Ways to increase male dignity at home

Any man dreams of increasing the size of his penis, regardless of age, whether he is a teenager 12 (13-14) or over 40 years old. Penis enlargement is possible in several ways, but it is important to remember that it will not be possible to radically enlarge the male organ even with the use of surgical intervention. Video tutorials that can be found on the Web mainly talk about how to increase the length of the penis, volume and give self-confidence through the means used at home.

measuring the penis before enlargement using the example of a banana

Physical or psychological problem: how to understand a man

The penis is the main organ of a man, it is impossible to argue with this, the size and performance of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. This is an indisputable fact, and those men whose penis (in their opinion) does not reach the size they want, often develops serious psychological discomfort.

Gradually, dissatisfaction with his genital organ develops into serious problems, a man loses confidence in his abilities, self-esteem is underestimated, daily self-criticism leads to a gradual self-destruction.

Penis enlargement methods are developed by experts specifically for such men who wish to increase the size of the penis and regain self-confidence. But before recommending how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine whether a man really needs to lengthen (stretch) or add volume to the penis, how physiologically it corresponds to the average, or is it a fleeting whim based on invented (or advertising-imposed) standards.

So what is the "gold standard" for penis in men? The notorious average 14 cm or "imposed" 25, although the latter option, oddly enough, scares off women more than attracts, but, nevertheless, the popularity of ways to increase the penis is growing every year.

How to increase the size of the penis and is it possible to achieve penis enlargement at home? How effective are these or those methods, how to use them correctly and whether it is easy on your own and how to enlarge the penis at home - more on this later.

Anatomical aspects: understanding our body

The main feature of the penis in men can be considered its increased sensitivity to any external stimuli, another proven anatomical fact is the ability of the penis to "adjust" to the size of the partner's vagina. Here it is necessary to take into account that it must be constant.

What follows from this? Experts say that with a narrow vagina, a sufficiently voluminous penis can "lose weight" in order to penetrate the "holy of holies", but does this mean that a small penis can gradually adapt to the large size of the lady's vagina, is it real and what procedures or video tutorialhelp make penis growth real at home?

In this case, doctors are forced to ascertain the existing psychological problem and recommend that the man visit a psychotherapist, as this may indicate neurosis (stress, problems at work) or serious quarrels in the family at home.

We analyze all methods of growth

But if a man does not stop wanting to enlarge his penis, the idea "ripens" for a long time and his decision is not contested, the doctor can advise the most rational ways to enlarge the penis at home. Most often this is a combination of several options, including massage, creams, ointments, pumps, weights, as well as the old-fashioned folk method (herbs).

In fact, there are only two ways to enlarge a member:

  • Home augmentation methods.
  • Surgically in a hospital.

The latter option cannot be considered as a way to quickly enlarge the penis, in addition, there should be medical indications for the operation, and not just a man's desire to enlarge the phallus by one centimeter in length and volume. Reviews of patients and doctors show that surgery will not give a ghostly 3-5 cm, the maximum that can be counted on is 1-1. 5 cm.

Today, for men, home methods have become especially revered, with the help of which you can enlarge the penis, stretch, add volume or force blood to flow at the right time if the erection is not stable enough.

In order to independently figure out all the nuances of using a particular method, you need not only to read the paper version of the instructions, but also to watch a thematic video, which tells in detail whether it is possible to enlarge the penis, how to quickly increase the sensitivity and how much the phallus will ideally increase when using different optionsused at home.

The most popular and effective ways:

  1. Penis enlargement massage at home.
  2. Jelqing.
  3. Weights (weights).
  4. Special devices (extender, vacuum pump).
  5. Cosmetics (penis enlargement spray, ointment, gel).

Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is advisable to find out about each of them from a specialist or watch thematic videos. The lengthening and the increase in volume will not be complete if the man has ignored the important aspects of using the methods at home, and also did not take into account the contraindications.

Questions and Answers: Everything You Need to Know About

At an appointment with a urologist, men often ask questions about how it is possible to actually enlarge the penis in a home environment (by 3-5 cm or more), how long the effect will last (day, week, year). This is especially true for medicines, folk remedies and dietary supplements.

What's the most efficient way?

Doctors cannot give a definite answer, it all depends on what kind of effect the man wants to get (lengthening or increasing the volume). How well he follows all the recommendations. As a rule, a more lasting result is obtained with a combination of mechanical methods and external means.

When to expect results?

The use of ointments, creams, sprays or gels is usually designed for a short-term effect. The result will be noticeable a few minutes after application, and the effect lasts up to 2-3 hours.

Jelqing, mechanical devices will give results in 2-3 weeks, but retain a long-term effect.

If you use all the home methods, will the effect be greater?

No, it is absolutely impossible to use the "thirteen methods" at the same time, you can cause irreparable injury and, instead of enlarging the penis, achieve the exact opposite effect.

Enlarging a penis at the age of 14 - is it acceptable?

You should not do this, as there is a possibility of disrupting the natural growth and formation of the genitals.

Is it possible to enlarge your penis at home forever?

It is possible, since most of the techniques are focused not only on how to increase blood flow to the penis, but on achieving a stable result.

A properly elongated and voluminous penis retains its shape forever, the main thing is to do everything with enviable constancy and patience, watch video tutorials, follow all the recommendations of a urologist.

When is penis enlargement necessary? According to medical indications, if it is so short in length that it brings serious physiological problems. In practice, any man wants to enlarge his penis, regardless of how generous nature was to him. But what to expect after applying each of the options - let's try to figure it out.

Total information

WHO statistics show that in most men, the size of the penis in an erection state does not exceed 9. 5-14 cm. A phallus with a length less than the lower indicator is called a small penis, and if its size does not exceed 2 cm, it is called a micropenis. Experts explain that an increase in the penis must be carried out only in the last two cases, so that a small organ does not hurt male pride and does not introduce complexity into physiological processes.

There are many ways - both effective and extreme, and sometimes just dangerous, which once again proves the imperfection of the male reproductive system, of course, in their own mind. What the representatives of the stronger sex do not do: they inject oils into the penis, sew solid objects into the skin, pump in gel - folk methods of penis enlargement are truly limitless and only confirm the breadth of male dissatisfaction. And no matter what size "native", anyone at least once in his life wished to increase the length, thickness and width of the phallus. Often, after such experiments, doctors can only shrug their shoulders and correct the consequences of "self-exaggeration. "

It is generally accepted that after the size of the penis becomes larger in thickness, length and diameter, a man will receive:

  1. External attractiveness. It is highly doubtful, since it is not customary to demonstrate the genital organ.
  2. Real improvement in the quality of sex. Also a controversial issue - the quality does not depend on the size, but on how well the phallus fits a particular vagina.
  3. Increased self-esteem.

Reviews of sex therapists regarding penis enlargement contain specific information that runs counter to generally accepted popular beliefs. Any specialist will say that it is not so much the size of the penis that is important as the ability to use it correctly.

Options that are possible

So how can you enlarge your penis at home? First, you need to understand that the techniques used at home will not help to enlarge the penis by many centimeters; in essence, all these methods only help a man to believe that his penis has grown. But in fact, the size remains almost the same.

Even a penis enlargement operation will not bring the cherished 4-7 centimeters or more, this is impossible, although in the presence of a micropenis, surgery will help solve a lot of anatomical and physiological troubles.

In general, all methods for penis enlargement can be divided into three options:

  • Surgical. It cannot be attributed to the methods that can be applied at home.
  • Non-surgical. Can be used at home, reviews show that real gain is achieved by the natural response of tissues to the application of tensile force.
  • Combined. Surgical intervention is used at the first stage, and then an extender is used at home.

At home, you can use a lot of different techniques, but you should not think that all methods work at home quickly and will allow you to enlarge your penis as soon as possible. If the advertisement of any product costs a minimum period (1–2 weeks), then this is a deception, the reviews of those who have used the recommendations of a specialist in home enlargement of the phallus show that the procedure of enlargement is designed for months.

All real options

The first thing men who want to get a big penis at home pay attention to is a penis enlargement cream. But how many centimeters is it possible to enlarge the phallus in this way, how does the ointment (cream) differ from other methods?

External remedies

Ointment (cream, lubricant, gel) has earned popularity due to its ease of use, minimum side effects and the ability to keep incognito even within a large family. For example, the gel is applied directly to the penis, it has practically no side effect, is not allergic and, if you analyze the reviews, it is very effective.

All external drugs are divided into three types:

  1. Ointment (cream) for short-term exposure. It causes a powerful flow of blood for a short period, it is convenient to use immediately before intercourse, the remedy works for only a few hours. Upon completion of the action, blood flow decreases and the penis returns to its natural state.
  2. Long term impact. In this case, penis enlargement spray or ointment is used regularly for a long time. Consumer reviews show that they had to use such drugs for at least 2-4 months, but the result is worth it.
  3. External preparations of auxiliary action. By themselves, they do not enlarge the penis, however, together with a pump or extender, they show good results.

It is advisable to start using any creams after consulting a doctor. External preparations are applied to the penis in small quantities, as they contain a high concentration of stimulants. How many and how to use them at home is written in more detail in the instructions, each tool has its own characteristics of use.


This is a device that allows you to stretch the penis to the required centimeters, although it cannot be used to enlarge the glans of the penis. An excellent alternative to surgical techniques, the extender does not violate the integrity of the tissues, and therefore, the device works directly in the desired direction. It does not provide blood flow, as when using a pump or cream, but the main advantage is that it can be successfully used at home. The device delivers a minimum of inconvenience, but provided it is used correctly.

Penis enlargement attachments (extenders) are classified into three types: loop, with a belt, universal. How to choose that after the result was expected and the size of the penis increased? Experts do not advise purchasing a device based only on its description on the Internet, it is important to get advice and understand the details of which device you need to purchase in a particular case. Considering that the cost of a quality product is high, it is unwise to waste money.

For many men, such attachments for penis enlargement were unacceptable, reviews of some models are negative. The device is not always comfortable to wear, and the size of the penis increases minimally, although after careful consideration of the problem, it became clear that the device was used for the minimum time. Experts remind that after starting to use the extender, in order for the enlargement of the phallus at home to go as it should, several months must pass.

Hydraulic pump

Works like a pump for penis growth, but the hydraulic pump uses the hydraulic power of the water. Unlike a vacuum pump, after using a hydraulic pump, there is no bruising on the penis. A device under pressure of water causes blood flow to the cavernous bodies, and over time, such a procedure allows you to increase the size of the penis by 2-3 cm. The hydraulic pump can be considered a direct competitor to extenders and a vacuum pump, when using the latter, damage to the capillaries on the penis is often noted, and besides this, under the influence of water, you can increase not only the size of the penis, but also increase the erection due to better blood flow.

Vacuum pump

Its use at home is recommended for serious problems in men in the intimate sphere. The pump can be used in case of insufficient erection or severe impotence, when the natural elasticity of the penis is not possible. However, at home, the pump can also be used as a device for increasing the length and width of the penis. With regular procedures, after a while, many men noted that a positive result was "evident. "


The "milking" procedure is carried out at home, as practice shows, jelqing is very useful if the size of the penis leaves much to be desired, but you should not count on too great results. The tool can be attributed to folk methods, it is believed that this is the most ancient method of penis enlargement, carried out at home and effective of all. This is a variant of self-massage of the penis, but improved with special exercises. The cheapest tool of all that is used for penis enlargement - you just need free time. The only condition is that an erection should be no more than 50–70%, otherwise there is a high risk of vascular damage.


Penis enlargement pills remain popular and are easy to use at home. Despite the high praise given to them by men, pills or dietary supplements cannot be called folk ways to increase blood flow to the penis. Although they undoubtedly look more advantageous in comparison with special devices or surgery. The pharmaceutical market is oversaturated with offers, along with excellent products, pills of very dubious quality are offered, therefore, before deciding to enlarge the phallus with drugs, it is better to consult a specialist.

Hanging weights

The most ancient and practically not used method in modern conditions. In addition to the obvious inconveniences when trying to enlarge the genital organ in this way, there is a risk of damage to it, so experts do not recommend using it, but suggest limiting ourselves to more gentle options.


To decide how to enlarge the head of the penis and its trunk in width and length, it is not necessary to resort to radical and expensive means or to stimulate blood flow with the help of synthetic drugs. You can use simple attachments at home to increase the size of the penis, in fact, it is an artificial penis, but as a variety of intimate life, it can work well.

Other technologies

If you analyze in detail all the known methods, on one side or the other, acceptable in order to effectively carry out an increase in the penis, it will take a lot of time. How effective each of them is, cannot be judged by several opinions of men; a serious approach and specialist consultation are important here.

The following methods, which are generally based on increasing blood flow, can also be considered as options:

  • "Penis building".
  • Isometric compression (Kegel exercise).
  • Breathing exercises while visualizing the desired results.
  • Stretching the penis by hand.
  • Mantak Qia method.
  • Hot compresses.
  • Electro-pulsator for the penis.
  • Contraction therapy (using a ring).
  • Blacko's ring.

What influences the choice of a method to enlarge the penis at home? Ease of implementation, efficiency and price (how much does the tool cost). Of course, after a detailed analysis of all possible methods, a man will choose those that do not require costs (exercises, compresses, etc. ). But how effective they will be is unknown, and the amount of time spent will be great. Do not worry if a man is not the owner of gigantic genitals, everything is fine in moderation, you need to remember that "every pot has its own lid. "