How to enlarge your penis at home without surgery

The member is the most sensitive organ to various external influences. It has been scientifically proven that with regular sexual gratification with a medium of small width, the size of manhood decreases. If it is possible to reduce the size, is it possible to enlarge the penis? There are several guidelines to help you understand how to enlarge your penis at home.

How to make your cock bigger with jelqing

This method of penis enlargement is popular among many men. This method was used to lengthen the penis by the ancient inhabitants of Africa. Many people call this method of penis enlargement milking, since during the procedure, characteristic movements are made with the hands. To increase male dignity with jelqing, it is recommended not only to follow the recommendations exactly, but also to buy a special lubricant.

There are different methods of penis enlargement by milking. When using any of the techniques, the genitals should not be completely aroused. It is necessary that he was in an erect state only half. With the help of milking, penis enlargement is achieved due to the fact that blood circulation in it increases several times. Also, the size changes due to the stretching of the cavernous bodies. Literally 2-3 months after the start of jelqing, the corpus cavernosum becomes twice as large, which makes it possible to increase the size of the penis.

As stated earlier, there are many different jelqing techniques. However, experts identify two main exercises with which you can enlarge the penis.

First exercise

Before starting this procedure, you should engage in warming up the penis. It is heated to increase the elasticity of the skin. The best way to heat it up is using wheat or salt. These ingredients must be thoroughly warmed up in a pan and poured into a sock. Then he is applied to the penis from all sides to warm it up well.

Having finished with warming up, the penis is brought to a state of incomplete erection and covered with a special lubricant. During the exercise, the penis is tightly wrapped around the fingers and begins to be massaged. Hand movement should be directed from the base to the head. It is enough to make about 20 stretches at a time.

a man with an enlarged penis

Second exercise

When performing this exercise, grasp the base of the penis not with your fingers, but with your whole hand. During the grip, it must be firmly squeezed for 10 seconds, after which the penis is pulled alternately in different directions. You need to squeeze it hard, but very carefully so as not to accidentally damage it. Thus, the male penis is lengthened by 2-4 cm.

How to enlarge the penis at home with ointment

Some experts argue that penis enlargement ointment or oil is not very effective. However, despite this, many ointments are produced today that increase the length of the penis.

These are quite effective means that allow you to increase the size of the male genitals.

Regular application of the ointment to the penis increases blood flow several times and makes the penis more elastic and sensitive. The elongation of the penis is achieved by stretching the cells and accelerating their formation.

How to enlarge the penis with pills

Many people wonder whether it is realistic to enlarge the phallus with pills. Sometimes men carry out penis enlargement at home with the help of drugs. Some experts recommend using hormonal agents as they are the most effective. They contain biological components and hormones that increase the size of the phallus.

Before using pills and dietary supplements for penis enlargement, you need to get specialist approval and figure out the dosage.

How to enlarge a member of folk remedies

Not everyone knows how to enlarge a penis using the old-fashioned method. For this, traditional medicine is used, which allows you to increase the length with improvised means.

How to enlarge your penis at home with herbs

Some men, to lengthen the penis with folk remedies, use medicinal liquids from plants. With their help, the penis begins to grow gradually and a good and strong erection is achieved. Decoctions made from hawthorn are popular. To prolong the duration of sex, products are made from oats. Also, traditional medicine advises to replenish your diet with celery and parsley, which significantly enhance erection.

There are other recipes for penis enlargement:

  • Thyme. Many guys use thyme tinctures to enlarge their penis at home. To prepare a remedy, you need to add 120 grams of the plant to a container with boiling water. The tool is infused for about 20-40 minutes, after which it can be drunk.
  • Garlic tincture. How to really enlarge the penis with garlic tincture? To do this, juice is squeezed out of the garlic, which should be dissolved in 100 ml of water. It is necessary to use the tincture three times a day, 10 drops before meals.
  • Medicinal lungwort. Some improve erection in this particular way. Lungwort can be added to dishes or made into medicinal tinctures. To prepare the tincture, 20 grams of the herb are added to a glass of hot water.
herbal decoction for penis enlargement

How to quickly enlarge a penis with soda

Often, when using traditional methods of enlarging the penis, soda is used. It is used to enhance erection and prevent various diseases. You can use this folk remedy for penis enlargement in several ways:

  • Massage. Home massage with baking soda helps to strengthen an erection and increase male dignity for a short time.
  • Scrub. Scrubbing protects the penis from disease and slightly increases the volume. To create a scrub, you need to mix any cream with baking soda in equal amounts.
  • Compresses. To achieve an enlarged penis, soda compresses are used. You can be convinced of the effectiveness of this method in 4-5 days.


Many men don't like the size of their penis. That is why many of them are trying to enlarge the penis using folk methods. To achieve the result, you need to figure out how you can increase the size of the penis at home.