7 ways that will tell you how to enlarge your penis yourself

The small size of a man's penis

The problem of a "small" penis is psychological in nature and is usually just far-fetched. The size of the penis has absolutely no effect on the possibilities of a man in intimate life.

But if the member really differs sharply from the standard sizes, then there are ways to eliminate this problem.

Once a permanent decision is made to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to choose the appropriate method. As practice shows, it is better to use several methods at the same time. Such a combination will enhance the effect and do not have to constantly work manually.

How to enlarge your penis yourself and is it effective?

A man wants to enlarge his penis on his own

No method guarantees an instant effect. To achieve a positive result, you need regular training, patience and adherence to the correct technique for performing the procedures.Penis enlargement should be done constantly and for a long time.

Naturally, you need to prepare first. It is advisable to choose a lubricant, which will facilitate manipulation. If the action will take place with the help of a device, then you need to carefully study the instructions. The penis must be warmed up or it can be damaged.

It is quite possible to enlarge the penis at homeand there is no need to resort to risky operations. Performing a set of exercises after a month, you can notice an increase in the penis.

Methods for changing the size of the penis


This is the most effective way to enlarge your penis.For greater effect, massage is combined with cosmetic preparations.Compared to other methods, massage has many benefits.

The massage not only lengthens the penis and makes it thicker, but also improves the functioning of the entire male reproductive system.

Massage is an effective method of enlarging the penis

The libido increases, the potency increases, and the erection lasts longer. But in order to achieve such results, it is necessary to master the technique of movements. This will prevent injury.

Before massaging, the penis must be warmed up.To do this, you can wrap your thigh area with a heated towel or take a hot bath. Temperature exposure will cause increased blood flow to the penis and pelvic organs. This will provide better stretching of the corpus cavernosum and skin.

You can massage in different ways. Some perform the procedure when the penis is erect, while others, on the contrary, only in a calm state.Massage movements are also selected individually.A man must choose the appropriate method of influencing his penis himself. These can be sharp movements or, conversely, smooth, but clear.

Ointments and gels

External remedies are among the simplest ways to enlarge the penis and give only a temporary effect. The method is recommended for use before intercourse. The active ingredients in the preparations warm up the penis and make the blood flow to the penis. The duration of exposure is about 3 hours.The length increases by only one centimeter, but the sensitivity increasesthat provides a bright orgasm.

water pump

The design resembles a pump, and the principle of operation is the same. The vacuum pump not only enlarges the penis, but also improves potency. The penis is inserted into a device from which air is pumped out and pressure is created. The flow of blood increases, and the corpora cavernosa increase male dignity.The pump is used before intercourse,since the effect is short-lived.

Important!The procedure time should be increased gradually and the pressure should always be closely monitored. If the device is used incorrectly, microtrauma and hematoma are possible.

Additional devices

There are not very many devices that increase the size of the penis. But they all have their own advantages.

    Extender for lengthening the penis at home
  • Extender.An excellent option for lengthening the penis on your own. Wearing the device stretches the tissues of the organ and stimulates their growth, which leads to an increase in the penis for a long time. In addition to lengthening, it also increases the volume of the male organ.

    The principle of operation is based on stretching the penis. This stimulates the formation of new tissues. The construction is worn daily for a maximum of 10 hours. The device does not irritate or chafe the penis. By the way, this method is not recommended for use until the age of 18.

  • Instant enlargement attachment for the penis
  • Nozzles.They also change the size of the genital organ, but the effect is temporary. Only during sexual intercourse. The attachments instantly enlarge the penis. But they are a quick solution to the problem. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the material of the nozzle. Better if it is made of silicone. She is soft and almost imperceptible.

    The attachments come in different lengths. The most common models are those that enlarge the penis by 6 centimeters.


You can have fun and usefully. Masturbation resembles massage and jelqing.The main effect is to stretch and warm up the tissues of the penis.It is recommended to apply lubricant before the process.

The movements are familiar to men, but it is also advisable to press down on the head of the penis. The correct masturbation technique can lengthen the penis at home.


Performing specific exercises to enlarge the penis

You can enlarge the male member yourself with the help of special exercises.

This method is the easiest and no waste of money.

The method is quite effective, and the results will be noticeable in a short time.

All exercises are done with an erection, but incomplete.

Before starting, the penis should be warmed up with warm water. It should be noted that each exercise is aimed at eliminating a specific problem.

  1. Elongation of the penis.Stretching is used for this. You should grab the head of the penis and pull the penis forward with effort. For 15 seconds it must be held in this state, then the tension must be released. Then everything is repeated in a circle: left, up, right.

    Additionally, you can massage for more blood flow. It is not worth pulling the penis strongly, as you can injure.

  2. Thickening.Performed after lubricating the penis with lubricant. Massage is performed with a ring of two fingers for 15 minutes. This exercise stores more blood in the penis, which increases its volume.
  3. Stretching the foreskin.No lubrication is needed, but the penis should be erect. Grasp the base with one hand, and with the other pull the skin forward as much as possible. This position is maintained until the erection falls. Then again, excite the penis and repeat the manipulation. This should be done for 10 minutes daily. When performed regularly, the organ will become significantly longer.
  4. "Helicopter".From the outside, the exercise looks funny, but the penis is well supplied with blood. It has a beneficial effect on potency and can slightly increase the length of the penis. It should be twisted for 30 seconds. Perform at least 5 repetitions.

Attention!All exercises are safe, but you should not speed up the result. This can lead to serious consequences.

With soda

This method has been known for a long time and it can be used using available tools, but it works for a short time. The soda bath is done in advance, about an hour before intimacy. You need to know thatthe penis is immersed in the resulting solution without an erection.

Soda can also be used with compresses. In this case, it is mixed with honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the shaft of the penis, excluding the head. Her skin is very sensitive, and contact with the composition will cause burns.

Soda paste is often used.

  1. The penis is lubricated with vegetable oil and sprinkled with soda.
  2. Then you need to massage the penis with a soft sponge in a circular motion. The procedure takes no more than 5 minutes.
  3. Then do not touch the organ for 2 minutes.
  4. The manipulations are completed by thoroughly washing off the paste from the penis.
  5. Slight redness may appear. So that the skin does not dry out, it is advisable to lubricate the penis with a fat cream.

Often, worries about the size of the penis are completely in vain. Before choosing a way to enlarge the penis, it is advisable to discuss this issue with your regular partner. It is likely that the size available is sufficient to suit the woman. Well, as a last resort,it is better to consult a specialistto avoid the consequences of improper self-manipulation.