult male.

The age range when the penis begins to change cannot be called strict. However, doctors pay attention that the onset of puberty earlier than 9 years old cannot be considered the norm. Such a manifestation requires a medical examination, as well as the absence of signs of restructuring at the age of over 14 years.

Not only the length of the penis is important, but also its fullness and shape. The uniform growth of the penis indicates the correct development of the body, such parameters are best controlled with the help of a doctor.

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Experts believe that parents should establish the most trusting relationship with a teenager, but not focus too much on the size of the penis. All questions must be raised and discussed in the family circle, without making them a cult. In such circumstances, the boy understands that the size of the genitals is individual, some deviations are also considered the norm, and only a doctor identifies health problems.

Correct puberty for a man is an important issue that cannot be ignored. The length and diameter of the penis make it possible to identify abnormalities in the hormonal background in time, to get rid of them in a timely manner.

What size of the penis should be at age 14?

Considering the average medical indicators by which it is customary to measure the development of the male genital organ, the question inevitably arises, what is the size of the penis at the age of 14? In medical practice, special tables are widely used, which indicate the parameters of the organ in a calm and excited state.

Studies show that at the age of 14, a teenager has a fully formed penis size that will change slightly or remain unchanged in the future. It is believed that the average penis length at this age is:

  • 5 cm at rest;
  • up to 15 cm in an excited state.

It is noted that this period is the most active in terms of changes in the appearance of the male genitals.

An important role in the sexual development of a teenager is played by his environment, the frequency of raising the topic of sexual desire.

Studies have shown that the active physical development of a child contributes to the correct and timely puberty.

Do not panic if the measurement data differs from the accepted norm. First of all, this can be explained by individual characteristics and genetics. It is recommended to repeat the measurements after a few months, during this period the parameters may change, because each organism develops according to its own standards. A similar procedure is carried out in the presence of a male parent.

So, at the age of 14, a teenager has a developed reproductive system, although finally maturation will occur at the age of 17-18. Parents should be considerate and attentive to the development of the child, not neglecting visits to the doctor.