How to increase penis - ways

Small penis size greatly affects the sexual life of men: he suppresses the sensitivity during sexual intercourse for both partners, especially if the woman has a standard depth and width of the vagina. For this reason, some men have to go to the most diverse, sometimes very dangerous and questionable in its efficacy, experiments to increase the penis.

how to increase the member

Do I need to enlarge the penis?

Should immediately say that surgery is not always recommended: there is a category of men who are unhappy with an objectively normal parameters of their genitals. Those European men are considered to be 12-16 inches in length. If a man asks you to increase the member during such initial data, the doctor tries to find the root cause of inferiority complex. He can tactfully recommend the treatment to a psychologist, because obviously, one plastic internal problem in any case is not solved. Probably talking about body dysmorphic disorder, or inadequate perception of parts of your own body. Consequently, even if you now resorted to plastic surgery and it is successful, no one will give you the assurance that the result will fully satisfy you.

Another thing, if normal penis size have a slight deformation (asymmetry, curvature) – in this case, the aesthetic surgeon can help you restore the attractiveness of the penis.

Another important point – the length of the penis should be assessed solely in erection. So, if in the locker room of the sports club you notice someone's penis is an impressive size, this does not mean that the erection it will increase significantly. And therefore reason to doubt in their own sexual competence compared to someone you have a priori should arise.

Today is methods of penis enlargement with the help of alternative medicine you can find anywhere. Every year about 20,000 men are exposed to advertising influence, and begin using very questionable drugs and devices for penis enlargement, never suspecting their danger, and sometimes fatality.

Dangerous and relatively safe methods of penis enlargement without surgeon

  1. The weights – one of the oldest tools for increasing the male sexual organ. They were used in native American tribes. It was considered that the cargo is bound to the genitals, is able to "pull" it down. Surprisingly, but similar goods are sold now. Those who had the opportunity to see them first hand, say that they resemble instruments of torture of the Inquisition. Anyway, the doctors assured: by such devices can achieve is that the stretching of the skin. The size and volume of the member is not affected.
  2. Simulators. There are special training, supposedly to "pump up" the penis. But the first thing you should learn if you want to buy such equipment: your penis is not a muscle. So, it's a waste of money. Moreover, through such devices you can squeeze blood vessels, which nourish the body and permanently compromise its blood supply, triggering local thrombosis of the veins.
  3. The vacuum pump has become a classic among adventure seekers, aimed at penis enlargement. The method is applied to the penis a special suction Cup. Due to the vacuum of short-term stimulated blood flow to the genitals, whereupon the structure is removed and at the bottom of the base member of the strap or ring. I must say that this method is often practiced and in the official medicine, but for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. "Wear" the design on the penis can be no more than 25-30 minutes, and then inevitably starts tissue damage. The vacuum pump is the best number and frequency of complications. The most common are damage to the blood vessels and nerves, bruises, bruises, abscesses, temporary impotence. It should be noted that the process of "increasing the vacuum" is not a pleasant procedure.
  4. "Jelcing". Less dangerous but equally useless penis enlargement method. Is a long series of manual exercises. According to legend, these exercises were invented by Arab sages and was transmitted from generation to generation. In fact, "training" was coined by the same marketers who to this day has kindly offered to transfer them to the accounts of lump sum for the detailed schedule. Exercise not bring any result, take a lot of time (around 30-60 minutes daily) and require incredible self – discipline to hold them only on the penis without an erection.
  5. Pills, Supplements, ointments and creams. Contain, as a rule, plant extracts and chemical stimulants. The main ingredient – "grass mountain goat", which is allegedly used for similar purposes by the Chinese. Of course, any effect such tools you will bring. And in the worst case, provoke strong allergic reactions and internal pathology.

In ancient times, there were even more barbaric methods of penis enlargement. For example, men in the Indian and Eastern tribes resorted to poisonous snakes and insects. Bites after their penis much fluff and, accordingly, increased in size. The duration of this procedure ranged from several weeks to six months. Reasonable civilized person can imagine the severe complications led such rituals.

methods of penis enlargement

Artisanal methods of penis enlargement are the most dangerous. However, sometimes less risky treatments are offered and qualified doctors. The most popular previously used a full invasive surgery. It involves extensive dissection of the skin member in his trunk with simultaneous implantation of it the cartilage graft. These interventions caused a lot of side effects, from a complicated rehabilitation, up to full impotence.