Penis Width: Normal average penis width and enlargement

Statistics say that the average length of the penis is 12 to 17 cm, less than 12 cm is considered small, more than 18 cm is called large. The average circumference of the penis is 11-12 cm.

When a man says that he is not satisfied with the size of his penis, then he does not always mean the length of the penis, it often happens that the width is meant. In connection with such information, the question arises, which is more important, the length or thickness of the penis?

And, if there are ways that help increase the length of the penis, then the thickness of the organ can also be increased. It is worth figuring out what method will help make the penis thicker?

Average penis thickness

Sexologists argue that the circumference of a normal male penis should range from 10 to 16 cm. In this case, thickness refers to the circumference that is measured in the middle of the penis.

Scientific research was based on practice, therefore measurements were carried out on a number of volunteers. The penis was measured in an erect state. So, research has shown the following data:

  1. Less than 7 cm - 3%.
  2. 7. 7 to 8. 6 cm - 1%.
  3. From 8. 7 to 9. 9 - 7%.
  4. From 10 to 11. 1 cm - 23%.
  5. From 12. 5 to 13. 6 - 35%.
  6. From 13. 7 to 15 cm - 7%.
  7. Over 15 cm - 0. 55%.
penis measurement tape before enlargement

It is not possible to say more specifically how long a member should be for this or that man. The thickness, like the length of the penis, depends on many factors that affect the development of the genitals.

As sexologists say, the penis should be of the size that suits both the man and his partner. However, many men disagree with this statement, trying to find a way to help make their penis thicker.

Why does width matter?

To substantiate the importance of the thickness of the penis, it is necessary to delve a little into the physiological characteristics of the female structure:

  • Based on medical statistics, the average vagina is 7-13 cm in length when not aroused.
  • The depth of the female vagina is genetically formed and is an individual feature that is not influenced by the number of partners and the sexual activity of the woman herself.
  • At the moment of arousal, the female genitals move slightly upward, as a result of which the depth of the vagina may become larger (its length can vary from 12 to 19 cm), as a result, this process causes the elasticity and firmness of the vagina.
  • Due to this very property, no matter what size a man has, the penis is tightly wrapped around the tissues of the vagina.

Doctors have established the fact that a woman's orgasm is influenced not by the length of the penis, but by the tightness of the compression of the penis. That is, if the phallus is long, but thin, the vagina will adjust to these parameters, however, the density of the circumference by the walls of the vagina will not be maximum, therefore, it will be more difficult to achieve orgasm.

From all this, we can conclude that thickness is of the same importance as length.

A long and thin penis will give little pleasure to a partner, and a short and thick one will not be able to stimulate all zones at the same time. Therefore, everything should be in proportion.

Increased penis thickness

To increase the girth of manhood, you can use a special device called a vacuum pump. The pump consists of a special flask, a pump and a pear (the latter part is present in cheaper models). The principle of operation of a vacuum pump is as follows:

  1. The member is placed in a cylinder.
  2. Excess air is pumped out of the device, a zone of reduced pressure is created, which directly affects the expansion of the penis.
  3. After a 5-minute procedure, the penis becomes several times longer and thicker when compared with the usual erect state.
  4. This effect will last for several hours.
vacuum pump to increase the width of the penis

Definitely, the result of pumping is short-lived, so many men advise to train with a pump every day for several months.

If such loads are applied to the penis on a daily basis, then over time, "non-working" capillaries will develop, they will also be filled with blood, as a result of which the length and thickness of the penis will increase by 1-2 cm.

Don't expect instant results that last a lifetime. You will have to do it every day, even several times a day, to get the desired centimeters.

Many men advise beginners to add to such a workout a specialized ointment for penis enlargement, which provokes a more powerful blood flow to the penis, contributes to its rapid growth in two directions.

Exercises to increase the thickness of the penis

Each of the men who were interested in ways to enlarge the penis are familiar with the Jelqing technique - a special set of exercises. This technique, through special training, helps to increase the thickness of manhood.

So, the basic conditions of the exercise:

  • The level of erect state is from 25 to 50%.
  • Desirable number of approaches 5.

Technique for performing a lesson for penis enlargement:

  1. The right hand is placed at the base of the head of the penis, as if the man is about to pull it back.
  2. Place several fingers of your left hand under the base of the phallus.
  3. Bend the penis on the fingers, lock in this position for 30 seconds.
exercises to increase the width of the penis

Important points: you need to perform this workout by bending the penis in all directions; exercise intensity increases over time; each next workout, use a different number of fingers to bend the penis.

It is recommended to complete the exercise with masturbation, since during ejaculation the penis is filled with blood as much as possible, and its soft tissues increase to the maximum size.

The first results can be seen after a month of intense training. If a man wants to speed up the process of penis growth, he will need another auxiliary method - a penis enlargement cream, which will help to consolidate the achieved results and prevent them from returning to their original length.

Penis enlargement with clitoral balls

It is known that surgical intervention allows you to enlarge the penis once and for all, but it is a radical method that is not always acceptable for the stronger sex.

In view of this, it is possible to increase the thickness of the penis with the help of clitoral balls.

Features of this procedure:

  • A simple and cheap way to locally enlarge the penis.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The number, shape and size of the balls are selected individually. The doctor can only advise their placement on the genital trunk.

Such an intervention will help to quickly increase male dignity, diversify the sexual life of partners. In addition, it is due to the balls that a man will be able to deliver unforgettable sensations to his partner. How is the procedure performed:

  1. The surgeon subcutaneously forms a special tunnel through which the balls are implanted.
  2. The resulting wound is sutured in two layers, eliminating the possibility of balls wandering under the skin.
  3. The rehabilitation period is about a week.

This procedure has proven itself well, is an effective and safe technique that allows you to correct the natural subtlety of the penis.

As a result, we can say that if the penis does not suit a man, this is not only possible, but also necessary to fight. There are many options available to help you achieve the desired results and centimeters. The main thing is to believe in success, and the result will definitely be there.